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Would this be cool for something small detailed

  1. Yes, Because this could add a slight bit of realism.

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  2. It's fine the way it is currently.

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  3. No, It risks steering strength being weak.

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  1. r1pzor

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    Dec 2, 2017
    I've got yet another idea, and it's a small bit of detail that would be neat to have in the game. I've noticed how for some vehicles they break physics. The hopper for example, Nothing may seem wrong with the hopper. But mainly it looks funny when the steering joint disconnects from the steering box or the drag link of the steering assembly and you still have the ability to steer.
    Example here:

    In the start of the video I take the hopper to a clearance test and sheer the top frame off and there is no steering connection, but I still have the ability to turn. And at 1:19 on the video mark I break the (I think its the steering gear box or the steering damper) and the ability to turn is lost. The way I see it the breakage between the steering damper and the steering shaft should be the same.

    Files shown below of how I found names. (I don't know every individual steering part name by heart.)

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