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Plane Crashes / Stories Thread

Discussion in 'BeamNG Roleplay Group' started by Captain. Adam, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. tsunamidrew

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Date : October 25th, 2012

    Summary: Colision with Building

    Site: Azona,Colorado

    Total Survivors: 5 (All) 3 (On ground 2 at shed, one at crash scene)

    Total Fatalities: 6 (On ground) (5 at car crash scene, 1 at shed)

    Images: N/A

    Aircraft: An Antonov 12 build in 1964 but used for Cargo services for Lada and retired from Lada in 1972 but bought by British Airways in 1974 after a year of planning to scrap the aircraft and used for Passenger services with over 12,000 Miles of Experience and retired again in 1988 and bought by Automation Car Company in 1991 where it was used for car transporting services until this crash in 2012

    Flight: Departing from Dulles Airfield in New Zealand with crew of 5 (Alicia George,20 Pilot, Fredrick Sutton,22 Co pilot, Antonia Green,20 Beth Morton,21 and Pete Bryant,35) with a Destination of Seattle,Washington they refuel at Johnson Memorial Airfield in Azona,Colorado and continue their way but the right wing collided with a Shed at the end of the airfield the plane turned right and collide with the road on the highway causing a four car collision

    CVR (-1= Pilot, Alicia George -2 Co-Pilot Fredrick Sutton 3-Air Traffic Control Shelly Hopins)

    -1 15:14:52 We are Ready to take off
    -3 15:14:58 Copy that
    -1 15:15:01 *Collision with shed*
    -3 15:15:09 Oh no GOD IT'S CO- *Sound of Groan*
    -2 15:15:14 We Collided with the building
    -1 15:15:18 Oh God *Sound of Impact with ground*
    -2 15:15:24 *Groaning*

    6 people died on ground they are
    Shelly Hopkins,28 From Minneapolis,Minnesota (Died from flying metal in building)
    Angel Carter,26 from Virginia Beach,Virginia (Died in crash after colliding with plane while driving his Mazda)
    Laura Owens,18 from Bloomfield Township,Michigan (Died in crash in ETK I Series)
    Lynn Bell,37 from Pontiac,Michigan (Died in crash in ETK I Series)
    Miyoko Gormon,42 from Latham,New York (Died from being struck by airplane while walking on highway)
    Günter Mathesius,44 from Munich,Germany (Did survive being struck by metal but died a day later in hospital)

    The Injured on ground are:
    Kathy Phillips,30 From Selby,South Dakota (Was injured by Flying Metal)
    Katherine Carter,27 From Magnolia,Arkansas (Was injured By Shattered Glass)
    Gregory Robinson,32 from Richmond,British Columbia,Canada (Was injured in crash having his 1969 Toyota Corolla crushed but somehow survived )

    The Nationalities of all 5 Crew are as followed

    Australia: 4 (Alicia,Fredrick,Beth and Pete)
    U.K :1 ( Antonia)

    Investigation: Investigators conclude Alicia did try to avoid the building according to cctv footage but crashed into the shed and turned right while crew tried to fix the turning but failed and crashed


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    • screenshot_2018-11-13_16-41-49.png
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  2. JayPlaysBeamNG

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    Sep 5, 2016
    im gonna start doing real ones

    Air Canada 143 "Gimli Glider"

    Date: July 23, 1983

    Summary: After Canada switched to metric, the ground crew accidentally used POUNDS of fuel instead of KILOGRAMS of fuel. This led to the plane running out of fuel midway through the flight, but the crew managed to glide the plane to a former RCAF airstrip, now a motor racing track.

    Site: Gimli, Manitoba, Canada

    Total fatalities: 0

    Total injuries: 10 (caused during evacuation)

    Total Survivors: 69 (All)
    The plane taxiing at SFO, 1985

    Main body :
    Aircraft ( Boeing 767 / AC143 / Air Canada / C-GAUN / 61 / 8 / )
    Investigation : It was found that due to human error, unit mistakes, and company failures had led to the fuel exhaustion.
    Aftermath : Images of plane after the crash
    finishing this later
  3. tsunamidrew

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Beaufort National Airport runway collision

    Date: November 21st,2004

    Summary: Collision

    Site: Beaufort Island, Alaska

    Total Survivors: 17 ( Plane 1)

    Total Fatalities: 4 (Plane 1) 6 (all on Plane 2) 1 (On ground) Total: 11


    CCTV image Taken before Crash:

    Aircraft 1:

    An Antonov 12 Build in 1965 for the Soviet Air Force in Vietnam but where it was damaged by U.S Troops but was repaired and after Vietnam it was bought by ROR Cargo Lines for Cargo services until 2004 in this crash

    Aircraft 2:
    An North American B-25 built in 1941 to be used in WW2 it was damaged in the war just like aircraft 2 and retired in 1948 and originally supposed to be scrap but bought by Beaufort Airlines where it had passenger service until it's destruction


    Flight 1:
    Beaufort Airlines 17 was having a passenger flight from Beaufort National Airport to West Kootenay Regional Airport, British Columbia, Canada on board there were 3 crew and 3 passengers (Most on board were Canadian) the plane was supposed to take off at 11:08 and took off to collide with ROR Cargo Airlines 04

    Flight 2:
    ROR Cargo Airlines 04 was supposed to carry pipes from Beaufort National Airport to Minsk National Airport in Minsk,Belarus on board are 11 crew and a Passenger it was originally supposed to take off at 11:17 but started at 11:07 where it collided with Beaufort Airlines 17


    Flight 1: (-1 Pilot Ivan Šavzin, -2 Co-Pilot Daniela Fiedler -3 Air Traffic Control) (Note: Translated)

    11:07:45 -3 Permission Granted
    11:07:51 -1 Copy
    11:08:43 -2 I thought that we are the only one allowed on the runway
    11:08:54 -1 Oh No!
    11:09:04 -3 Hello?
    11:09:16 *Sound Of Impact*
    11:09:18 -1 *Sounds of Screaming)
    11:09:24 -3 He's gone i think

    Flight 2:

    (-1 Pilot Ben Till, -2 Co-Pilot Jayden Young 3- Flight Attendent Nehad Sarraf -4 Air Traffic Control)
    -4 11:08:45 Permission Granted
    -1 11:08:54 Copy!
    -2 11:09:01 Hey! Traffic Control!
    -4 11:09:04 Yes?
    -2 11:09:08 We are going to die because of you
    -3 11:09:12 *Sounds of Screaming*
    -1 11:09:18 *Sound of Impact*

    all 6 on plane 2 died, 4 died on plane one and one man died on ground their names are

    Plane 1:
    Ivan Šavzin, Aged 25 (From Minsk,Belarus)
    Daniela Fielder, Aged 22 (From Munich,Germany)
    Pylyp Valentynovych Omelchenko, Aged 20 (From Kharkiv,Ukraine)
    Angela Petterson,Aged 45 (From Gothenberg,Sweden)

    The Survivors Nationalities are (Survivors unnamed because ROR Cargo Lines Refuses to release the names of staff who survived Accidents/Incidents)

    Russia, 5 (3 Male,2 female)
    Ukraine: 4 (3 Female,1 Male)
    Czech Republic:1 (Male)
    Slovakia:2 (Both Female)
    Belarus: 3 (2 Female,One Male)
    Canada:1 (Male)
    Latvia:1 (Female)

    Plane 2:
    Ben Till,Aged 32 (From Edmonton,Alberta,Canada)
    Jayden Young, Aged 51 (From Toronto,Ontario,Canada)
    Nehad Sarraf,Aged 35 (From Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island,Canada) (note had Egyptian-Canadian Dual Citizenship)
    Xavier Griffin,aged 19 (From Astoria,Oregon,U.S.A)
    Ian Scott,Aged 30 (From Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada)
    Rébecca Houde, aged 21 (From Montreal,Quebec,Canada)

    One Man was killed on the ground after an engine wing from the B-25 pierced his heart his name is:
    Malcolm Brook,49 (From Hofoarsandr, Beaufort Island,Alaska)

    Investigation: Investiagtors and police determined that Air Traffic Controller Evie Butler,36 didn't pay attention to her job and caused the two planes to go on the runway and collide and was arrested



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    • screenshot_2018-11-16_16-09-58.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_16-09-31.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_16-10-15.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_16-10-25.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_16-10-41.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_16-11-09.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_16-11-37.png
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  4. tsunamidrew

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Czech Airlines 102

    Date: October 2nd,2017

    Summary: Hijacking, Collision with vehicle, Mass Murder/Suicide
    Site: Kurupae Aero Runway, New Zealand, Alexander Ovechkin Mountain Range

    Total Fatalities: 28 (Plane), 4 (Ground) Total: 26

    Total Survivors: 6 (Plane) 8 (Ground) Total: 14


    Plane in 2012:

    Police Officer Toni Arnold caught the impact of the plane with the truck on her cruiser's dashcam

    Again, An Antonov 12 built in 1964 and used for carrying Military vehicles in Vietnam and wasn't damaged and retired in 1976 and originally supposed to be scrapped but donated to Czech Airlines in 1981 and used until it's fate in 2017

    Flight: The fight originated in Karlovy Vary Airport in Czech Republic and having a Destination of Vienna International Airport in Vienna,Austria but unfortunately Antonov 12's were designed to be anti-Hjiackable and was hijacked by 14 membrs of an Hungarian Terrorist Group "Halálhíd' Or known as Death Hill in English they killed Slovak Pilot Dominik Kríž,52 and threatened to kill Polish Co-Pilot Wanda Sisak,44 Kurupae Air Control heard the Radio proving their was a hijacking and called police once the plane landed it pulled up after striking a Ibishu Pessima Cruiser and Police Trailer 3 officers were struck by the plane and one was crushed in the pessima a little later the plane did a nosedive and crashed into the Zurlong River


    (-1 Hijacker 1 2- Hijacker 2 -3 Traffic Control) *Note Translated

    14:02:14 -1 We will land do not panic people no panic
    12:02:23 -3 You do know i'm hearing you right?
    12:02:23 -2 Don't move or she dead
    12:02:39 -2 Pull Up!
    12:02:43 *sound of impact*
    12:02:54 -1 We must commit suicide
    12:03:45 *Screaming*
    12:03:56 -3 Oh..?
    12:04:05 *sound of impact*

    29 people on the plane died with only 6 survivors the nationalities of the victims are:

    Czech Republic: 6
    Hungary (Including 3 Hijackers):6

    The Survivors Nationalities are (only 3 were identified):
    Slovenia: 2 (Debora Ciglar, and an unnamed Female)
    Germany: 1 (Unnamed Male)
    Poland:1 (Hugo Stankowski)
    Slovakia: 2 (Unnamed Female and Patrik Sklenár)

    4 Police officers died on ground in the line of duty their names are:
    Arthur Sullivan,40 (Served 2 years of duty and badge number 705)
    Jake French,48 (Served 17 Years of duty and Badge number 521)
    Marlene Wong,20 (Served 1 year of duty and badge number 877)
    Trevor Morrison,24 (Served 3 years of duty and Badge number N/A and wounded in a gunfight 4 months prior)



    Ground Photos:

    Attached Files:

    • screenshot_2018-11-16_20-35-29.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_20-38-39.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_20-41-24.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_20-41-57.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_20-42-27.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_20-42-46.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_20-42-46.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-16_20-45-35.png
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  5. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017

    CFIT is an accident in which an airworthy aircraft, under pilot control, is unintentionally flown into the ground, a mountain, a body of water or an obstacle. In a typical CFIT scenario, the crew is unaware of the impending disaster until it is too late.
    In you're story, it was something we call a deliberate flight into terrain / mass murder suicide.

  6. tsunamidrew

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Here's another incident of Mass Murder/Suicide

    Egyptair Flight 203

    Date:June 31st,1993

    Summary: Mass Murder/Suicide

    Site: Beaufort Island,Alaska

    Total Fatalities:24 (On plane) 2 (On ground) 5 (Skydiving) Total:31

    Total Survivors: 1 (2 Initially) 15 (On ground) 10 (Skydiving) Total: 24


    Plane Taking off on day of Crash:

    Plane nosediving taken by a Swiss Skydiver Nina Risch (her husband Alex was struck and injured):

    Photo taken by Mike Caldwell right before being killed:

    Aircraft: an Antonov 12 build in 1964 but not used by the Soviets at all it was donated to Egyptair since the soviets didn't want to use the aircraft it was used until it's fate in 1993

    Flight: The Plane took off at 11:57 A.M at Beaufort National Airport on Beaufort Island,Alaska with a Destination of Cairo,Egypt the pilot was Gyasi Kassab,34 who had depression and never used therapy he decided to end it all along with other 33 passengers and crashed into a forest area near the airfield while nosing down a skydiving team of 15 were skydiving and 3 were caught by the engines, 1 was struck by the nose of the plane and 1 did survive being struck but lost his parachute and fell to his death 4 were struck and survived and 6 weren't struck. A graduation party of 17 from Beaufort Island High School were celebrating in the woods/beach and witness the plane crash land 2 were struck and killed, 11 were injured and 4 weren't struck

    CVR -1 Kassab -2 Co-Pilot Nizaar al-Dada, -3 Traffic Control -4 Cessna (Skydiving Plane) *Note Translated
    11:56:47 -3 Permission Granted
    11:56:54 -1 10-4 Copy
    11:57:29 -1 this is your pilot we are going to the ground goodbye everyone
    11:;57:34 -2 Hey no stop you aren't going to do this
    11:57:45 -4 Something just hit our skydivers
    11:57:52 -3 What's going on
    11:58:45 *sound of impact*

    34 on board died their nationalities are as follow (one passenger Estella Manfredonia,23 did survive but died just minutes from impact the sole survivor is Canadian Citizen Kevin Law,33)

    Killed (plane):
    Egypt :23
    South Korea:1
    Cameroon/Switzerland : 1

    like mentioned earlier 5 skydivers died they are:
    Aubrey Hudson,38 (Struck by Plane Nose) (American)
    Sam Nicholson,27 (Cut By plane Engine) (Had Canadian/Irish Dual Citizenship)
    Rinku Darlami,22 (Cut by Plane Engine) (Nepali)
    Caleb Hogan,30 (Cut By Plane Engine) (American)
    Joshua Hogan,30 (Lost Parachute and fell ) (American) *Note twin brother of Caleb Hogan)

    The Two People killed in the Graduation party on ground are:
    Mike Caldwell,18 (Struck by Plane)
    Lynda Lloyd,18 (Was cut by plane engine and bled to death)

    The Surviving Skydivers nationalities are:
    United States: 3 (2 Female,1 Male) ( 1 uninjured, 2 Injured ) Names: Mary Joseph, Linda Myers, Otis Till (Otis and Linda injured)
    Japan/South Korea: 1 (Male and not injured) Name: Edamura Matabei
    Belarus:2 (Both Male and both uninjured) Names: Uladzislaŭ Praškovič, Yakiv Azhur
    Switzerland:2 (A married couple and male injured) Names: Alex and Nina Risch (Alex Injured)
    Poland: 2 (Both Female and 1 injured) Names Paula Stec,Zygfryd Mostowski (Paula Injured)

    The Graduation party survivors are as follow:
    United States: 12 (9 Injured, Rest uninjured) (7 Female, 5 Male)
    South Africa *Exchange Student (Male and Injured)
    Australia* Exchange Student (Female and uninjured)
    Japan *Exchange Student (Male and injured)

    Investigation: as mentioned earlier Kossab didn't use therapy or medicine to cure his depression and stick to his depression which caused him to commit suicide and mass murder EgyptAir now has a policy for pilots with depression to at least use medicine or have some sort of therapy


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    • screenshot_2018-11-17_10-36-45.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-17_10-37-39.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-17_10-38-58.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-17_10-39-24.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-17_10-40-16.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-17_10-42-18.png
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  7. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    - Fatal Accident involving a North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber in Roane County, Tennessee on July 6th, 1950.

    Date : 6 / July / 1950
    Site : Roane County, Tennessee
    Summary : CFIT, Pilot error
    Aircraft Type : North American B-25 Mitchell
    Operator : United States Air Force
    Registration : 47-134895
    Crew : 7
    Fatalities : 7 (all)
    Survivors : 0 (1 initially)
    Phase : En-route
    Nature : Training
    Departure Airport : Roane County Airfield, TN, USA
    Destination Airport : Roane County Airfield, TN, USA
    Damage : Destroyed
    Narrative : The B-25 was on a training flight when it flew into a mountain located in the Roane County's mountain range nearby a small town. All 7 crew members killed, aircraft written off.
    The accident was investigated by the Civil Aviation Safety Board because the AF's probable cause did not include alot of factors related to the crash.

    - Original Report : "The crew encountered thick fog during a training flight, which caused the aircraft to fly into a mountain."
    - Civil Aviation Safety Board Report :
    The Civil Aviation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the accident as the following:
    "The Captain's decision to execute an aerobatic manoeuvre during a training flight in adverse weather conditions, this is resulted in a Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) during the 360 degree manoevure."

  8. tsunamidrew

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Caribbean Pacific Airlines 56
    Date: January 15th,1998
    Summary: Pilot Error
    Site: Jungle Rock Field,Hawaii,U.S.A
    Total Fatalities:10 (All)
    Total Survivors: 2 (On Ground)


    Aircraft taken before Crash:

    Aircraft: An North American B-25 Mitchell built in 1941 for to fight in WW2 it had the Registration of 48-391328 it was damaged by Japanese Forces in September 1943 and retired after WW2 ended it was bought by Caribbean Airlines 56 two days before planning for scraping i was used for passenger services until it's fate in 1998

    Flight: The Flight was from Jungle Rock Runway on Jungle Rock Island, Hawaii,U.S.A With a Destination of George F.l Charles Airport in Saint Lucia a Island Country in the Caribbean with 3 crew Two Saint Vincent and one Barbadian and 7 passengers the Pilot Jaydee Tyler,19 of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines who had 168 hours of experience tried to correct a failed take off but turned left and crashed into trees the plane caught fire and killed everyone on board and injured two security who were patroling

    CVR (-1 Pilot Tyler, Co Pilot Aikira Montgomery -3 Traffic Control)
    14:45:04 -3 Permission Granted Flight 56
    14:45:12 -2 Try to pull up
    14:45:17 *sound of bump*
    14:45:24 -1 I'm trying to correct
    14:45:35 -1 We turning righ-
    14:45:41 *sound of impact*
    14:45:47 -3 I know their dead

    The nationalities of the victims are:
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:3 (Jaydee Tyler,19, Aikiria Montgomery,38 and Melah Manning,34)
    Trinidad And Tobago:1 (Barrington Jaffray,39)
    Barbados:1 (Teja Renny,44)
    Antigua and Barbuda:2 ( Tawanda Bailey,17 Serek Bailey,25)
    Dominica :1 (Jamaal Parry,27)
    Martinique (France):1 (Théophile Soyer,58)
    Guadeloupe (France) :1 (Angélique Bonnel,44)

    The Two injured security staff are:
    Tina Rowe,36 had injuries to both arms, Chest, Ribs, Left leg and Hip (From Honolulu,Hawaii)
    Victor Farmer,32 had injuries to Right arm, Both Legs, Stomach and was blind in one eye (From Alamo,California)

    Investigation: it was ruled that Tyler had no idea how to correct a landing bump while taking off and incorrectly turned left causing the crash


    Photo of plane before impact:


    --- Post updated ---
    Here's another incident of Skydivers being struck by a Plane
    Automation Car Transporter 01
    Date: March 1st,2012
    Summary: Skydiver Strike,CFIT
    Site: Alexander Ovechkin Mountain Range,New Zealand
    Total Fatalities: 1 (Plane) 2 (Skydivers) Total:3
    Total Survivors:3 (Plane) 19 (Skydivers) Total:22

    Same Plane Taken in 2009:

    Photo taken by Skydiver Spencer West, Before being struck and injured by the plane (Gopro)

    Aircraft: An Antonov 12 build in 1959 used by the Soviet Air force in Vietnam war and wasn't damaged it was used by Automation Car Transporter when it was bought by Automation in 1988 and till the end in 2012

    Flight: the flight consisted of Four Crew Ernest Ryan,49, Sheri Ortega,43, Bonnie Singleton,35 and Jacquelyn Leonard,21 the plane was carrying Automation cars from New Zealand to the Czech Republic as an import with the destination as Marianske Lazne Airport it took off at Kurupae Aero Runway at 11:56 and 2 minutes in the flight the plane struck 8 skydivers injuring 6 and killing 2 the plane turned right after the engines were failed and the plane crashed into the mountains killing Bonnie Singleton and injuring the others

    CVR (-1 Pilot Ernest Ryan -2 Co-Pilot Jacquelyn Leonard -3 Air Traffic Control)
    -3 11:55:49 Permission granted to take off Flight 01
    -1 11:55:56 Copy
    -1 11:56:25 were are taking off
    -2 11:56:35 What are those falling from the sky
    -1 11:56:41 Those are skydivers
    -2 11:56:47 We have to avoid them
    -2 11:58:14 Oh no we will hit them
    11:58:16 *sound of screaming*
    -1 11:58:28 Oh god no!
    11:58:35 *sound of engines failing*
    11:58:39 oh no!
    11:59:04 *Sound of Impact*

    Bonnie Singleton was killed on impact with ground she was the first Female Automation employee to die while working since 2006 the rest were injured all crew were New Zealander (Or Kiwi)

    The two skydivers killed are:
    Xeric Morrison,28 (Sliced by engine) From Lagos,Nigeria
    Nicholas Russell,33 (Struck by plane and died after landing) From Edmonton,Alberta,Canada

    The Nationalities of the surviving Skydivers are:
    New Zealand:8 (names Eva Cooper,34 Lily Edwards,26 Maya Palmer,45, Unnamed 32 year old Male, Noah Edwards,18) all not injured
    United States:3 (Names: Toby Porter,27 Jude Watts,35 and Michael Wilkinson,44) Jude and Michael Injured
    United Kingdom:4 (names: Spencer West,27, Aryan Barnes,41, Vincent Woods,19 and Diana Owen,37) Spencer and Vincent Injured
    Ireland:2 (Names: Emmeline Newman,25 and an unnamed 44 year old Female) unnamed female injured
    Nigeria:1 (Name: Veya Morrison) is widow of Xeric Morrision and not injured
    Canada:1 (Name: Tobias Cowan,20) lost parachute from plane but landed in power lines breaking his fall making him have minor injuries

    Investigation: It was determent that Ernest ignored attention to stay low to avoid the skydivers he was charged with 3 counts of manslaughter and sentenced 10 years


    Emmeline took a photo showing the plane fall to the ground:

    Aftermath photos:


    Attached Files:

    • screenshot_2018-11-20_17-19-04.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_17-19-35.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_17-20-17.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_17-21-14.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_17-21-49.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_17-22-26.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_17-26-31.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_18-58-43.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_18-59-41.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_18-59-59.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_19-00-48.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_19-02-39.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-20_19-03-16.png
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  9. tsunamidrew

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Automation Car Transport 09
    Date: December 11th,2014
    Summary: Hijacking
    Fatalities: 3 (Plane) 2 (Ground) total:5
    Survivors: 2 (Plane 3 initally) 2 (Ground) Total:2


    Drone Photo of Plane taken before Hijacking/Shooting

    Aircraft: An Antonov 12 built in 1971 and used for Car Transportation services for Lada it had a incident in 1992 when the plane broke it's top landing gear when landing but repaired it was donated to Automation after retiring from Lada in 1998 it landed safely and continued service to this very day

    Flight: at 2:40 AM the plane consisting of 5 Crew, who are all male, 3 from United Kingdom and 2 from Belgium after taking off Grooved Valley National Airport after a refuel the flight originated at Automation Test in New Zealand when suddenly a Former Automation Employee named Amy Mason,33 who was fired from Automation a week prior went out of her hiding spot and shot at Joshua Parker,19 and Victor D’Hoe,27 who were repairing damages of a vehicle Amy shot a total of 7 Rounds into the two 1 shot D'Hoe, 3 shot Parker and 3 missed she moved on to the cab and found Pilot Mark Harvey,23 Co-Pilot Aarav Doyle,31 and Flight Engineer Ryan Dereumaux,39 she shot a total of 11 shots 6 hit Doyle, 2 hit Dereumaux,1 hit Harvey and 2 missed she took the 3 remaining Crew (Doyle initially Survived the shooting) Amy then landed the plane where 4 police officers Louis Clark,34, Paul Peters,28 , Karla Powers,21 and Patrick Woodward This caused a gunfight and 3 of the officers were shot killing 1 and Officer Powers shot and killed Mason

    CVR (-1 Pilot Mark -2 Co-Pilot Aarav -3 Engineer Ryan -4 Amy)
    2:45:09 *Gunfire*
    2:45:14 -1 Mayday we are under attack
    2:45:18 -3 (In French) Hide!
    2:45: 23 *Gunfire*
    2:45:29 -4 Shut up and follow my orders
    2:45:24 -1 No! Plea- *Gunshot*
    2:45:27 -2 We will just please!
    2:45:31 -4 Good! just shut up
    2:45:38 -4 we will land the plane to finish all of you
    2:45:41 -3 (Muffled) You won't get away with this (Gunshot)
    2:45:47 (Plane Ends and audio ends)

    Deaths: Like mentioned earlier Aarav died after the plane landed, Victor was shot in the head and killed and Mark was killed from the gunfire the two survivors are Ryan and Joshua . one of the Officers Paul Peters was shot and killed by Amy and like said earlier Amy was shot and killed by Officer Karla Powers

    Investigation: It was revealed by Amy's Boyfriend Adan O'Neill that Amy was angry when she was fired from her job at Automation after being late several times and decided to take revenge this is the 2nd worst lost of Automation Employees related to Homicide in 2009 A shooting took place at the Headquaters in New Zealand where 7 Were Killed and 2 Injured


    Photo taken by Drone after Hijacking



    Attached Files:

    • screenshot_2018-11-23_11-53-50.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-23_11-55-18.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-23_12-04-31.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-23_12-04-43.png
  10. Tuner from America

    Tuner from America
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    Mar 30, 2018
    Date: November 17th 1989

    Summary : A USSR spy plane was busy taking High Resolution photo's of a nearby American Military base at around 25,000 FT above sea level when the rear rudder of the aircraft fell off of the plane due to the poor quality of soviet grade sheet metal, thus causing the pilot to lose control sending the plane into a downward spiral before crashing into a quiet Californian Neighborhood.

    Site : Horizon Estates, Belasco California

    Total fatalities : 15

    Total injuries : 426

    Total Passengers: 16

    Total Survivors :1
    Images : screenshot_2018-11-24_22-16-53.png
    Main body : Cargo Plane
    Aircraft : Antonov AN-12B
    Investigation : The FBI, And NNTSB were involved and helped in the process of determining of how the plane crashed
    Aftermath : The Plane caused 15,000,000$ dollars in damage with wings and equipment falling onto homes, cars, and major highways. Home owners and witnesses were also hit by falling objects causing in some cases major injuries. The only person to survive on the plane was a Radio operator but he was nowhere to be found, locals say they saw a man running away from the wreckage with a red star on his jacket. Police are still looking for the man ( They later found him on March 3rd 1994 trying to purchase explicit items at a gas station located in Roane County, Tennessee )
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    Apr 5, 2016
    Soviet Airforce 29 "Воздушный шар"
    Date: July 31st,1983
    Summary: CFIT

    Plane before Crashing:

    Aircraft: An Antonov 12 built in 1971 and used by the Soviet Force it was damaged in 1977 but repaired but met it's fate

    Flight: The flight took of at 1:20 PM 4th Air Army Base in Rostov-on-Dov,Russian SFSR (Now Russian Federation) with 6 Soldiers, Commander Sigalov Kondrati Vladimirovich, General Vanzin Zinoviy Ruslanovich and Pilot Zhvikova Veronika (Vera) Semyonovna (Used to be a Air Show Pilot) With a Destination of an Unknown military base in Czechoslovakia an Hour and 20 minutes in the flight the plane suffered issues and nosedived to the ground to a Apartment complex in Warsaw 9 inside were killed and 2 were killed outside the complex a nearby driver took a photo of the plane before impact on his camera all on board are killed

    CVR (-1 Pilot Zhvikova -2 Unknown)
    3:42:49 -1 We have a problem
    3:42:54-2 It's better we emergancy land somewhere
    3:42:58 -1 I'm trying to find somewhere
    3:43:08 -1 Can someone hear me we are having problems
    3:43:15 -1 No! no one can hear me Christ!
    3:43:21 -1 Well don't stand there do something
    3:43:28 -2 Why are we going down?
    3:43:34 -2 NO! don't
    3:43:31 (Sound of Crash)

    All on board were killed
    Pilot Zhvikova Veronika (Vera) Semyonva,46
    Commander Sigalov Kondati Vladimirovich,47
    General Vanzin Zinoviy Ruslanovich,43
    Ibragimov Kusma (Kusya) Sergeyevich,29
    Valyantsin Lastoǔsk,23
    Klaŭdzya Kryžanoǔskaja,18
    Inna Leontiyivna Kostyuchenko,45
    Patrik Zima,69
    Polacheva Tatiana (Tanya) Yaroslavovna,33
    Unknown Female Around 34-45

    11 were killed in the apartment building and Ground their names are:
    Świętosława Slimak,23 (Polish)
    Kalina Walska,19 (Polish)
    Arnold Para,15 (Polish)
    Max Scatz,21 (East German)
    Lomovtseva Miloslava Antonovna,22 (Soviet)
    Juna Fries,12 (East German) (Outside Building)
    Dostovalova Daria (Dasha) Denisovna,37 (Soviet)
    Florian Muchow,41(Polish)
    Walter Kott,24(Polish) (Outside Building)

    Two people on ground were injured:
    Were Tuska,24 (Polish) (Was inside Apartment Building)
    Tyler Timothy,20 (American) (Outside Apartment Building)


    Image taken by nearby car passenger

    Image taken by News Chopper


    Attached Files:

    • screenshot_2018-11-25_10-56-45.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-25_10-58-44.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-25_11-09-54.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-25_11-03-12.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-25_11-05-38.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-25_11-06-36.png
    • screenshot_2018-11-25_11-07-08.png
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    Apr 5, 2016
    Is Roblox Allowed for Plane Crashes on this thread or is it offtopic?
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    Jan 31, 2017
    - Fatal accident involving a Private North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber at Crimson Valley, USA, on January 6th, 1956.

    Date : 6 / January / 1956
    Site : Utah, USA
    Summary : Structure failure, Loss of control
    Aircraft Type : North American B-25 Mitchell
    Operator : Private
    Registration : N1395D
    Crew : 2
    Passengers : 4
    Survivors : 0
    Fatalities : 6 (all)
    Phase : En-route
    Nature : Private
    Departure Airport : Private Airstrip (Location Unknown)
    Destination Airport : So Cal Nevada Interstate Airbase (Airport now), Nevada, USA
    Damage : Destroyed
    Narrative :
    The aircraft crashed into the top of a mountain during flight and was completely destroyed. All 6 occupants perished.
    The crew over relied on the aircraft pitch trim system, (it was set to 15, which was insufficient) thus causing the aircraft to descent and gain speed. Furthermore, the crew's lack of experience with the aircraft caused it to experience severe structure failures.
    ex USAF during the 1940s, bought by a business man in 1952, written off 1956.

    - Cause :
    • The crew's over reliance on the aircraft pitch trim system, which resulted in an in-flight descent below the safe altitude and structure failure. Contributing factors were the crew's lack of experience with the aircraft type.

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Beamng.Fly 38293
    Date: September 8th,2011
    Summary: Pilot Error
    Fatalities: 89 (All)

    Photo of Plane in 2007 (Sadly no photos of Aftermath)

    Plane: A Boeing 837 built in 2004 and was used by Beamng.Fly after built it was the only Boeing plane used by Beamng.fly of course it meet it's fate in 2011

    Flight: The Plane took off at Belasco County International Airport at 11:37 AM With 8 passengers and 81 Passengers with a Destination Of Sydney Airport in Sydney,Australia most of the passengers consisted of Australians 1,700 miles off the coast of Australia the pilots were flying through terrible storm weather and can't see what's in front of them Pilot Malcolm Vieth,37 with 60,000 Flying Hours tries to increase altitude but lost control and plummeted to the ocean killing everyone on board

    CVR (-1 Pilot Malcolm -2 Co-Pilot Dwight Steele)
    16:37:38 -1 Sh*t this storm is terrible isn't there anything we can do
    16:37:46 -2 Let's try to pull up
    16:37:51 -1 I'm Trying
    16:37:56 -1 crap we aren't getting many power
    16:38:03 -2 look's like we are going down
    16:38:08 -1 we are all going to die
    16:38:13 -1 Trying to pull up again, look's like we are going to hit the ocean
    16:38:16 -2 N- *Sound of impact*

    All 89 on board were killed their nationalities are as follows:
    Australia:43 (All crew, 35 Passengers)
    Indonesia: 24
    Philippines: 13
    United States :4
    United Kingdom:1

    Investigation: It's determined Malcolm tried to pull the plane up but stalled and tried to pull up again and crashed

    Attached Files:

    • screenshot_2018-12-15_10-09-51.png
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    Jan 31, 2017
    - Fatal accident involving a PPLC Air North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber in Green Valley, USA, on September 15th, 1965.

    Date : 15 / September/ 1965
    Site : Green Valley, USA
    Summary : Stall due to pilot error
    Aircraft Type : North American B-25 Mitchell
    Operator : PPLC Air
    Registration : N9438BG
    Crew : 4
    Passengers : 4
    Survivors : 1
    Fatalities : 7
    Injures : 1 (critical)
    Phase : En-route
    Nature : Private
    Departure Airport : Green Valley, exact location unknown
    Destination Airport : Green Valley, exact location unknown
    Damage : Destroyed
    Narrative :
    The crew were flying over the hills in Green Valley for sightseeing and photography reasons, the left wing dropped violently and the aircraft entered a flat spin.
    The B-25 impacted a tree and the ground in a flat position, all occupants, but the co-pilot, were killed.
    It was determined that the aircraft entered a flat spin about 6-7 seconds before the initial impact.

    - 2018 Investigation :
    The accident was investigated by The "Vintage aircraft accidents team" who works with the Nevada Air Transportation Safety Board. It was understood that the aircraft did not experience any technical difficulties before the crash, and the investigators concluded that the probable cause as the following:
    • The pilot flying failure to maintain speed and control while conducting a low altitude photography maneuver, this resulted in a quick and sudden flat spin/stall in which recovery from was impossible. Contributing factors were (1) The operator's decision to operate the B-25 for low altitude related flights (2) The co-pilot's failure to monitor the instruments.
    This accident was a part of the "Vintage Aircraft Accident Investigations" conducted by the NATSB.

    Computer generated photo of the impact

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    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    - Fatal Accident involving a North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber near Italy Airport, Italy, on February 15th, 1958.

    Date : 15 / February / 1958
    Site : near Italy Airport, Italy
    Summary : Insufficient Climb,
    Aircraft Type : North American B-25 Mitchell
    Operator : United States Air Force
    Registration : 47-91438
    Crew : 7
    Fatalities : 4
    Survivors : 3
    Phase : Take-off
    Nature : Training
    Departure Airport : Italy Airport, IT
    Destination Airport : Italy Airport, IT
    Damage : Destroyed
    Narrative :
    The B-25 was on a training flight in Italy with 7 crew members. On the 15th of February, 1958, the bomber was expressing difficulties to climb from the Italy located in Italy, the first take off was abandoned.
    A Photographer at the end of the runway captured the bomber when after it barely missed the airport's fence. "It flew so close, I thought I was gonna get hit", the photographer said.
    The B-25's climb rate was slow, the pilots knew they wouldn't miss the hill that was facing the runway. The crew raised the nose, and the tail hit the hill.

    The B-25 went out of control and it crashed into 2 factories, bursting into flames. Four crew members were fatally injured, all 3 cockpit members survived with serious injures.

    - Cause :
    "The engines were not giving enough power for a safe take off, though the reason for this couldn't be determined. A Contributing factor was the crew's decision to fly straight into the hill instead of ditching/turning."

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Scandinavian Airlines 893
    Aircraft Type: Antonov 12
    Date: December 15th,1988
    Summary: Engine Failure/Fire,Pilot Error
    Site: Alta De Pueblo Island,Italy
    Fatalities: 67 (All)
    Registration: 17-238A
    Phase: Take Off,En Route
    Nature: Public
    Origin: Celbo Airport,Alta De Pueblo Island,Italy
    Destination: Stockholm Arland Airport ,Sweden
    Damage: Destroyed
    Scandinavian Airlines 893 (Registration 17-238A) Took off at Celbo Airport at Alta De Pueblo Island in Italy With 59 Passengers and 8 Crew (who 5 Were Swedish and other three Danish) The Pilot is Ella Bergström,36 has 13,000 Hours of Experience and the Co-Pilot is Janus Christoffersen,43 with 3,930 Hours of Experience. Two minutes in the flight the engine for an unknown reason catch fire causing a trail in the sky pilot Bergström tries to find somewhere to land and panicking the plane turns to the right towards the Pinto Mountains and crash into the vinetrees the impact fatally injures everyone. The Crash remains the deadliest plane crash in Alta De Pueblo Island History,

    The Nationalities of everyone on board are:
    Sweden: 34
    United Kingdom:5
    United States:2

    The Cause of the Engine Failure is still unknown but it's believed that the fuel catch fire after mechanical failure leading to the loss of Hydraulics and Electrical System


    News Chopper Camera Photo:


    Attached Files:

    • screenshot_2018-12-24_10-50-11.png
    • screenshot_2018-12-24_10-56-28.png
    • screenshot_2018-12-24_10-56-58.png
    • screenshot_2018-12-24_10-58-44.png
    • screenshot_2018-12-24_10-59-05.png
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    Jan 31, 2017
    Photos for a *big* story.

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    Jan 31, 2017
    Air Metro Flight 7341
    Air Metro Flight 7341 was a domestic scheduled passenger flight from Salt Lake International Airport, Utah, to the So Cal Nevada Interstate Airport in Nevada. On the 25th of June, 1962, the flight was being operated by a Civilian converted North American B-25 Mitchell when it crash landed in a field less than a mile near the destination airport, killing 4 and injuring 6. The crash was called a major event because Air Metro operated those B-25 for over 7 years without any fatal accidents. One of the largest investigation in the history of Nevada was launched, and many safety recommendations were suggested by board.

    - Air Metro :
    Air Metro was a regional airline that operated short- and medium-haul routes, the airline started operations back in 1954 with four DC-3s, in 1955, over 15 abandoned B-25s, and many other WW2 medium sized bombers were purchased by the airline. In 1960, the Air Metro started buying other small regional airlines and 2 small airlines that operate international routes.
    The B-25s used by the airline were used from 1955 until the late 1970s, two aircraft are still in operation, they are used for historical flights around the country.
    The crash of flight 7341 was the first fatal loss of a B-25 for the airline, there were many complains about the old aircraft after the accident, but a huge safety operation was conducted by the FAA and the airline was allowed to (still) operate the B-25s.
    - Flight :

    The flight departed from Salt Lake International Airport in Utah, heading directly to the So Cal Airport with no fuel stops.
    The flight was being operated with a North American B-25 Mitchell, registration N7341BG, that was built in 1945, the plane had its last maintenance check 4 days before the accident flight, as it was not used in these 4 days.
    The aircraft had logged more than 10.000 hours before the accident flight.
    The crew that day consisted of 3 people, the captain, who was a retired Air Force pilot, his co-pilot, who got his license in 1958 and the navigator, who was seated in the nose section, he was a navigator in WW2. The captain had more than 15.000 hours flying, almost 11000 of them were in the B-25. The co-pilot only flew the DC-3 before getting trained to fly the B-25 after joining Air Metro, he had about 4000 hours. The navigator had 9000 hours and he was an experienced man.
    The aircraft carried 8 passengers, they were all business workers from Nevada who work in Utah. One of them was an "Air Metro - Utah" flight attendant.
    The plane toke off without any problems from Utah, but bad weather was waiting for them in Nevada, the crew didn't expect this so they decided to do the straight in routine approach.
    - Approach and Crash :
    The pilot contacted the ATC of the So Cal Airport, he asked him about weather conditions, the ATC reported that heavy fog was present around the airport with high winds. The crew didn't abandon their approach plan and continued it normally.
    When the plane reached 4000 feet, the crew felt a "metal crush sound" coming from the right side, the co-pilot looked at the engine, but everything seemed normal. The plane veered of the approach course to the right because the crew were discussing the possibilities of the sound.
    The plane stayed at 4000 feet, the crew decided to abandon their approach when they heard the noise again, the co-pilot looked at his wing and he saw the wing tip breaking off the structure. The captain looked at the wing tip before it separated. The wing tip flew over the fuselage and hit the right elevator/rudder part. The plane started a steep descending right bank, the captain toke over the controls and informed the ATC about the problem and told him that they were going to crash land in an open field.
    The crew lowered the gears, prepared the flaps and changed the engine power to Idle. The plane impacted field terrain less than a mile from the runway in a flat position, it continued and came to the rest up a hill facing the hill located right next to the runway.

    - Rescue :
    The plane hit the ground not far from a road, eyewitnesses arrived at the scene and helped passengers to get out of the plane, both pilots were seriously injured, but they helped with rescuing the passengers. Emergency personal arrived a few minutes later.
    It was initially reported that all 11 occupants survived, but the navigator and 3 passengers passed away in the hospital due to the injures sustained in the crash landing.

    (The aircraft involved in the accident, seen at the So Cal Airport in 1961)
    Date : 25 / June / 1962
    Site : 0.1 mile W of the So Cal Nevada Interstate Airport, NV, USA
    Summary : Improper maintenance and Bad Weather leading to Structure Failure
    Aircraft Type : North American B-25 Mitchell
    Operator : Air Metro - Nevada
    Registration : N7341BG
    Crew : 3
    Survivors : 8
    Fatalities : 4
    Survivors : 7 (11 initially)
    Injures (non-fatal) : 7 (6 serious, 1 minor)
    Phase : Approach
    Nature : Domestic Scheduled Passenger
    Departure Airport : Salt Lake International Airport, UT
    Destination Airport : So Cal Nevada Interstate Airport, NV
    Flight Number : 7341

    - Investigation :
    The investigators arrived at the scene a few hours after the crash, an investigator reported that one of the tail control surfaces was missing alongside the wing tip of the right wing, a preliminary report was released a week after the crash. The final report was released 1 year and a half later in 1963-1964.
    An investigator interviewed all survivors (including the pilots), everyone reported that the right wing tip separated and hit the right rudder causing a total loss of control, the missing parts were found 2 days after the initial crash by a police officer, the wreckage was moved to a hangar at the nearby airport for further examination.
    An examination of the aircraft engines revealed no faults, all major parts of the aircraft were examined, but there were no signs of fatigue or an electrical failure.
    The crew went to Salt Lake International to meet the maintenance workers who examined the plane before its last flight, a review of the worker's hours list revealed that the last maintenance check was conducted 4 days before the crash. The investigators watched the way Air Metro workers repair their B-25s, it was revealed that they use a small truck to ship the new items and move the older ones, the investigators concluded that the truck most likely hit the right wing tip during the last maintenance check, and that the maintenance workers didn't know that the damage was so severe to stop the aircraft operations, the plane was moved to a repairing facility, and the right wing tip was taped and the aircraft was considered as "able to fly".
    An FAA inspector was checking aircraft at the day of the accident flight, Air Metro called the pilots and told them to take off as fast possible.
    When the FAA inspector arrived, the crew were preparing to taxi, the inspector conduced a "fast" check around the airplane, but he didn't notice the right wing tip damage, and the aircraft was cleared to fly.
    It was also concluded that the pilots received a check list that didn't mention the right wing tip damage.
    The investigators interviewed the Air Metro workers, and they said that the airline was growing so fast, and the owner wanted as much flights as possible, so minor damages like the one from N7341BG was not repaired properly.
    In their final report, the Civil Aviation Safety Board Determines that the probable cause of the accident as the following:
    • An in-flight separation of the right wing tip, which hit the right rudder/elevator tab, subsequently causing the sudden uncontrollable bank. The detachment of the wing tip was as a result of improper maintenance repairs by Air Metro workers after a minor incident with a truck.
    Contributing factors:
    • Bad weather conditions at the time of the accident.
    • The failure of the FAA inspector to notice the right wing damage due to lack of inspection time as the plane was ready for taxi.
    • The failure of Air Metro to provide their pilots with check lists showing any damage that happened to the aircraft.
    Also contributing to the safety of the passengers was:
    • The crew's good CRM work and ability to maintain control of the aircraft following a sudden descending right bank.
    Computer generated photos by the NATSB in the accident's anniversary:

    Aftermath :
    Both pilots returned to fly after a few months, many safety recommendations were published by the investigators. A Ceremony was held by Air Metro and the families of the dead.
    The accident will always be remembered as a turning point by the airline.

    - Accident Photos :

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    Apr 5, 2016
    I thought there was 11 on board (8+3=11)
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