Pigeon/Wigeon carving suspension

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    Aug 5, 2013
    I guess this is both a suggestion and a mod request or whatever.

    So I was (quite literally) rolling down Pikes Peak in a stripped-out Wigeon soapbox, when I realised that what I was doing was very vaguely like skiing.
    That's when I got an idea. Now, as I was doing something stupid, the idea naturally was stupid as well, but I might as well post it anyway.

    So anyway, you know those "carving" three wheelers and whatnot? Well what if some intrepid individual with a hacksaw tried to turn a Wigeon or Pigeon in to one of those? This would mean hooking up some sort of hydraulic or electric system to the rear suspension that raises one side and lowers the other to allow the entire vehicle to lean into corners based on your steering inputs.
    Both vehicles aren't very suitable for such a modification. While the Pigeon can get a lot of extra room by deleting the rear tray, the frame itself would require reshaping to allow for the absolute ton of extra travel you'd need in the suspension. The Wigeon frame probably could handle it, especially if you widen the rear axle, but the bodywork would get in the way bigtime. Alternatively, you could move the entire rear axle and suspension behind the body with some sort of frame (and driveshaft) extension to give the whole thing the room it needs to move.

    Either way, the resulting vehicle(s) would be hilarious in my opinion, and full of possibilites
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