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WIP BeamNG ProLeague

Discussion in 'Terrains, Levels, Maps' started by Nekkit, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Nekkit

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    Jun 30, 2018
    ProLeague is a huge modpack which will contain 13 maps, around 20 hours of campaign gameplay with its own story, around 100 different configs, 8 racing disciplines and more other stuff. The pack will contain maps that are prepared for streetracing, drift, gymkhana, professional races and many more.

    Our discord server you can join to get development updates and maybe WIP beta maps https://discord.gg/jWnaKKR :D

    P.S you can help in map development too by applying there :p

    Info/plans: (current WIP maps are marked with orange color)

    So, the plan is to do around 12 maps (every campaign will have a race vs boss at the end, boss will have a lot powerful and faster car) and make campaigns for them:
    1) Some kind of gymkhana map with little jumps and hard corners, -Location: Abandoned city/Port -Hard time attack gymkhana campaign
    2) Desert gymkhana with bits of offroad, probably some kind of difficult lap map. - Location: Desert -Hard Gymkhana lap races
    3) Uk city map, really thin roads -Location: Uk -Lap races, ai races
    4) Speedcross map -lap races, time attack races, ai races
    5) Some kind of professional lap racetrack. - Time attack races, ai races, lap races
    6) Really high speed lap racetrack with less then 6 turns -ai races, time attack races, bus race
    7) Endurodrome type map -offroad races, time attack races
    8) Desert highway with some bumps -ai races
    9) Touge map, something like akina or irohazaka -time attack races, hillclimb
    10) Another city map, (maybe some russian roads? XD) -ai races, time attack
    11)- Dockyards -Gymkhana laps, time attack races
    12)- Final: winter, slippery high speed map -hypercar ai races, time attack, final bosses.
    13) bonus campaign, edited 2013 small island for RX

    We want to make the teaser trailer till october so stay updated :D

    Current team:
    @Tuner from America
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  2. opkraut

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    May 30, 2015
    It sounds impressive, but it would be a good idea to upload a screenshot of at least one of the WIP maps so we can see the actual progress
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  3. Nekkit

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    Jun 30, 2018
    Wip screenshots are in our discord server, but i might post them here too.
    --- Post updated ---
    Just a little teaser of the map 13 :D
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