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Burnside Special Fender-Skirts and Response time/accuracy(?)

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by JeffHendrie, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. JeffHendrie

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    Jan 11, 2014
    I love the Burnside, I was born in the wrong era, and have known it for a long time, the car is beautiful, and by far is one of my top favorite default cars in the game.

    I would like a little sharper turn radius, but the turn radius seems to be pretty accurate as is. It'd be nice if there were a bit faster response for the steering though. Maybe have an option for power vs. standard steering, where the power steering has a little faster response time than standard, and standard have slightly faster response than it currently does?

    Something that is a bit more (extremely) trivial--but I would still like to see for the Burnside--in terms of accuracy, is more options. I understand that it would be pointless to include all 100-400 options that manufactures of the 1950s offered, like an AM/FM radio vs. no radio vs. AM Radio, and Glove-box vs. no Glove-Box--so I'm going to list some of the capabilities/options I'd like to have with the Burnside, that I feel would give the car more justice of "here's the flaming [heck]hole of a million combinations that will overwhelm you into simply buying a car off the lot" that we call 1950s automotive manufactures:
    Two-tone vs. Three-tone exterior paint.
    Two-tone or tree-tone "Matching" interior (which is what the car currently comes with, a two-tone matching interior); on a two-tone matching interior, the secondary color is white for a solid-color body, or the secondary color of the exterior, on a two-tone, body (I.E. blue exterior, blue and white interior). Likewise, a three-tone matching interior (on two-tone exterior), contains the base color of the car, (which is the color of the body, not the roof), and white as a secondary or tertiary color (I.E. Body is Navy Blue, roof is Teal, interior is Navy Blue and White.) Three-tone interior on a three-tone body would have the top of the dashboard either Tan, Black, Light or Dark Grey upload_2016-1-7_23-20-0.png (example of the two greys), or a slightly faded Red (Red like the interior of the Bruckell Moonhawk.) Three-tone interiors would then use the secondary and tertiary exterior color as the primary and secondary (secondary color on the current two-tone interior is the white) colors, respectively. If you don't want two or three-tone interiors, you can get a red, tan, black, or grey interior, (grey single-tone interiors would be light-grey, with a dark-grey top on the dashboard.

    Two-tone exterior:

    Three-Tone exteriors:
    (^ The car off to the side has one example of three-tone paint, quite clearly. The one centered, has three-tone, with the bottom color simply a repeat of the secondary color. Roof is secondary, the white on the bottom is tertiary, and the green[?] is primary.)
    (^ Red is primary, white is secondary, black is tertiary)

    Inverted Whitewalls (the "Whitewall" is to the inside of the car, so the back of the tire is showing, making the tire look like a modern-day "Blackwall" tire)
    Two-door vs. Four-Door.
    Sun Visor (example in the two-tone example image)
    I-6 engine vs. V-8.
    Different "trim" levels, similar to Dodge Coronet vs. Dodge Meadowbrook. Simply visual: minor changes to performance, chrome stripping differs slight, different options available, same car. No car of the era shows the large variety of option better than the 1950s Edsel. Most of the options I'd like to see, are based on the generic options of an Edsel, since most of its options were options on many cars of the 1950s.

    basically, more options dealing with visuals, as well as standard options for:

    Automatic transmission
    Power windows
    Suspension design
    Chassis design
    V8 engine
    Seat Belts/Lap Belts
    Air conditioning
    Steering linkage
    Steering power assistance
    (EDIT: Removed links, they were not supposed to be links and I don't know why they became links.)

    Which are al pretty well covered in other BeamNG vehicles. Not always individually, but the Moonhawk and Barstow are the best examples for it. Pretty much, in the 1950s, if it was possible, or if you could imagine it, you could get it in your car. Bucket seats vs. bench seats, everything was an option in one way or another.

    Now, on the topic of fender-skirts, I noticed you can get them on the chopped body, but not on the standard body. Am I missing something or...? I really think they should be available for both body-styles. Maybe it's being worked on already, I don't know.

    That's all I can really think of at the moment for the Burnside... I'm happy to explain anything that seems vague, or confusing, or explain in general. I love the Burnside, and am glad as heck that no one's made the joke yet, of "If you drive a Burnside in reverse, does that mean you're driving a sideburn?" ... yep and I just ruined that moment of no one making the joke yet. Ah well. Still love the car.
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    Last edited: Jan 8, 2016
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  2. KozyKat

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    Jun 13, 2015
    Good idea, but that's a lot of stuff to add, you don't want to overwhelm the already busy devs!
  3. randomshortguy

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    Aug 9, 2013
    Two-tone could be possible, they've added support for changing the colours of the different parts of the racing wheel, so I suppose it's possible.

    And I wanted to use the fender skirts on the normal body, but they're not there. :(
  4. JeffHendrie

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    Jan 11, 2014
    I understand that not everything would be added; although if everything were to be added, I wouldn't expect it all in one update. More like strewed over the course 20-30 updates, just taking baby steps adding them. The biggest thing for me though, is the fender-skirts, two-tone, and individually colorable interior. Sometimes the car looks perfectly fine with matching two-tone interior, but sometimes I think it's a little too much. There's a couple of blues where it's a bit too much with matching interior, same with Mint... if there were any more Mint on that car it'd giving quite a few mint farms a run for their money. What sucks about that, is I like the car in mint, but the mint interior on mint exterior is too much for me.
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