Released ETK 800 Madrid VTCs and Taxi

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    Aug 4, 2013

    Welcome to my newest mod! :)

    This started as a personal project, just for my own fun, but I feel it has become way too detailed and crafted overtime to keep it to myself, the only reason I was holding back was I know this is a very niche theme, just like my Spanish Tograc Pack or my Madrid EMT Buses Pack, but I think it's worth the try.

    So, what's in here? Well, currently on Madrid there is quite the fight between VTCs (Stands for VehĂ­culos de Transporte con Conductor, used by vehicles for hire private companies) and the classic Taxis, because of many things including fares, rights, licenses, accidents, and many more, and of course, these are also the only means of car-based hired transportation, being specific, and those are the ones included in this pack.

    Representing the VTCs, we have 3 of the main companies operating in the city right now:

    • Cabify
    • Uber
    • Bolt
    And representing the Taxis, well...there's a taxi. Main difference is the mobility service company they use, and in this case, I have choosen Free Now, which is also quite popular. The ETK 800 is the perfect choice too, since cars like the Fiat Tipo SW, Seat Leon SW, and Ford Mondeo Wagon among others are real life choices for both 'bands'.

    Of course, it's all about the details, so here we go:

    screenshot_2022-02-19_20-53-59.png screenshot_2022-02-19_20-54-44.png screenshot_2022-02-19_20-55-56.png screenshot_2022-02-19_20-57-14.png screenshot_2022-02-19_20-57-25.png screenshot_2022-02-19_20-57-52.png screenshot_2022-02-19_20-57-58.png screenshot_2022-02-19_20-59-03.png
    • VTCs:
      • Accurate liveries for each company according to the real-life versions seen currently on Madrid
      • Spanish plates with rear blue background
      • Madrid VTC sticker in the rear glass
      • Plastic partition in the interior (Customized for the Cabify version)
      • Aenor stickers in the quarter windows (For Cabify and Uber versions)
    • Taxi:
      • Accurate livery based on the actual specifications for a Madrid Taxi
      • Spanish plates with rear blue background
      • Working roof Taxi light, with 2 modes when turned on
        • Free (Green leds)
        • Occupied (Orange '3' leds, which is a specific real fare)
      • Working taximeter by @Inn0centJok3r
        • Adapted textures to current spanish-specs
      • Interior details:
        • Driver's taxi license
        • Fares stickers in both rear windows
        • Metal plate with the taxi info, including the amount of seats
        • Plastic partition in the interior
    As always, I hope you enjoy it! :)

    Credits (Besides me):
    -Inn0centJok3r: Taximeter mod


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