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BeamNG Map Design Contest

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Binkey, May 10, 2017.

  1. Binkey

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    Aug 31, 2012
    Yesterday I was browsing the forums and stumbled across a thread about the map layouts and how they should be changed and improved. (https://www.beamng.com/threads/about-maps-a-few-ideas.39814/) He made some amazing points and even created a nice new layout for a map. I enjoy creating maps, but my creativity is often lacking. I usually do maps from real life, but I end up paying to much attention to detail, get overwhelmed and give up. So I decided to get some help from people on the forums. There are many people here that I'm sure have there own ideas, but don't have the editor ability or time to get it done. So here's where the "contest" part of this comes in. I'll give about a week or so for people to design their own level and submit it in this thread. (If I can add a poll after some time, I'll get others to vote on which map design they like the best).

    For this there are specific things that I'd like to have planned to give me a better idea of what the end product will look like (the more detail the better)
    -World biome (Rainforest, desert, savanna, etc.)
    -A country or area in real life for me to use as a base (so I know what road signs, vegetation, weather) for example "east coast USA" "Italy" "Switzerland mountains" "amazon rainforest"
    Now, with those in mind, design a map that you think you and others on the forums would enjoy.
    From the above-mentioned thread, @Fast-Subaru71 talked about some good points, mainly about replay value and having more than one unique area.
    He designed this great layout example that he believed would be a great map.

    This is where you get to design your layout. Create a square power of two image in your favorite photo editing software (2048x2048 for 2kmx2km and maximum size 4096x4096 for 4kmx4km)
    Use colours and a legend to get your point and ideas across.(Image above)
    Show areas for example (swamp, dense forest, show unplayable areas, roads, jumps, crawling trails, whatever you want, just make sure I can understand clearly and I'm able to create what you design)

    I'll show an example of what a good, easy to read design looks like:

    "Hey Binkey, you're profile picture is super cool and not creepy so I decided to participate in this contest!
    I was thinking of having a map in like a sunny kinda foresty biome. Maybe like the east coast of the US like around maine. Here is the map design, let me know what you think"

    (pretend there's a legend explaining what things are)

    Well, I don't know how this contest will turn out. I don't usually post for help on this forum, but I feel like there are some people out there who are just ITCHING to show off what they got. Best of luck to you all, I'll appreciate all submissions.

    I hope this thread isn't against the rules somehow...
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