BeamNG YouTuber All-Star Challenge-OFFICIAL

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Can BEAMJ's Time Be Beaten?

  1. Yes

  2. NO WAY!

  1. The Originators

    The Originators
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    Apr 25, 2017
    This is a custom scenario that's built from the bottom up to be as entertaining and challenging as can be. I hope all off these nominees accept taking part in this amazing event. If you're reading this and you are subscribed to any of these guys; feel free to let them know they've been challenged to take part in the MOST EXTREME BEAMNG CHALLENGE EVER CREATED!

    Link to MOD:

    Join the conversation and post your runs below!


    EXCELLENT runs by PlokTheMasterGamer(who used a Force Feedback steering wheel for his attempts...IMPRESSIVE) and our super fast leader thus far, BEAMJ!

    BEAMJ's Run:

    PlokTheMasterGamer's Run:

    Camodo Gaming and Neilogical are tied with 9 of the 18 checkpoints. NICE! Now try to BEAT EACH OTHER!

    Neilogical's Run:

    Camodo Gaming's Run:

    SWS Crash made it to checkpoint 8 before CHEATING XD and using the node grabber to roll his truck back on its wheels! He did however go on to finish his run. Respect.

    SWSCrash's Run:

    DavidInArk... WAHOOOOO! In your first attempts you made it to checkpoint 8 without any assistance. NICE! After many attempts you resorted on using the node grabber to finish... You knew your time wouldn't count! XD

    DavidInArk's Run's:

    What do you all think? Can BEAMJ's time be beat???
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