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    Feb 26, 2018
    Crash Description: Jeremy was coming back from the store in his dad's Sunburst. He wanted to have some fun so he floored it and didn't have time to stop so he crashed into some bushes by a neighbor's house. His dad immediately rushed to the scene in Jeremy's Sunburst and helped him out. Pictures were taken by locals.

    Parts Damaged: Front Suspension, bumper, rear bumper, rear left door + door hinge

    Injuries: Jeremy had a few cuts from glass, but nothing too major.

    Cost: The entire front suspension has to be rebuilt. It's totaled for sure.

    Map Used: ECUSA

    Aftermath: Jeremy was not allowed to go over 40 MPH in residential areas anymore.

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    Apr 18, 2017
    Bad and naughty drivers get r e s t r i c t e d.
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    Jun 25, 2018
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    Apr 5, 2016
    When Safety Improves, A Beamng Two Short Story Montage

    December 7th,2007
    Firwood County,Maine,U.S.A
    2:03 PM

    Ruby Hess,50 is driving a Dansworth School bus throughout Firwood County on Route 159 to bring kids home kids from school, The kids on Board are Suzette Dougherty,17, Brandon Packer, also 17, Mary Carter,15, Andrew Austin,14, and Nina Little,11 (12 kids already got off earlier) The County was covered in snow for the last 5 days and Ruby is speeding down the road but today isn't a safe day and it's snowing hard. Ruby loses control of the bus and crashes into a tree

    Ruby had serious injuries, Suzette,Mary and Andrew had Minor injuries and Brandon and Nina walked away with no injuries

    Car used:
    Dansworth D2500

    Map used:
    East Coast,U.S.A

    at the Hospital Suzetta,Mary and Andrew confirmed that Ruby was speeding so after she recovered she was fired from her Bus Driving Job after 13 years. Due to the Safety Check of Dansworth Buses all Five on board survived


    ....... 13 years Prior
    January 23rd,1993
    Mammoth Valley Borough,Alaska,U.S.A
    7:30 AM

    Josephine Anthony,61, A Bus driver of 33 years is driving her route 210 in her borough of Mammoth Valley. One Board are Rudolph Schmidt,14, Jean Crawford, 11 and Jonathan "Johnny" Peer,9. 10 minutes down the road is where 12 students will get on. Meanwhile Ann Locke,38 is driving to work at Mammoth Hospital in her ETK W Series Sport Model. The Bus is traveling 50 MPH in a 60 Zone while Anne is driving 20 MPH to avoid slipping. But The Bus does slip, crashes into the ETK Head on and crashes into some rocks

    Ann died on impact, Josephine died after crashing into the rocks. Rudolph initially survived the crash but died in hospital two days later from his injuries, Jean had serious injuries and Jonathan Survived with minor injuries

    Cars used:
    Dansworth D2500,ETK W Series

    Map used:
    Mammoth Valley

    Mammoth Valley then decided to salt the roads every five days a week to make sure crashes like this never happens. as of 2018 The Mammoth Valley School District still uses four Dansworth D2500 that are more safe. A Memorial was held on January 29th


    --- Post updated ---
    This is one story but still pretty cool story

    Twelve Fatalities

    Route 37, Frozen Lake,Alaska,U.S.A
    November 30th,2013
    11:38 AM

    Officer Harry Andersen, 23 is patrolling in his Gavril Grand Marshall Cruiser on Route 37 nicknamed "America's Autobahn" Since there isn't any official speed limits on Route 37. anyway on the same road the Holmes family is driving to the store in their Ibishu Covet. The Holmes family consisted of Michael,32, His wife Gloria,30, their Son Jeremy,10 and their Daughter Julie,4. Michael can't control the car and crashes into Harry's Cruiser causing the Covet to Flip over and crash on its roof. then 15 seconds later A Wentward DT40L Tour Bus carrying 11 occupants, Including driver Adrianna Kohler,41 crashes into both cars and goes off the road

    All of the Holmes Died, Officer Andersen was seriously injured but survived. Adrianna died after her bus crashed into a tree and seven passengers of the bus died. They Are:

    Jeffery Copher,19 (From Greenboro,North Carolina,U.S.A)
    Joseph Hoggan,41 (From Akron,Ohio,U.S.A)
    Jacqueline Marshall,21 (From Detroit,Michigan,U.S.A)
    Christian Egger, 17 (From Hamburg,Germany)
    Susanne Maur, 23 (From Munich,Germany)
    Alma Lund,14 (From Copenhagen,Denmark)
    Sennett Dupont,32 (From Nantes,France)

    Three Bus Occupants Survived they Are:
    Ashley Mack (From Seattle,Washington,U.S.A)
    Villad Lund (From Odense,Denmark) (Father of Alma Lund)
    Katharina Frei (From Villach,Austria)

    Map Used;
    Frozen Lake

    Cars used:
    Ibishu Covet,Wentward DT40L,Gavril Grand Marshall

    It was revealed by the three survivors that the Wentward suffered brake failure and that was the reason it plowed into the two cars. Officer Andersen continued his career and is still a police officer. There's is a Memorial to the twelve who were killed

    (More stories of Route 37 will still follow)



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    Apr 5, 2016
    Prepare for a Series
    Part One

    Canyon of Speed National Park,Utah,U.S.A
    May 3rd,2012
    8:12 AM

    Paul Couey,27, His Girlfriend Teresa Beadles,29, Paul's cousin Anthony Acklay,23 all three of Marina del Rey,California,U.S.A and Acklay's Friend George Dunn,21 of Seattle,Washington decide to go on a RV trip across country in Paul's RV "The Mountain Man" . They Stop At Canyon Of Speed National Park in Utah,U.S.A for Rest,Dinner and sleep. Paul and Teresa slept in the top bed (In the front of RV), George took the couch causing Anthony to sleep in the bathroom. The Next morning at 7:40 while The Four were still sleeping. Two Native Americans James,31 and Dawn Okhmhaka,25 somehow manage to pick the lock of the Camper Door and bust it open. Paul wakes up and starts shouting at the Okhmhaka Brothers which wakes up Teresa. James pulls out his pistol and orders the two to get on the floor. James reveals he and Dawn are part of the Awakawaka Organization, which was a terrorist group consisting of Native Americans and they were taking them as ransom. Dawn sees George sleeping and wakes George up by blindfolding, Duct taping his mouth and and Tying him to the Bed . They drive off in the RV with all the hostages in the back. The Okhmaka Brothers don't know that Anthony was in the bathroom who was hearing the situation. Anthony dials 911 and quietly talks to the operator about the situation. The RV Stops after fourteen minutes of driving and the Okhmaka brothers exit the RV.

    An Ibishu Miramar pulls up and Percy Mochni,53 leader of the Awakawaka talks to the brothers and pays them $200,000 for capturing Tourists. This Moment Anthony attempts to run for it but got caught by The Three but Anthony trips and gets handcuffed and beaten by Mochni. Monchi then puts the Four into the trunk. and helps the Okhmaka brothers to push the RV and down the ravine

    Monchi then drives down the road leaving the brothers behind and is speeding down the road. A Tasticola box van comes behind him and starts honking. Mochi realizes that the driver is Richard Apovini,37 ready to take the four to an unknown location in the van.

    Police were told to search for a 1958 Ibishu Miramar since Anthony,Paul,Teresa and George were last seen being put in the trunk and Mochi got away while the four were in the boxtruck

    To be continued.......


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    • screenshot_2019-04-15_19-32-52.png
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