Dedicated Gamemode for Crashing cars into Traffic.

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by minemoose96, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. minemoose96

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    Dec 13, 2013
    I know mentioning this would be a stretch, but it's worth a try.

    Features that would be included in this gamemode:

    *A fun arcade feature BeamNG Drive would be a crash mode were the main goal would be to damage either property or other cars/traffic as much as possible with your own selected car.
    *The amount of points gained would vary from what you damaged, and I know that every car already has a value, for example: Civetta Bolide 350 (75000¤) and Ibishu Covet 1.5 DXi (A) (2000¤).
    *The Gamemode would also feature the different ramps in the game or the Flail and Travel Trailer for the Player's usage.

    There are a certain amount of problems though:

    *The obvious question would be if this gamemode would even fit the style of a soft-body Simulation game like BeamNG Drive.
    *Currently as I am writing this, BeamNG Drive's game engine can only handle a certain amount of cars depending on the user's computer setup(I am saying that the specified user's computer would have to be able to handle a larger workload).
    *At the moment there is little options regarding the Artificial intelligence to create traffic specifically for this gamemode.
    *This is more a whole gamemode rather than a scenario.

    Why am I even suggesting this?:

    The thing is that this thread is heavily inspired from arcade features from arcade-like games, I would think it was funny if there would be more arcade features in a game like BeamNG Drive. Even suggesting this might inspire other people to come up with better ideas for this game.

    The reason I am mentioning "arcade features" is because I am referring to games like Criterion games: "Burnout 2: Point of impact" in which you had a crashmode that was very successful.

    This feature might be old, but it's still gold.:cool: Please comment if you agree/disagree.

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