How to put parts on another vehicle?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by PlaytestDS, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. PlaytestDS

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    Feb 10, 2019
    First of all, Hi.

    I have already gone through a lot threads about modding etc. and my question is now: How can I put parts at another vehicle?

    I am trying, to specify this case, to get the EU light bar (from ETK) on the Wentward DT40L. There is already the solution, that you can break the parts of an ETK away ingame, take the light bar and attach it on the other vehicle, but I want to make that it fits and works without jumping from one vehicle to the other to activate/disable the light bar.

    In addition, I am not that much in making own mods, I just change some stuff in the original game files (of course just the copied version of the original [NEVER THE ORIGINAL]). I went, as I already mentioned, through all modding threads but don't want to create a whole mod for it. I just want to add some stuff. What I know, is, that I won't be able to let the programming part out, but I don't really get it.

    If someone knows, how to program something like that (attach stuff to another vehicle) by the config/.cs/.jbeam or whatever, I would be very glad and thankfull for a understandable, and easy to understand guide.
    If there is already a simular thread, and I may didn't saw it, please tell me.
    If the answer can't be that easy, and needs to be more complicated, I'll still appreciate a answer.

    I thank you in advance for all the answers! :D

    PS: My english is horrible, please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  2. fufsgfen

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    Jan 10, 2017
    In practice you need to do modding, there is no other way around to do it.

    Apparently lightbar is located in:\content\vehicles\\vehicles\etkc\etkc_police.jbeam

    These are telling where to place lightbar meshes
      ["eur_lightbar", ["etkc_lightbar"], [], {"pos":{"x": 0.0, "y":0.4, "z":1.342}, "rot":{"x":0, "y":0, "z":0}, "scale":{"x":1.12, "y":1.12, "z":1.12}}],
            ["eur_lightbar_blueglass", ["etkc_lightbar"], [], {"pos":{"x": 0.0, "y":0.4, "z":1.342}, "rot":{"x":0, "y":0, "z":0}, "scale":{"x":1.12, "y":1.12, "z":1.12}}],
            ["eur_lightbar_lights", ["etkc_lightbar"], [], {"pos":{"x": 0.0, "y":0.4, "z":1.342}, "rot":{"x":0, "y":0, "z":0}, "scale":{"x":1.12, "y":1.12, "z":1.12}}],
            ["eur_lightbar_sign", ["etkc_lightbar"], [], {"pos":{"x": 0.0, "y":0.4, "z":1.342}, "rot":{"x":0, "y":0, "z":0}, "scale":{"x":1.12, "y":1.12, "z":1.12}}],
    These nodes are physical mass of lightbar:
    "nodes": [
             ["id", "posX", "posY", "posZ"],
             ["etkc_lightbar_1", 0.0, 0.33, 1.48],
             ["etkc_lightbar_2", 0.0, 0.31, 1.37],
             ["etkc_lightbar_3", 0.0, 0.47, 1.48],
             ["etkc_lightbar_4", 0.0, 0.48, 1.37],
             ["etkc_lightbar_1l", 0.57, 0.33, 1.48],
             ["etkc_lightbar_2l", 0.59, 0.31, 1.35],
             ["etkc_lightbar_3l", 0.57, 0.47, 1.48],
             ["etkc_lightbar_4l", 0.59, 0.48, 1.35],
             ["etkc_lightbar_1r", -0.57, 0.33, 1.48],
             ["etkc_lightbar_2r", -0.59, 0.31, 1.35],
             ["etkc_lightbar_3r", -0.57, 0.47, 1.48],
             ["etkc_lightbar_4r", -0.59, 0.48, 1.35],
    Then there are beams that hold those nodes in place.

    You would need to change all those coordinates so that lightbar appears to correct place and also you would need to change all those beams to hold lightbar on that correct place, beams have to be between lightbar and bus.

    Also you would need to give lightbar new name, so it does not conflight with etk lightbar and also you would need to create slot for it I think.

    So these at least you need to learn:

    It is not most simple thing to do, but not impossible either, however I don't know how to explain it simple way.
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  3. PlaytestDS

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    Feb 10, 2019
    This really helps me a lot mate. I already thought that I can't go around modding, but I guess I'm going to learn it soon. I'll post the final result in here when it worked. :D

    Thanks again for your reply!
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  4. PlaytestDS

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    Feb 10, 2019
    So what I've done for now is setting up the .jbeam file with the changed names and coordinates.

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