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Automation Build Challenge: June/July

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic' started by rottenfitzy, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. rottenfitzy

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    Mar 7, 2015
    Hello, everyone!
    This is a little competition I've been meaning to introduce for a while. This is a building competition that will be judged by (probably) some higher-up automation guys.

    Since the Bluebuck is coming out on the soon side, the car theme will be A 1968 FULLSIZE SEDAN.
    What this entails:
    • At least Advanced '50s safety
    • at least 116” wheelbase, 202” total length
    • >120HP
    • 4 Doors
    • Mechanically feasible components
    • No workshop mods
    However you choose to go about this is your own business. It can be a plain-jane 6 cyl or a luxurious V8 model, whichever you choose.

    Judging Criteria (subject to change):
    Fitting for Use
    Driving pleasure (in Beamng)
    Submission post quality

    The deadline is July 15th at Midnight EST. Please submit:
    The automation stats page, including ‘detailed stats’ pages
    Beamng Mod file
    Automation Photos
    If you enjoy graphic design, please make an ad!

    Good luck, everyone! Happy building!
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  2. Alex_Farmer557

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    Dec 28, 2016
    New for the 1968 model year, Northern Ireland's contribution to the full-size sedan market,
    The Crossan 2000TC, with the tried and true TC150 Inline 4 Engine.
    Designed and manufactured In-house by Crossan's own engineers, boasting a respectable 154 Horsepower, Twin Carburetors, and in a Hi-Efficiency 2 Litre configuration.
    For extra comfort, The 2000TC Seats 5, comes with a towing hitch and 5 Speed manual gearbox as standard
    Also included in the RM5 Trim are:
    • Roof Bars
    • 15" Alloy Wheels
    • Sport Tires
    • Auxilary Front Lights
    • Chrome Trim
    • Power Steering
    • Less Restrictive Exhaust
    The 2000TC comes as standard in Carlingford Blue

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  3. MrAnnoyingDude

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    May 4, 2016
    I don't think that's a fullsize. Is it longer than 202" with a wheelbase over 116"?
  4. redrobin

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    Aug 21, 2012
    "Candella: The Leaders in Automotive Technology"

    The leaders they were. 1968 dawned the second generation of the Clipper model line. Available in everything from a 4 door sedan to a wagon to a 2 door muscle car, the Clipper was Candella Motors' bread and butter lineup.

    To celebrate 40 years of production, Candella released a special edition trim level for the Clipper. Dubbed "Clipper OHC", it may not have been as fast as the GT or as economical as the 500, but it handled like a dream. Candella designed an all new fully cast iron over-head cam straight six engine with twin Debber carburetors and an advanced twin electrode spark plug design. Producing just over 170HP at a huge 5,000 RPM, it was the engine to have if you were dad and the wife wouldn't let you have one of Candella's legendary V8 engines. It's all backed up to a coil spring rear axle with double wishbone front suspension, front disc brakes, a 4 speed "4-on-the-floor" manual transmission, and radial sports tires mounted on 14" magnesium rims, it was a force to be reckoned with.

    Oh, and the Clipper OHC came in any color you wanted, so long as it was black.

    HighresScreenshot00007.png HighresScreenshot00005.png HighresScreenshot00006.png

    20190628223818_1.jpg 20190628223903_1.jpg

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  5. MrAnnoyingDude

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    May 4, 2016
    Could you make it a bit longer, long enough to go over 202"?
  6. packardcaribien

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    Dec 31, 2013
    The Earl Motor Company presents: The 1968 Silverhare Cavallaro


    The Silverhare Cavallaro is a medium price premium sedan, made by the Silverhare division of the Earl Motor Company, above the Earl models but below the Hirondelle luxury cars. Silverhare produces the Chupacabra "pony" car and the Scepter line of intermediate size cars, but their bread and butter is full size. Along with the Premium Budget/Premium Cavallaro, there is the GT market Cavallaro Coupe, the Cavallaro Convertible, the Premium Family market Conestoga wagon, the Premium Commuter market Corinth sedan, the luxurious Chancellor, and the Muscle/Premium Muscle brawler, the famous Chimera.

    front.png rear.png high.png general.png markets.png detail.png


    Standard Features
    357 cid 16v OHV V8, 93 AKI
    Single 4bbl Beldingford Carbuerator
    4.0" bore x 3.55" stroke
    250 gross (207 net) hp @ 4300 rpm
    375 gross (312 net) ft/lbs torque @ 2200 rpm​
    3 speed SlushaMatic automatic transmission
    1st: 2.65:1, 2nd: 1.55:1, 3rd: 1:1
    2.88 Rear Axle Ratio​
    128" wheelbase, 230" length, 78" width, 3930 lbs
    Power Recirculating Ball Steering, Power Brakes
    Front 12" Disc Brakes, Rear 12" Finned Drum Brakes
    P220/80CH15 Bias Ply tires​
    22 Gallon Gas Tank​

    Optional Equipment
    Hulla Blue Premium Metal Flake Paint
    Z16 Sport Handling Package
    P220/80RH Radial Tires
    Four Wheel Disc Brakes
    Front Sway Bar
    Firmer Rate Springs​
    Interior Gauge Package
    ComforTronic Automatic Temperature Control
    Fingertip Speed Control


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  7. MrAnnoyingDude

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    May 4, 2016
    I'm a judge, but I might as well submit this as a benchmark.

    In 1968, Gavril's fullsize line wasn't just a bunch of cars - it was an institution in the American society, with over a million cars sold each year, even despite having little appeal to young customers and being in the final year of that generation. The range featured a wide variety of cars, from a stripped-out Tremont sedan with a straight-six, to a comfortable, vinyl-roofed Roquefort formal coupe, to a powerful Bluebuck RS fastback with a four-barrel 423.

    However, the sales king was the Gavril Bluebuck, which accounted for over half of all sales. And this is a more-or-less typical specimen: sedan body, 197 horsepower (net) 2-barrel 291 ci V8, 3-speed Turbo-Matic automatic transmission, painted in Forest Green. This one, though, is somewhat special: the editors of Motor Test outfitted it with optional radial tires, four-wheel disc brakes, sway bars and Superide shocks, as well as a vinyl roof for style points, to see whether the fullsize Gavril can survive new, sporty developments in the market segment.

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  8. Harkin Labs Gaming

    Harkin Labs Gaming
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    Jan 17, 2016
    For this challenge I have made the new for 1967 Harkin Manta:
    The first generation Harkin Manta a fullsize sedan with either a 232cui I6, a 344cui V8, or a 432cui V8. The trim levels range from an affordable base model to a high performance muscle sedan.
    There are two trim levels that use the 232cui I6; the Base and the Speedway.

    The most basic of the trim levels; includes 4 wheel disc brakes and a basic radio as standard equipment.

    Speedway: An appearance package for the base model with a slightly modified engine, 4-speed manual, and sportier suspension (inspired by @redrobin's Clipper OHC).

    There are three trim levels that use the Small Block V8; the 344, the 344 Plush, and the Double Yellow.

    344: Essentially a base model with a V8.

    344 Plush: A luxury variant of the 344 with a nicer interior and better radio.

    Double Yellow: A Manta with a tuned 344cui V8 producing 250hp mated to a 4-speed manual and sport adjusted suspension.

    There are two trim levels using the Big Block V8; the 432 and the GRT.

    432: Similar to the 344, but with the larger 432cui Big Block. Also includes a nicer radio and Heavy-Duty suspension.

    Grand Road Touring: The top of the line muscle trim. Very similar to the Double Yellow but uses the 432cui V8 and is BRIGHT GREEN.
    I have attached a zip that installs all trim levels of the first generation Manta. Contains multiple vehicles

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