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Razer Superlight Mk2 (Automation)

Discussion in 'Automation' started by SRT_Gamer, Oct 18, 2020 at 11:38 AM.

  1. SRT_Gamer

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    Jun 24, 2020
    This is the second generation of the Razer Superlight. The first generation was introduced in 1985 and was sold in 35000 Units, most of them were I4T Versions. But Razer ran out of Money and got bought by Gavril US. In 1996, the new Boss of Gavril, wanted to introduce a new Razer Superlight. The new Superlight was based on the Gavril Roadsport Concept from 1994, and had no racing or rally version. The base Model was now a naturally aspired V6 with 200 HP, the mid-range model had a 288 HP V6 Twin Turbo under the hood. The ultimate Razer Superlight Mk2 was introduced in 1999. It was a V8 model. With a VERY big Spoiler and a "little" Diffusor. Until the production end in 2004 were 56000 Units produced. This Mod also contains a V6TT Custom Edition. The mirrors are red because i am to dumb to change it. BeamNGdrive-0202010611-RELEASE-x641810202011_29_53.png BeamNGdrive-0202010611-RELEASE-x641810202011_31_36.png BeamNGdrive-0202010611-RELEASE-x641810202011_34_02.png BeamNGdrive-0202010611-RELEASE-x641810202011_35_35.png

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