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Realistic Crashes (BeamNG)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wheelie, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. @op@

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    Sep 10, 2017
    15th of september, Liberty City.
    A 20 year old unnamed driver was fatally injured in a 4 vehicle crash.
    According to witnesses the crash happened when white ETK SUV hit a Grand Marshall taxi spinning it around. The blue Covet, who had exessive overspeed tried to avoid the Grand Marshall but their rears touched sending the Covet into a spin. At the same time a black Ford Mustang was driving on the opposing lane. Mustang and Covet collided, crushing Covets passenger compartment from drives side resulting in its 20-year-old drivers fatal injuries. Mustangs front end was badly crushed and its driver, a 27-year old man and passenger, 28-year old woman being seriously hurt. Grand Marshall and ETK drivers were not injured.

    Injuries: Covet driver died on impact, Mustang occupants are still in critical condition.

    Map Used: Liberty City

    Cars: ETK 1300, GM, Mustang and Covet

    Aftermath: Only thing confirmed at this point in time is that ETK driver was on her phone and Covet had been speeding around the city earlier in the day.

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    Small offtopic edit, this was not staged, i was hooning around in that Covet and other cars were traffic AI

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  2. missionsystem

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    Oct 9, 2015
    8TH september 2019.
    A gavril roamer was travelling on a highway just out side of los injurus. A green satsuma van was driving behind at a higher speed. As the gavril was over a crest, the satssuma driver could not see them. The driver of the satsuma took their eyes off the road to look at a blucbuck behind, and hit the back of the roamer travelling 50mph.
    Injuries: Nobody in the roamer was injured, the front passenger and driver on the satsuma were unconscious and rushed to hospital, both survived but suffered from a broken arm and severe concussion. The back passenger also recieved less severe concussion and a sprained neck.

    Map Used: Los injurus

    Cars: Gavril roamer, satsuma 1000 van

    Aftermath: The satsuma was far beyond repair and was crushed. The roamer was a low value vehicle anyway and was parted at the local junkyard. neither families pressed charges, as they belived the satsuma driver had already learned their lesson.

    20191009170621_1.jpg 20191009170617_1.jpg
    20191009170629_1.jpg 20191009170625_1.jpg
  3. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    - 1999 Ford Crown Victoria, owned and operated by Garfield Smart Travels, Fatal accident occurred May 25th, 2019, in Garfield Heights, USA:

    (Remains of the car while being moved from the crash scene)

    • Location: Garfield Heights, USA
    • Date & Time: 05/25/2019, 1539 EST
    • Vehicle: 1999 Ford Crown Victoria
    • Owner/Operator: Garfield Smart Travels
    • Aircraft Damage: Destroyed
    • Defining Event: Unknown or Undetermined
    • Injuries: 1 Fatal
    • Trip Type: Personal

    - Preliminary Report:
    On May 25th, 2019, at 1539 eastern standard time, a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria, lost control and crashed into trees during a night time personal trip in Garfield Heights, USA. The sole occupant onboard sustained fatal injures, and the vehicle was destroyed by the impact forces. The vehicle was owned and operated by Garfield Smart Travels. Night visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The trip originated from the company's base and in Garfield Heights with the intended destination being the driver's home.

    There were no eyewitnesses or any camera footage for the accident. The vehicle was not equipped with any devices or cameras that might have contributed to the investigation. Several home owners reported hearing a "car driving at high speed" and "sounds of rapid wind that was followed by an impact". One home owner reported that after hearing the sound, he went to the location of the source, where he found the car between several bushes and trees. The driver was pronounced dead while being transported to a nearby hospital.

    The investigator in charge and local police did an on scene investigation of the wreckage and impact. The vehicle was transported to a secure facility for further examination.

    - Analysis:
    The driver of the vehicle was returning home after working twelve hours that day. The vehicle was driving on a two-lane roadway with the north and southbound travel lanes divided by a double yellow centerline, and the posted speed limit is 30 mph. The vehicle crossed the yellow centerline and went off the southbound lane, striking several trees as a result. The driver sustained fatal injures.

    The IIC did an on scene examination of the remains. The examination did not reveal any anomalies consistent with a preimpact failure or malfunction.
    The vehicle impacted trees with the front left from the driver's side. The impact destroyed the engine and most of the front section. The front seats section was heavily crushed by impact forces and it was determined that the crash was unsurvivable.
    The medical examiner determined that the driver died of multiple blunt force trauma injures. Toxicology testing was negative for carbon monoxide, cyanide, and ethanol. The testing was also negative for drugs in the testing profile.

    - Probable Cause and Findings:

    The Highway Accident Investigation determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:

    • The undetermined loss of control of the vehicle. Which resulted in a collision with trees.

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