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WIP Beta released Generic City Remake

Discussion in 'Terrains, Levels, Maps' started by Alewyx, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. green94

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    May 13, 2015
    Help.. install put into mods folder the put into levels folder deleted the .mis file and added the new one then deleted the copies but now it’s not showing up on the level menu. Any ideas how to fix?
  2. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Just so everyone knows, the model design phase for the remake of this map has started.

    This map will essentially get placed, right into the middle of So-Cal Interstate. So-Cal Interstate will go unsupported status right before I begin to add models to it / heavily modify it.
    I am porting all these models over into it, and slowly bringing them all with collision, working the textures as I go.

    De-facto bridge will look like this:

    FYI this was also featured in the content creation forum. This bridge will be part of a KIT that will feature modular bridge units. Yes, I am going "light" (weight) on the textures (yes, they're barely-modified Roane County textures if they look familiar, they ARE!). Trying to keep high detail under 2gb~3gb VRAM use for textures (likely not going to happen - may end up being 4gb VRAM use!).

    So how's this going to be a true reboot of Generic City? It's going into a map where the roads flow much all the same way. There's winding roads coming down out of mountains/hills, there's long straights, and plenty of miles of freeway (44 miles of it?). There's lots of room for city directly in the center, and out the one side of it. Lots of mostly flat areas. So this will be very much just like Generic city, with it's raised highways, bridges, tunnels (i think it had tunnels) etc. Basically, the game-play will be much the same. One of the youtuber's that is a very big fan of this project, will be adding some financial backing if I haven't mentioned it before.

    I also have the help of Meywue who also happens to use a version of Maya (program of choice here, Blender is going to make my heart explode - not kidding here, it makes my blood pressure go nuts), is also being very helpful with showing me how to better set things up, so that the game has collision objects.

    This will be completely modular (bits and pieces, not huge pre-made models like West Coast), again so that for the ease of building (build one style of bridge only once, drag and drop into the editor and go to town, so to speak), expediency and also so that the community (and myself) can easily port the models at a later date.

    If anyone has any building models (with collision), send them my way. Hopefully, within months or half a year or whatever, you all will be enjoying a city MANY times the size of West Coast, without POO for performance.

    Just posted to let folks know I've taken an example from Maya and successfully ported it into BeamNG, so after almost canning this project multiple times due to software in-fighting (yes), it's alive and well.

    What you'll see before this though:
    *So-Cal Interstate might be optimized and released one LAST time before it goes unsupported & it's plug gets pulled before it is merged into 'Generic City reboot' project. The map really couldn't be better as a donor map.
    *Canyon of Speed update and optimization for latest game version - with permission
    *I am also assisting with the BeamNG.Paradise fan-project when and where I can, on the side.
    If you haven't checked out Roane County Tennessee (it's still featured!) 0.9 FPS UPDATE, it came out about two weeks ago adding up to 50% more FPS, go add some good reviews
    (just turn off your reflections unless you have a 1060 or better!).


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  3. DutchyGamer

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    Mar 18, 2015
    Looking forward to the progress :D
  4. killstreak451

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    Dec 28, 2015
  5. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Just FYI the first piece has been ported into the map, after doing a LOT of testing/learning/debugging and ensuring proper operations, scale, and collision (native collision, fo-sure!).

    I am remaking everything road-related from scratch.
    Most 2-lane road pieces have been modeled already, and 'rudimentary textures' (not final, testing only) and tested!
    Tested a rudimentary 4 or 5 lane (depending on if there's parking or not) main route cross-section, too.
    Highway 2-lane (+ shoulder) bridge kit is done and in.
    Roadway 2-lane (no shoulder) bridge kit is done and in.
    No abutments for either bridge kit yet (concrete wall under each end of bridge as seen from below). They will be done when I do the raised highway bits. Yes there WILL be a raised highway, double-decker if I can help it.
    Obviously, I also have this intersection piece in the screenshots below done up pretty nice, it's almost perfect.
    There will be one or two other forms of transportation besides cars/roads. Vehicles aren't available for the game for some of it yet. I won't reveal what other forms of mass-transit there will be at this time
    I am withholding what map I am transplanting this into for 'reasons'.
    There will be plenty of places to catch air and maybe a little bit of air-time on some of the intersection cross-slopes (the taper in the road that allows water to drain from the lanes of travel, to the gutter at the cub). Things like manhole covers and storm sewers (made graphics yesterday) are recessed and curbs are also tapered back just a bit so car tires aren't munched, but you can still snap an axle or bend a lower-control-arm if you slide into them.

    This won't be stealing anything more than some graphics and a few city-related objects from West Coast USA (why should I remake textures/traffic lights etc, when they're already done!?).

    Why transplant the Generic City, why not just fix up the models? Well, I could do *all that work* and make something nicer, yes. Or I could do a small percentage more work, and make a chart-topping awesome, huge map (not as big as Roane County, expect something about 20~30% that size!), that is Generic City in all respects, re-arranged, and enhanced in every way that it is possible to.
    Things will still have a lot of throw-backs (building styles, some graphics from the buildings, to keep with the theme).

    I have not named it yet. It won't be called Generic City though, since that's already been used.

    So yes entirely - I have learned modeling enough, and the map will be getting it's own thread in the coming week or two when I have enough to show for it.
    Think West-Coast cities combined with rust-belt cities like Cleveland OH, Detroit MI or Baltimore MA. It's not going to be a shiny, expensive city. It's going to surely have lots of nice, wealthier areas, but it will also have plenty of poorer areas that see much more blight, reflecting the lower-income neighborhoods in a realistic sense (who doesn't love flying off ramps made out of debris in ruined buildings). I don't pretty things up. However, I am aiming this to be on-par with triple-A games of the last 8~10 years.
    So while this will take a while, much is done already. It's just like putting together a puzzle, however that being said I still have WEEKS of full-days of texturing before I have 'plenty' of models to choose from.
    Plenty of business from Roane County will return for another barrage of laughs here, too.

    Pictures placed here just to show proof-of-concept. If you've been following my Roane County thread as of late (or the each-post-in-development-pictures thread, in forums/general on this site), you'll also see me testing the road pieces, and also showing off the beautifully texture bridge kits (they're modular, so anyone can steal, I mean 'take' them and build to their heart's delight!).
    Some people want to keep the spotlight for themselves. I will share the spotlight and the fun of building with everyone by sharing the puzzle pieces as the map sees release, to help bolster the modding community and facilitate the building of more professional maps, without needing to learn modeling or abuse mesh-roads.


    Attached Files:

    • POC_City_reboot.png
    • manhole_cover_thats_relevent.png
    • detailshot.png
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  6. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Still going ...
    Lots of pieces now.
    Haven't done any of the striped pieces yet (no, not like an old Jail outfit! striping = paint, lane demarcation, lines etc)
    Those will likely be done next. I need to do a few curved surface (narrow) road pieces, and then make a road that is just a little wider yet for each variation. So this is about HALF of them. I haven't considered alleys yet, they'll likely be terrain / decal roads since they're simple.
    Will simplify the above post for simplicity sake.
    36 pieces made for now. Obviously the 'grey color' along the edges will be hidden when it's complete, and replaced with a 'clear' texture so you can't see it even if it was showing (it is just there to show collision for now, and to help align things).

    Top two rows in comprehensive (first) shot:
    Slopes up and down in 2.5, 3.75, 5, 7.5, 15 degree slopes + highway bridge beginning, span, end, and pillar.
    You can see the slopes on the pieces in the second shot.
    Third row:
    Large road T-intersection, Large + Large road Four-way intersection, Large Four way for smaller side-street crossing, also several curve pieces for large roads - in 5, 7.5 and 15 degree angles
    Bottom row:
    Straight large road piece, various sized smaller side-street pieces, two small slope up & down pieces for side-streets, a road bridge (end and span, no pillars for it yet, it's made but not imported), two groups of four choices of curb-cut/ driveway apron pieces (curved and straight, with large or small driveways on either side of the road or one side only). So you can make almost anything.

    Each piece is modular so you can mix & match, and when placed properly, the joints should be pretty much invisible (and won't mash tires/axles even if you don't line them up well!). All pieces have built-in collision and work natively in the forest brush (which is where I placed them). Collision verified.

    EDIT: ROAD ROLLER-COASTER! (okay, that's not staying there, but testing it sure was fun, especially at 165mph in an old Pessima). Reminds me of 25~30 years ago when I was a kid and had slot cars and a track.

    Attached Files:

    • Introducing_Bobs_Modular_Road_Kit.png
    • introducing_Bobs_modular_road_kit_slopedemo.png
    • Road_Rollercoaster.png
    #126 bob.blunderton, Jun 7, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
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  7. DutchyGamer

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    Mar 18, 2015
    This is amazing
  8. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    For what it's worth. There's been progress.
    Just finished my 1st subway station. Come to think of it, it's BeamNG's first subway station.

    Please pardon the vehicle on the steps :) It's a bit bare yet and there's no lights or warning stripe on the platform, I will take care of that as I touch the model's collision up (and there's a missed texture on the beam on the right).
    Texturing generally is a bit bland on the Subway Station here, but the building it's within (yes interiors!), looks pretty good for now.

    Currently the building is one piece, with the station below and track, eventually it might be split up.
    All necessary subway tracks, turns, grade changes (slope up or down two degrees), are done and textured.
    All subway stuff has LOD's and native collision for use in the forest brush. Space to drive on side of subway for vehicles if you wish to drive in them with a non-rail vehicle... yes, we all have done it in GTA's.

    All long dual surface railroad track sections are done. Short track sections there aren't much of yet, but they all have LOD's and collision and work properly. I have a terrain graphic to blend perfectly with them.
    All road pieces are done except for a two-way road ending at a four-lane cross-road (t-intersection), and railroad crossings are not done yet. I have to do avenues too. LOD's are hit or miss if they have them, but they all have collision, they will all get LOD's eventually.

    The stairs leading into the park can be driven up, as will most stairs, when taken straight up or down, in this map.
    Traffic lights, trees, and various other bits of 'map furniture' such as drainage pipes and alternate terrain texturing is mostly all in and as it should be.

    Terrain such as the grass above or the stones under the underpass below, also sometimes found in yards here.

    Got a sample set of almost two blocks or so done up to see how it would look in the pictures below.

    NONE of the modeled roads are *flat*, they all have cross-slope to them - every last piece! Ignore grey edges for now. Won't do a lot with the terrain-based decal roads, which are already pretty much done up and where they need to be, except the parts within the city itself will be replaced with model based units with slope to them. Everything will be AI capable, including (if testing works out) the subway too!

    Ignoring the unfinished/old road below the overpass, the new bridges for 3 lanes have been created and are in, in some spots.

    The shot above shows the completed main sections of raised highway/bridge combination dual directional pieces. These are made to be quickly re-skinned for 3 lanes per side to make a 6 lane highway.
    For perspective, the show below shows (a very messy unfinished, barely-started section) a spot where the subway tunnel mouth is (no railroad crossings made yet, getting there!), and the station in the distance is under that building. The 1000+ triangle station (each surface is two triangles), is only 50 triangles or so at this distance, until you're within a half block of it.

    The distance from me to this building in the distance is not even 5~10% of the map's width. It's huge. It's only one quarter the size of Roane County (or just larger, like 28~30% the size total), but it's still BIG.

    Just thought I'd post some progress. Level rail crossings, and Alastair's raised rail track are next. I still haven't created a thread for the city map yet, as such, I have also posted some pictures to the development screenshots thread as time has passed. I will make a thread for it, eventually.
    Oh, and I almost forgot, there will be plenty of "road roller-coasters" on the side-roads with steep hills between blocks like below:

    The tunnels I may have shown previously if you've been following along, they're shown below.

    All models shown here have built in collision. NO models lack it. Everything can be used in a rather limitless manner in the forest brush because of this (provided the editor doesn't crash when placing forest objects, as it loves to do!). This is basically a 131 puzzle-piece kit (right now) that allows you to build road, rail, highways, subways, stations for all (only subway station is done, and there's a bus station for roadways done from the game itself), and essentially now anyone who can use the map editor forest brush can build a somewhat limitless city (limited only by your FPS and RAM footprint), without tying up objects (which are limited to 4096 per map, forest brush objects don't count towards this). So basically only decal roads, player spawns, and anything else you spawn in under the f1 object editor (and way-points, mission things, vehicles or props etc), will count towards this 4096 object limit.
    This has been over a year planning how I would go about this. I just had to learn how to model (as I have) to get my ideas from my head to fruition. Sorry about the wait.
    For those who'd inquire, with the LOD's implemented, it shouldn't be too murderous on the FPS.

    --That is all!

    EDIT: Thanks to @Alastair we will have raised rail pieces sooner than expected. I will go over these if the collision is iffy to make sure no one gets stuck. They're very nice. They're from one of his unfinished past projects.
    #128 bob.blunderton, Jun 22, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
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  9. Honest Nick

    Honest Nick
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    Nov 29, 2015
    If it's has been a California city, maybe looking for a name in "WCUSA" map? :confused:
    screenshot_00557.png screenshot_00558.png screenshot_00559.png
  10. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    It's a consideration. I think I have an idea of the name. I just haven't shared it yet. Still making the infrastructure furniture (that's bridges, road bits, subway tunnels, railroad tracks, all sorts of thingies). This map I'm putting it into already has a full 100+ mile road network (it's a lot, within an ear-shot of Roane County, but the map's only 25~30% the size - hence lesser computers can run it!). It just needed a city. I was going to re-vamp this from the ground up, but it needed a *lot* of work. I could do so much more for everyone with a little bit of freedom and a little more time.

    So I took that freedom, and will remake the successor to Generic City, in BeamNG! It's going to be a lot of fun though, it'll be like you merged the quality and presentation of West Coast USA with the fun and play-style of Generic City, and then threw a copious helping of the fun of driving about GTA SAN ANDREAS (best GTA ever) into it.

    Right now I just loaded in lots more of the railroad bits. It will have a functional railroad track / metro / subway that's a loop so you can drive around like you're running a train company if you so wish, or just mash errant cars with it.

    Will be fully AI compatible, will have LOD's (like I'll demonstrate in the following railroad bits screenshot) here :

    The two further crossings, and all but one of the small curve/slope pieces on the right side of the 'pile' have gone into lower 'LOD' as they're filling the screen less. That's right, 3~14 surfaces instead of like around 80 or so when up close.

    Hey look, rail crossings that you can skid sideways over and not munch on tires. Clears the hand cart rail vehicles by just a few inches, but it clears. A lot of thinking/planning, so glad it worked out!

    Current status:
    *All subway and rail has LOD's and collision. Currently two 90 degree level crossings and two 33 degree ones.
    One crossing spawns upside down, but I will get to fix that eventually (need to rotate 180 degrees to use). Oops. Bug. I found a lot of bugs in this progress.
    *One subway station complete with outside building and interior (interior not present when half block away or more to save on processing). An interior that along with it's exterior and subway platform in the tunnel that takes 1360 triangles (half a surface, a surface is two triangles), is down to 50~60 triangles when viewed from over a half block away, and you don't really notice much above or below ground. Has a nice simple collision mesh and has stairs you can drive right up (provided you have enough speed to make the incline, I can make it in a Pessima).
    *Two and three-lane highway bridges with pillars done, with LOD (IIRC), and collision.
    *Joined (bidirectional with constant-angle median barrier) highway bridge done. Does not have dedicated end-pieces yet, but has built-in collision and two lower LOD's that are pretty flawless and some of my best - hand made.
    *Most of the wide four-lane feeder roads are done, not all have LOD's but all have native collision. A few small texture skewing errors remain but you don't see if you're stopped. Will correct when I do LOD's.
    *Most all of the surface streets (residential city side-streets) are done. Not all have LOD's but all have collision.
    *A few different stairs and side-walk bits are done, with the stairs having their own nice 'ramp-like' collision mesh, so they can be driven up at speed, but you might lose your bumper in a car. Good for parks or house front walks.
    *Various supporting things like traffic signals, poles, bus stop, benches, etc, ported from West Coast, along with my various map furniture and signs from Roane County. Map will be fully signed when it's done.
    *Some Houses from Roane County ported in, with the exception of Occam's Razor's stuff, as I will replace with my own and stop robbing his map (though I did get permission for Roane County's use of his objects). The ones I did port in from my Roane County project might get some re-doing a bit so they look better and more unique.
    *Various building blocks essential to car-crash simulator map design, some owing lineage back to grid-map (but concrete textured in various textures), have been ported in for fun 'car skate parks' and use as retaining walls or whenever I need things like dressing for culvert pipes (the concrete bulkheads), etc.
    *Some vegetation from Roane County including the grass for yards, a few trees, and lots of West Coast trees are present, as this city will be an amalgamation of many American cities from the wealthy, to the middle class, to the blighted poorer areas.
    *Ghost doesn't mind if I split up his 'Ghost's River' model and use the bridge or two from it, as I've spoken with him, thanks Ghost, it helps me make this map faster, with all the things people love.
    *Another person, who's made the 'Lower Wacker' map the one time, rendering Chicago, I forget his name please forgive me, has allowed me to use his underground road piece(s), so if it turns out to be good meshes, I will use it!
    *Raised rail kit has been pledged for donation by Alastair, but I told him not to hurry too badly on it as I haven't got the area for them even close to ready yet. Thanks Alastair (they were from his incomplete USACITY map).
    *As noted above, AI will be fully-functional including going up and down stairs where they are near intersections or major commercial buildings by using the less-chosen 'dirt path' class for it, so in an emergency or when bored, the AI will still possibly try to go up it. Should be interesting, will be heavily tested though, so subject to change.
    ALL STAIRS in main public areas or on commercial buildings, where I can help it (going for 90~95% of the things), will be able to be driven like ramps as mentioned above.

    Flying Pessima exiting the subway, late to their crash duties! The car won't be this bad looking after the first time, this was no less than it's third trip up and down the stairs at good speed.

    A very barren, quite bare entrance to a subway tunnel in the distance, and rail-crossings you can skid sideways over and not eat tires.

    Expect one of the best maps, as I'm eyeing on Doullpepper's hogging the number one most-popular map spot here with this. It's a long time coming, and will require quite a bit of time, but in the end, it'll be worth it.
    As I've also said many times, these modular kits will be released along-side the map when it demos. The railroad kit (but not the subway kit) may come out before-hand to encourage rail-vehicle development. Don't forget, *every* piece contains built-in native collision to be used in the forest brush. These road, bridge, rail, and subway kits (all infrastructure bits) will be free for other accomplished mappers to use. So everyone will be able to build their city in a limitless fashion, limited only by RAM footprint and FPS (though LOD's should help). This should help kick-start map development for those not able to model, something I sorely wish we had before I made this (there were some, admittedly lacking native collision).

    Yes, it's a subway station, and you can drive in it as those stairs are really RAMPS as far as the car is concerned. You can fully go from the tunnels to the surface or surface to tunnel level with a car.
    It will likely have some lighting before it sees release and obviously benches and rubbish bins.

    You can follow on to more frequent posts until I get a thread created for the map itself, by following either me or the 'development screenshots thread'. I usually post there about 3~5 times a week as I have something to show, and generally work 3~12 hours a day on this project. I will be putting up a Patreon in due time due to the fact that this is costing me money paying for Maya (as I am inept at learning Blender), and while I enjoy doing it, my poor 3.5+ year old tower is seeing the limits of what 16gb of RAM can do in content creation (max it daily). It's not for I want's so to speak, it's for I need's or this is going to take a lot longer. I am also disabled and on a fixed income.
    Got a 2x8gb 2400mhz DDR3 kit (or something close!) you'd not miss from your older PC? Maybe even 2x4gb? Give me a shout, could really use it here, seriously. Even a lone piece of DDR3 4gb or 8gb piece could help.
    My RAM is like 500$ for a 32gb kit, and 200$ for a 16gb kit when I paid 82$ for it in 2014. Sham artists.
    When it's far enough along, you will all agree that this will be way better than Roane County could have ever hoped to be without modeling talent, but you will still see many of the bridges back-ported over.

    Sometimes I think I found more bugs in Maya than I have in BeamNG, and Maya is a released-quality commercial application!

    Do you want to see something I haven't mentioned here, is there something cool you think should be included? Do you have models with collision mesh (not stuff made in Sketch-up please, that thing is a wreck) you'd like to donate? Send me a private message with some pictures of said model(s) and let me know, as it's always worth a shot and always appreciated!
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  11. Honest Nick

    Honest Nick
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    Nov 29, 2015
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