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Plane Crashes / Stories Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Captain. Adam, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Beamtannic10710

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    May 21, 2017
    The East Coast Horror
    Date: June 29th 1975
    Location: East Coast USA
    Time: 8:50 PM ET
    Fatalities: 7
    (i couldent get pics) :c
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  2. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    RL 203
    RL 203 Was the registration of an Avro Arrow that crashed shortly after taking of from Roane County Airport killing the experienced on board.

    Date : 4th of April / 1955
    Site : 1 to 2 miles away from Roane County Airport
    Cause *Possible* : Microburst-Induced wind shear while Initial climb which led to Lose of control
    Crew : 1
    Fatalities : 1
    Nature : Test Flight

    Due to the lack of facts surrounding this accident, not everything can be confirmed.
    Official Investigation Report : 'The plane toke off during bad weather conditions, when the plane started to climb the plane was seen banking to the right, the eye witnesses said that *the pilot was trying so hard to fix the problem , but the plane kept banking*.'
    'Due to the lack of wreckage recovered (because the military toke the most parts of the wreckage) we couldn't determined if some mechanical failure occurred during the Initial climb, or if the pilot made some mistake which can cause such a sudden steep right bank , but its possible that due to the poor weather that day, the plane encountered some downdrafts which caused it to drop suddenly from the sky.'

    Possible photo of the destroyed plane after the crash, no one is sure if this photo is true or fake.

  3. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    1992 USAF Strato HMX 920 Nevada Shut Down
    On the 5th of July / 1992, a Strato HMX 920 Owned by the Strato HMX 920 was shut down by friendly fire after the ATC Failed to spot the plane on his radar. The pilot was killed on the crash.

    Final Approach & Shut down :
    US19014, a Strato HMX 920 Owned by the USAF as a training plane was on final approach to The Grooved Test Range Air Base in Nevada / USA. 'Everything seemed OK until the ATC Reported seeing an unknown plane' a ground soldier said, 'A very old Me262 was sent to follow the plane and shut it down if it was confirmed it doesn't belong to the USAF' he said.
    Meanwhile, the pilot of the Strato did not know that he was some minutes from death, he tried to call the ATC Many times , but the ATC Failed to hear his calls because he was busy trying to figure out what was the unknown plane.

    The Me262 was followed by a F-16 that managed to take these photos of the shutdown.

    At 7:34 AM, the plane was confirmed destroyed and military cars were sent to examine the wreckage, it was the shocking discovery that the downed aircraft was owned by the USAF and the experienced air force pilot died.

    Cause :
    "The USAF Blamed the cause of this friendly-aircraft shut down as the ATC Failure to use his radar and hear the incoming calls from the aircraft while being distracted trying to figure out what plane was flying near the base with his eyes only"
  4. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    1945 USAF B-25 Shut down
    On August first / 1945, a North American B-25 Mitchell owned by the USAF Was shut down above The Desert Highway killing all 14 on board the bomber, the Luftwaffe plane (Me262) that shot down the plane was chased by American fighter jets and was destroyed by them killing its pilot.

    (A B-25 Owned by the USAF, this is the sister aircraft to the destroyed bomber)
    Date : 1st Of August / 1945
    Location : Desert Highway
    Nature : Bombing mission
    Summary : Shut down by a Luftwaffe Me262

    Crew : 6
    Soldiers on board : 9
    Fatalities : 14 (all)
    Survivors : None
    Registration : 29710
    Aircraft Name : Bombing Bird
    The wreckage of the plane is still on the crash site, it was kept as a memorial for the 14 people who died in the accident.

    Wreckage as of the first of August / 2017

    Its the 72th anniversary for this accident.

    The Me262 that shot down the aircraft as seen from a Special episode that was made for this accident that aired on 2015

    The B-25 When the rockets were lunched by the Me262

    There was no escape.

    Wreckage falling from the sky, photo taken by the P-51 Mustang that chased the Me262
  5. B727TheAirliner

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    Feb 8, 2013
    I found this photo on my hard drive, and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could find any info on this JRI crash.
  6. Dooderf

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    Oct 26, 2014
    Date: June 16, 1951

    Summary: Rudder Failure, Stall.

    Site: Nevada Military Air Base

    Total fatalities: 0

    Total injuries (non-fatal): 1 (Pilot in critical condition)

    Total Survivors (On Plane or Planes) : 1
    Images ( Of Plane before crash (if possible) ) : No Image was taken before as the plane was supposed to be a secret.
    Main body :
    Aircraft: Experimental m262 that was modernized by the C.I.A
    Investigation : Military Investigators were alerted of the crash 4 hours after it occurred. A big discovery was when they noticed that the rudder was not secured to the plane. 2 Theories were created. 1: Improper maintenance caused the rudder to not be secured before the crash. 2: Soviet Spy's or Sympathizers were responsible for sabotage of the rudder. Neither theory has been proven right or wrong. The flight was supposed to be a test flight of the jet. The jet was on the runway and almost immediately things went wrong. The jet throttled forward before it drifted towards the right and the fences. The pilot tried to turn left using the rudder, but the rudder ripped off instead. To not crash into the fence, the pilot pulled up. The jet did not have enough speed to take off yet and stalled, rolled to the left and landed upside down on the cockpit and ripping off the right wing. It still had its engines on and dragged itself 500 yards before stopping.
    Aftermath : The Jet right after it had stalled:

    The jet 5 seconds after the crash:

    After it had stopped:

    After the pilot was rescued and the plane was investigated:


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  7. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    USAF 1431
    USAF 1431 Was the registration given for a North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber owned by the United States Air Force. The plane ditched in Jungle Rock Island in 1952 shortly after take off, no one died.

    (Photograph of the aircraft seconds before it ditched just some KMs away from The Jungle Rock Airport)
    Site : Lake waters near The Jungle Rock Airport
    Date : 1st of August / 1952
    Cause : Instruments failure shortly after take off. Pilot error in the decision between returning to the Airport or ditching.
    Damage : Written Off
    Crew : 6
    Fatalities : 0
    Aircraft Type : North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber
    First flight : 1950
    Owner : United State Air Force
    Registration : 1431__________
    Narrative : The B-25 Toke off from Jungle Rock Airport with 6 crew members on board, during the initial climb 90% of the cockpit instruments jammed for reasons that were not determined. The crew started a right turn to return to the airport, at that time the pilot asked "Should we return or ditch, I'm not sure if the engines are out as well", the Co-pilot replayed by 'I Don't think the engines are out, we can return to the airport', the cockpit went silent after the Co-pilot said that, but when the plane reached 500 feet the pilot decided to Ditch even if the runway was in his sights and the plane was facing the runway.
    The plane then ditched in the lake with heavy damages to its fuselage. All on board survived with minor injures.
  8. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    1949 Desert Highway Region B-25 Crash
    On the 15th of January / 1949, a B-25 Was flying above The Desert Highway Region when it encountered strong winds which caused control problems. The pilot decided to make an emergency landing on the nearest airport , but it turns out he missed the airport and he had to make a hard right turn. While making the turn, the pilot set the engines on full power, flaps and gears were prepared for the emergency landing, but during the hard turn the plane's elevators jammed causing a total loss of control and a nose dive. The plane hit the ground wing first, both pilots were thrown out of their cockpit and survived. The Investigation found that the planes elevators jammed during the hard right turn because of the strong winds that damaged them shortly after taking off and during the flight.

    (A B-25 Similar to the aircraft involved)
    Date : 15th of January / 1949
    Site : 2 miles away from a military airfield / Desert Highway Region
    Cause :
    Encountered Strong winds during take off and flight leading to a rudder failure and elevators jam during a hard right turn while making an emergency landing.
    Aircraft type : North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber
    Operator : United State Air Force
    Crew : 2
    Fatalities : 0
    Survivors : 2 (Injured)
    Route : Unknown to Unknown
    Registration : 800-350

    A Small fighter jet saw the B-25 and was ordered to Go-around by the ATC because the B-25 Wanted to make an emergency landing. He managed to snap these photos seconds after the crash.

  9. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    1965 Roane County Airport Disaster
    On the 21th of September / 1965, an An-12 plane (Flight 18) owned by Cloud Airlines crashed while approaching Roane County Airport / Tennessee during rainy weather conditions killing 34 people out of 55 on board the plane and 3 people on the ground.

    (An An-12 owned by BeamNG Test Airframe similar to the aircraft involved in the accident seen on The Grooved Test Range / 1989)
    Date : 22th of April / 1965
    Site : Main runway / Roane County Airport / Tennessee
    Summary :
    Crashed short of runway due to ATC Error and confusion / Stalled during Go-around attempt due to wind-shear
    Aircraft type : An-12
    Crew : 8 , fatalities : 3 (3 flight attendants, all cockpit crew survived)
    Passengers : 47 , fatalities : 31
    Survivors : 27 (all cockpit crew + 16 passengers + 6 on the ground) (All were injured)

    Ground fatalities : 3 (Airport workers)
    Total fatalities : 34 on board the plane + 3 on the ground = 37
    Operator : Cloud Airlines
    Registration : 115
    Flight number : 18
    Narrative : The An-12 was approaching the main and only runway of Roane County Airport. Everything was going OK until the crew noticed fast changes in weather, the sky become dark and heavy rain started. The Captain asked the ATC About the wind speed and told him that he was approaching the airport, but now the ATC makes a fatal mistake by calling the wrong call-sign for the aircraft as he thought the An-12 was approaching the airport from the North East, the An-12 pilot was ignored the wrong call-sign and waited for the ATC To give him the info about how much they should descent and the wind speed. Meanwhile the ATC Is still confused and doesn't know that the plane is coming from the South. Due to changes of terrain near the Airport and both endings of the main runway, the ATC told Flight 18 to descent to 600 feet (The plane was coming from the South meaning that it should touch down in 660 feet). The cockpit crew were not sure about the ATC info and decided to make a Go-around attempt by pulling the nose of the aircraft a lot and putting engines on max power, but due to the bad weather, wind shear was present causing the plane to stall. The aircraft's middle section and tail section hit the ending of the runway so hard, causing a big explosion and post-crash fire. Meanwhile the cockpit section separated from the plane and rested on the Runway.
    Some passengers managed to escape from the burning wreckage and the cockpit crew left the cockpit and saw the amount of destruction that happened to the other sections of the plane, the pilot and the flight engineer helped 7 passengers to get out , but it was 2 late for the other passengers as another explosion and fire erupted (The plane hit a Gas truck killing 3 on the ground)
    Probable cause : The Aircraft encountered Wind-shear during a Go-around attempt causing it to stall and crash short of the runway. The crew decided to Go-around because the ATC Gave them the wrong descent level and wrong info and caused a lot of confusion when he called the wrong call-sign.
    The cockpit crew were awarded for their post-crash actions and the ATC was suspended and sent to Jail for 3 years.

  10. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    1952 Idlewild Airport Disaster
    The Idlewild Airport Disaster happened on the 23rd of March / 1952, when a B-25 Stalled and crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from Runway 4 Right killing the sole pilot on board the B-25.
    The investigation team blamed the pilot of the plane for a lot of things. Mainly his decision to fly the plane during night time when he was fatigued and tired.
    Background :
    800-164 was a North American B-25 Mitchell bomber that was parked in Idlewild Airport / New York, the WW2 Bomber was not used from months, but on the 20th of March /1952, experienced pilot Captain Bill N.Rogers wanted to fly the plane from Idlewild Airport to Nevada to bring the legendary WW2 Bomber back to life.
    Captain Bill N.Rogers was a 62 years old USAF Pilot, he was a B-24 Pilot in WW2 and had over 21000 flying hours.
    On the 23rd of March, captain Rogers got permission to make a flight from New York To Nevada.
    Everything seemed good with the plane until a friend of Captain Rogers saw a crack under the left engine of the B-25. He told Captain Rogers about the crack , but Captain Rogers wasn't scared of the crack and said it was a 'simple damage'.
    After 3 hours of checking the plane, captain Rogers was cleared to take off from Runway 4 Right. It was 1 AM At the time and Captain Rogers was tired after the long day. 3 Of his experienced friends asked him if he needed help flying the plane, but Captain Rogers replied with 'No I'm good'.
    At 1:32 AM he started the engines and lined his bomber plane on Runway 4 right. Everything seemed fine again , but the left engine started making some weird noises and Captain's Rogers told him about the weird noises, but Captain Rogers said there is nothing to worry about and if anything goes wrong he would return to the airport.
    At 1:36 AM, captain Rogers started taking off from Runway 4 right.
    Suddenly at around 1:38 the plane was seen banking to the left, and at 1:39 people saw the plane pulling up so hard to the left, that was followed by a stall and a nose-dive.

    (A photo created by a software to remake the scene when the plane pulled up and started to stall)
    The plane didn't recover and crashed into the sea at 1:41 killing Captain Bill N.Rogers.

    (The last photo of the plane seen minutes before it crashed)
    - Date : 23rd of March / 1952
    - Site : Off shore of Idlewild Airport / New York - United States Of America
    - Summery : Stalled during Initial climb due to multiple reasons :

    • Loss of control while recovering from a stall-bank to the left.
    • Pilot error, failure in noticing a left-bank and overreacting by pulling hard causing a stall
    • Pilot fatigue, lack of pilot sleep
    • Oleo strut failure leading to a left bank during initial climb
    • The pilot's failure to notice the Oleo strut fatigue crack and declining the help request by 3 other pilots to fly with him.
    - Type : North American B-25 Mitchell bomber
    - Operator : USAF
    - Registration : 800-164
    - Crew : 1
    - Fatalities : 1 (all)
    - Phase : Initial climb (ICL)
    - Departure airport : Idlewild Airport / USA
    - Destination airport : Test Grooved Range / Nevada / USA
    Investigation and probable cause :
    "1: The pilot's failure to notice a fatigue crack on his left engine and ignoring weird sounds before the take off / 2: The pilot's fatigue at the time of the Initial climb (ICL) /3: A Left bank while climbing caused by an Oleo Strut fatigue crack and the pilots failure to correct the bank, the pilot pulled the plane's nose up (hard) causing a stall /4: The pilot's failure to recover from a stall leading to loss of control and nose-dived into the ocean."
    Loss of Control
    Pilot fatigue and error
    Fatigue crack

    The cockpit section was one of the few parts of the plane that was pulled from the sea.

    Special Thanks to @Lamzumi for their encouragement :3

  11. Cheekqo

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    Feb 6, 2016
    August 11th, 1992
    A Plane was flying around the mainland of Sandy Mountain, when a hurricane that had formed 50 miles south on the coast of BSU, a work tractor was blown onto the runway at the last minute and destroyed the plane.
    Fatalities (by crash): 0
    Fatalities (by hurricane): 15
    Damage costs: 40 Billion US Dollars
    Damage costs (by hurricane): 16 Billion US Dollars
    Plane registration: 41AH
    Location: Kensty Airfield, Sandy Mountain, KamayRiver State, BSU.
    Hurricane Category: 5
    Formation area: Near Small Island, USA.
    Blackbox Intercom:
    -Transmission Starts-
    41AH: Affirmative, Runway 48H Ready for takeoff, affirmative?
    Kamaz Airforce Base: Affirmative.
    41AH: *Full throttles jet engines while on the runway*
    41AH: Plane about to take off.
    *Tractor blows onto runway*
    41AH: WO-
    *Smashing sounds with crumpling metal*
    Kamaz Airforce Base:  41AH, Are you there, do you repeat, affirmative?
    -Transmission ends-