Homer Simpson's Pink Sedan (2 variants)

Discussion in 'Automation' started by BrunoTheMerlin, Dec 5, 2019.

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    Aug 5, 2018
    Hello there! So i've done a thing:
    HiResPhoto20.png HiResPhoto21.png
    Those will be released soon, they are awaiting approval. Will put link when published!
    I did a Replica and a ''Winter Beater'' model, with both a 6-inline engine. In the cartoons, the car had a V8 sounds, so I'll work on that after the first official release. The cartoon version was inspired by a 1973 Plymouth Valiant and stayed in the famous cartoon series all the time (shame on you Homer for trying to sell it once).
    screenshot_2019-12-04_17-34-54.png screenshot_2019-12-04_17-43-22.png
    Now the taillights are NOT exact, I did my best to find something that could go in the trim without making a weird transparent depth. Other then that, I find it quite accurate. In the background of the last picture, there is 2 other vehicules that i'm working on atm, they both have interesting engine choices ;) .​
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