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Gavril Grand Marshal "Skipping"

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting: Bugs, Questions and Support' started by Octothorp Obelus, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Octothorp Obelus

    Octothorp Obelus
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    Jan 24, 2014
    So here is the scenario:
    Map: Gridmap
    Car: Grand Marshall
    Config: Police Package, no modifications
    Speed of Impact: 100 MPH (exactly)
    Surface: Flat wall perpendicular to vehicle

    So upon impact the car crumpled as normal: and I should note that I was in 100 times slow-motion just before and during impact. The car flipped over, and began to skip around on the ground as if two or more parts were trying to occupy the same amount of space. A possible culprit could be the light-bar, but that could be a long-shot.

    EDIT: This only happens when the vehicle is upside-down.

    2017-02-09_21-31-36.gif GIF of what's happening

    Multiple shots of many angles including a close-up of the light-bar with nodes on.
    BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-09_21-32-22.jpg BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-09_21-32-55.jpg BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-09_21-32-28.jpg BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-09_21-32-32.jpg BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-09_21-32-15.jpg BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-09_21-32-19.png BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-09_21-32-09.jpg

    Attached Files:

    • 2017-02-09_21-30-54.gif
  2. Taza

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    Nov 8, 2015
    Something similar happened to me with Covet, but it was spinning slowly on its front after a head on crash. My guess is that it has something to do with collision triangles.
  3. Octothorp Obelus

    Octothorp Obelus
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    Jan 24, 2014
    I do believe you are correct. Does this happen to every vehicle when it hit a wall between 80 and 100 MPH?
    If you look closely you can see that it is spinning.

    Tested with the Moonhawk. When I do the same thing it twitches while sitting upright. 2017-02-10_05-59-23.gif

    When I get home I already have a T75 Long-Haul set up about 1 km away.

    The T75 LongHaul does the same as the moonhawk, for obvious reasons pictures here.

    The LeGran at first had some twitching but seems to be much more stable in collisions than the older official cars.

    The Bartstow was completely stable in a 90 MPH front end crash with a static object. Nothing to report on this one

    The Pigeon produced the same effect the Marshall had in the position of the Covet.
    BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-10_15-05-09.jpg BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-10_15-05-23.jpg BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-10_15-05-16.jpg BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-10_15-05-04.jpg

    Despite colliding with a wall at 93 MPH, the Hirochi SBR4 still drove. It also had no glitchieness whatsoever, showing that this fragile super-car is somewhat stable.

    The '96 Pessima was also completely stable after a 93MPH impact. Nothing to report on this one.

    The ETK K-Series was also completely stable after a 92MPH impact.

    The D(efault)15 was completely stable but not running after the 95MPH impact

    The Burnside Special Custom had some issues like the T75 did after imploding upon itself after a 99MPH impact.
    BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-10_15-35-03.jpg BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-10_15-35-10.jpg BeamNGdrivex64_2017-02-10_15-34-46.jpg

    At this point I will have to clear the scene of 13 vehicles, still running at an astounding 22FPS (More like 16 vehicles because the T75 could count as 4 in node count).

    Ibishu 200BX completely stable after an 87MPH impact.

    '88 Pessima completely stable with engine running after a 92MPH impact.

    Hirochi Sunburst completely stable after a 92MPH impact.

    ETK 800 Series completely stable with engine running after a 93MPH impact.

    Civetta Bolide completely stable with engine running after an 88MPH impact.

    Gavril H-Series completely stable and with no wheelbase damage after an 85MPH impact.

    Gavril Roamer jumped 10 feet and did a sweet frontflip in the air after an 87MPH impact. On another note, it was also completely stable.

    Ibishu Miramar was completely stable after a 98MPH impact.

    Did I miss any vehicles? Want me to test mod vehicles? Post a reply to this thread on what I should test next (Will be posted somewhere else as it would no longer be the devs' problem for mod vehicles)!
    #3 Octothorp Obelus, Feb 10, 2017
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2017
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