GPU Tearing/Hitching

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware' started by JimieSitu, May 14, 2021.

  1. JimieSitu

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    May 14, 2021

    I could really use some help with recent screen tearing and hitching that I’m experiencing.

    First off - PC Build I7-8700 64gb ddr4 ram EVGA 2080 super xc ultra Z-390 mobo 2 1tb ssd

    Monitors 1 - MSI 1440p 27inch 165hz 2 - Aoc 1080p 27inch 144hz

    Story time…

    I’ve gamed on this set up for about a year-year and a half with almost 0 issues. Recently, my screen started to tear and the games I played began to hitch.

    After trying a few solutions like checking the display port cable, unseating and reseating my gpu, removing and installing updated drivers from NVIDIA… i eventually caved and did a FULL fresh install of windows. No dice. I got a little impulsive and bought a new monitor thinking… the 1440p Aoc I had was dying. Come to find out, it’s not.

    At this point I have literally tried everything, gsync, vsync, all the syncs. Change NVIDIA settings, default NVIDIA settings. Changed game priorities , edited registry files and even overclocked my gpu.

    NOTHING IS WORKING. If someone could please help I would be grateful, even if that means buying a new GPU. Worst timing. Oh I also am not experiencing ANY frame drop and stress tested my gpu which returned great results.

  2. fivedollarlamp

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    Sep 18, 2016
    I wish I could help, but I have no idea what could be causing this. If you live in the United States, and live close by enough to one, I'd suggest taking the system to microcenter to see if they can resolve the issue.
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