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More Skies?

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by Valhallatchaboy, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Valhallatchaboy

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    Dec 11, 2014
    Dunno if this is a thing yet or not, but i think a mod or the option to change the sky would be nice.

    The sky looks rather bland, and in my experience in some maps night time is too dark while day time is also dim. In some official maps even, like Utah, the sky is rather lack luster. When i go on road trips, i love staring at the sky or stars to see if i see something amazing. I cant mod, so idk how hard it would be to add or make a mod that made the sky more alive in a sense.
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  2. Brother_Dave

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    Aug 16, 2012
    I second this, skies are very bland, atleast that the official maps should have IMO better overall lighting (hence my mod BeamNG Natural Lighting, which may not be be of everyone taste).

    Sky brightness, miescattering and rayleighscattering i usually set depending on each map. If i set Sky brightness high it helps getting reflection in glass more clear. Miescattering controls the brightness (basicly mix between blue and white) during day and rayleighscattering controls how colorful your sky is at sunrise/sunset (but does also control how blue it is during hte day). Reading up on these and ho they are used in the Torque 3D engine is impressive, they do actually simulate the atmosphere and how the light light rays hit particles in the atmosphere. That does not always look cool enough for a game though, it can sometimes need to be exaggerated since in rela life we experience so much more than what we see, so in games we need to enhance what we see to compensate for that.

    To get the Specular maps and Normals maps/textures to work on every texture, from cars to trees to bricks of stone, the brightness of each map needs to be atleast somewhere around 1.3 (its at 1 out of the box)

    Then the dynamics of the lighting is sorted by the Sun Scale (Torque 3Ds way of controlling light color and strength) and Ambient Scale (Torque 3Ds way of controlling shadow color and strength)

    On top of this theres Exposure (not acting the way Exposure does on photos, for example) that basicly controls warmth, say you have a map with alot of warm color, this can bring that up even more, to give an overall warmer feeling.
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