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    Mar 16, 2020
    The Hegenburg Vasto gen 1 is a sports car made from 1986 to 1993 by Hegenburg Motor company.
    It comes with 3 models that go in this order. [Sport] [Sport Wagon] [Sport Eco] the sport model being the highest end. Using an aero coupe design to cut through the air more efficiently. upload_2021-9-6_23-9-53.png
    Then there is the Sport Wagon which is like the normal sport model but more durable and more practical while still keeping all the sporty features like the performance intake system and manual 4 speed gearbox. These two cars also feature a camera based system as a replacement for mirrors and heated seats windows and doorcards. upload_2021-9-6_23-12-45.png
    And then the lowest end model the Eco meant as an entry model with the lowest performance out of all three models and lowest price. This one does not have a manual gearbox and only has 3 gears and better fuel economy. This model also does not include high end engine parts like a sport intake and features more cheaper and economic parts instead. upload_2021-9-6_23-21-22.png
    This car was made by Packle-Kackle/Yeetman with help from my friend JM

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