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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic' started by BigHeadedRacer, Mar 23, 2020.

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    Sep 10, 2016
    Ok, so, I am from the U.K and the prime minister has just announced what is essentially a lockdown. It's got me thinking and I just wanna say I really wish everyone the best of health at this very tough time. I can imagine that many people at the moment feel very afraid of the current situation. The uncertainty of the future is extremely frightening, as well as the thought of vulnerable family members contracting the virus. Everyone is so scared at the moment about this situation, so I'd like to reiterate what you must do in order to prevent the spread of this virus. Please, please take this whole situation seriously. It may be tiresome but it is absolutely necessary that everyone washes their hands arriving at work or home, before eating, after being in public, and whenever else you feel it is necessary. Do not touch your face. Practice good social distancing, e.g. do not touch others and keep your distance, 2 metres. Stay at home unless it is absolutely essential. The number of people that were still going out over the weekend disgusted me. How can someone even be so selfish like that? People need to realise the severity of the situation, although I'm sure that everyone in this community is sensible enough to do everything above. But for the sake of the vulnerable and everyone, please keep to the rules, even if your country hasn't put strict rules in place yet, just stay indoors. Please.
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