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    Feb 15, 2021
    This is the Citroen Saxo a small French hatchback made by Citroen that ended it's production in 2003 due to the release of the Citroen C2 And 3. Most boy racers buy these little cars to tune them and showoff here is an example

    Ugly AF right?
    But also The Saxo Got into other stuff like junior racing or banger racing (Pics)

    Citroen Saxo (Junior Racing)

    Citroen Saxo (Banger Racing)

    Citroen Decided they wanted to add another category "Rally" and in 1999 - 2010 The famous Citroen Saxo Super 1600 Was born the MK1 and the MK2

    Citroen Saxo Super 1600 (MK1)

    Citroen Saxo Super 1600 (MK2)

    Beautiful aren't they So this why i made this mod because Well nobody made one yet i am planning to also make a full on body sometime but for now i'm sticking to automation

    Also I have made Saxos in the past This is all of them jumbled into one pack

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    Apr 24, 2021
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