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AI Settings Explained?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yuseung, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Yuseung

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    Jul 30, 2013
    Can someone explain or show me where I can I find all the individual settings explained for AI controls in the latest version of the game, v0.11.0.4? The wiki is outdated, when I search for "artificial intelligence" (or something along those lines), nothing comes up, and "ai" is too short of a word to be searched on the forums so is ignored entirely from any search.
  2. Occam's Razer

    Occam's Razer
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    Aug 7, 2013
    Very well, let's start from the top...


    • AI Mode: The mode that the AI is set to. Governs what the car does. Can be set to:
      • Disabled: Basically off. The vehicle will not do anything without player input.
      • Random: The vehicle will travel randomly to any given AI-pathed location. Usually used for a basic traffic simulation.
      • Span: The vehicle will travel semi-randomly. However, the vehicle will tend to travel toward areas it hasn't before. Like random, but has more variety in its path.
      • Manual: The vehicle will travel toward a pre-selected, fixed waypoint. The waypoint is defined by the entry in the 'Target' field.
      • Chase: The vehicle will pursue other vehicles. In the event that there are more than two vehicles, the vehicle will pursue the vehicle listed in the 'Vehicle' field.
      • Flee: Same as chase, just the opposite. Vehicle will flee from the other vehicle, or the vehicle listed in the 'Vehicle' field.
      • Stopping: Basically the same as disabled, but before turning off any AI input, it will ensure that the vehicle is stopped.
    • Risk: Determines the, well, risks that the AI takes. Speed, cornering speed, acceleration, etcetera, are limited or exaggerated by this setting.
    • In Lane: If on, tells the AI to drive exclusively on one side of the road. If off, the AI will prefer the center of the road, and will take more of a racing line through corners.
    • C/O Drivability: The minimum drivability that a road must possess for the AI to consider using it for a route. Drivability is a rough, creator-set appraisal for how tough a road is to drive. Bumpiness, road damage, surface material, grade, etc. When set higher, it can ensure the AI doesn't, say, drive a sports car onto an offroading trail.
    • Route Speed: How fast the car should go. Will be useless unless 'Mode' is set.
    • Mode: How to use the 'Route Speed' setting. Can be set to:
      • Off. The default. 'Route Speed' will not impact the AI's speed preferences.
      • Limit. The 'Route Speed' is the maximum speed that the AI will consider.
      • Set. The AI will attempt to maintain the 'Route Speed' as closely as possible, no slower, no faster (where negotiable).
    • Target: Which AI waypoint the AI should attempt to navigate to in Manual mode.
    • Vehicle: Which vehicle the AI should attempt to pursue in Chase mode, or flee from in Flee mode.
    • Debug Mode: Means of previewing the AI, understanding its behavior, and troubleshooting its flaws.
      • Map: How to preview the AI paths of the level. Can select from:
        • Disabled. Default, basically off.
        • Navigraph. Basically shows all of the AI paths in the level. This is mostly for map creators to understand the level that they're building, but can also be used to find the names of AI waypoints, useful when setting the 'Target' for Manual mode.
        • Visual Log. Is a more direct version of the Navigraph, pretty much just for identifying errors in and potential problems with the current AI layout.
      • Vehicle: How to preview the AI's attempt to navigate the level. Can select from:
        • Disabled.
        • Target. Shows the vehicle's currently-selected target endpoint, as well as the immediate targets that it follows directly with its steering input.
        • Speeds. Shows the vehicle's full route, with a preview of what speed it's planning on driving at at any given point.
        • Trajectory. Also shows the vehicle's route and planned speeds, but includes a record of where the vehicle ended up driving and with how much throttle/brake.
        • Route. Shows everything that Target shows, but with a display of every AI waypoint it plans to use to get to its destination.
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  3. Yuseung

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    Jul 30, 2013
    This is it. Thank you so much; I appreciate it!
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