Realistic Crashes (BeamNG)

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    Sep 10, 2017
    15th of september, Liberty City.
    A 20 year old unnamed driver was fatally injured in a 4 vehicle crash.
    According to witnesses the crash happened when white ETK SUV hit a Grand Marshall taxi spinning it around. The blue Covet, who had exessive overspeed tried to avoid the Grand Marshall but their rears touched sending the Covet into a spin. At the same time a black Ford Mustang was driving on the opposing lane. Mustang and Covet collided, crushing Covets passenger compartment from drives side resulting in its 20-year-old drivers fatal injuries. Mustangs front end was badly crushed and its driver, a 27-year old man and passenger, 28-year old woman being seriously hurt. Grand Marshall and ETK drivers were not injured.

    Injuries: Covet driver died on impact, Mustang occupants are still in critical condition.

    Map Used: Liberty City

    Cars: ETK 1300, GM, Mustang and Covet

    Aftermath: Only thing confirmed at this point in time is that ETK driver was on her phone and Covet had been speeding around the city earlier in the day.

    View attachment 591999 View attachment 592003 View attachment 592000 View attachment 592001 View attachment 592002

    Small offtopic edit, this was not staged, i was hooning around in that Covet and other cars were traffic AI

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    Oct 9, 2015
    8TH september 2019.
    A gavril roamer was travelling on a highway just out side of los injurus. A green satsuma van was driving behind at a higher speed. As the gavril was over a crest, the satssuma driver could not see them. The driver of the satsuma took their eyes off the road to look at a blucbuck behind, and hit the back of the roamer travelling 50mph.
    Injuries: Nobody in the roamer was injured, the front passenger and driver on the satsuma were unconscious and rushed to hospital, both survived but suffered from a broken arm and severe concussion. The back passenger also recieved less severe concussion and a sprained neck.

    Map Used: Los injurus

    Cars: Gavril roamer, satsuma 1000 van

    Aftermath: The satsuma was far beyond repair and was crushed. The roamer was a low value vehicle anyway and was parted at the local junkyard. neither families pressed charges, as they belived the satsuma driver had already learned their lesson.

    20191009170621_1.jpg 20191009170617_1.jpg
    20191009170629_1.jpg 20191009170625_1.jpg
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    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    - 1999 Ford Crown Victoria, owned and operated by Garfield Smart Travels, Fatal accident occurred May 25th, 2019, in Garfield Heights, USA:

    (Remains of the car while being moved from the crash scene)

    • Location: Garfield Heights, USA
    • Date & Time: 05/25/2019, 1539 EST
    • Vehicle: 1999 Ford Crown Victoria
    • Owner/Operator: Garfield Smart Travels
    • Aircraft Damage: Destroyed
    • Defining Event: Unknown or Undetermined
    • Injuries: 1 Fatal
    • Trip Type: Personal

    - Preliminary Report:
    On May 25th, 2019, at 1539 eastern standard time, a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria, lost control and crashed into trees during a night time personal trip in Garfield Heights, USA. The sole occupant onboard sustained fatal injures, and the vehicle was destroyed by the impact forces. The vehicle was owned and operated by Garfield Smart Travels. Night visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The trip originated from the company's base and in Garfield Heights with the intended destination being the driver's home.

    There were no eyewitnesses or any camera footage for the accident. The vehicle was not equipped with any devices or cameras that might have contributed to the investigation. Several home owners reported hearing a "car driving at high speed" and "sounds of rapid wind that was followed by an impact". One home owner reported that after hearing the sound, he went to the location of the source, where he found the car between several bushes and trees. The driver was pronounced dead while being transported to a nearby hospital.

    The investigator in charge and local police did an on scene investigation of the wreckage and impact. The vehicle was transported to a secure facility for further examination.

    - Analysis:
    The driver of the vehicle was returning home after working twelve hours that day. The vehicle was driving on a two-lane roadway with the north and southbound travel lanes divided by a double yellow centerline, and the posted speed limit is 30 mph. The vehicle crossed the yellow centerline and went off the southbound lane, striking several trees as a result. The driver sustained fatal injures.

    The IIC did an on scene examination of the remains. The examination did not reveal any anomalies consistent with a preimpact failure or malfunction.
    The vehicle impacted trees with the front left from the driver's side. The impact destroyed the engine and most of the front section. The front seats section was heavily crushed by impact forces and it was determined that the crash was unsurvivable.
    The medical examiner determined that the driver died of multiple blunt force trauma injures. Toxicology testing was negative for carbon monoxide, cyanide, and ethanol. The testing was also negative for drugs in the testing profile.

    - Probable Cause and Findings:

    The Highway Accident Investigation determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:

    • The undetermined loss of control of the vehicle. Which resulted in a collision with trees.

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    Sep 2, 2012
    Date: 20/12/2018

    Crash Description:

    - Vehicles
    The vehicle driven by Lesław Wiśniewski was a blue 1990 Ibishu Pessima. An inspection of the vehicle shows frontal damage, as well as damage to both front doors.

    The vehicle driven by Beatrycze Jasińska was a red/yellow 1988 Wentward DT40L. An inspection of the vehicle shows frontal damage, as well as damage to the front left side.

    - The Scene:

    The scene of the accident is located at road 984, between Kwatery and Wilcza Wola. The impact occoured on a hill. Speed limit on the county road is 90 km/h.

    Weather was foggy and temperature was minus 5 degrees.

    The Wentward DT40L was traveling westbound,and the Ibishu Pessima was traveling eastbound.
    The driver of the Wentward DT40L stated that she had finished a corner, when she saw the headlights of the blue Ibushu Pessima in the wrong direction of travel. She stated that she attempted to steer right, but shortly after she collided frontally with the blue Ibishu Pessima.
    The Wentward DT40L, and the blue Ibishu Pessima both came to a stop, almost immediately.

    Neither vehicles was carrying passengers.

    - Witness statement

    A taxi driven by Maciej Sawicki claimed to have been overtaken with high speed, by the blue Ibishu Pessima shortly before the accident.

    Injuries (if any):

    Ibishu Pessima driver: Death on impact.

    Wentward DT40L driver: Minor injuries.

    Map Used:

    Polish Roads 1.4


    The accident happened due to the blue Ibishu Pessima losing control, which made it end on the wrong side of the road right before crashing into the Wentward DT40L
    Tire marks from the accident scene, shows that the Ibishu Pessima was speeding. The speed has been calculated to be approximary 110-120 km/h when the vehicle lost control.
    The tire marks also shows that the blue Ibishu Pessima swerved 3 times across the two lanes, before crashing into the Wentward DT40L.

    Driver of the Wentward DT40L did not have a chance to avoid the accident.
    The course of the road, and fog ment a short amount of time to react, before the impact.


    accidentdiagram.png screenshot_2019-11-23_19-36-35.png screenshot_2019-11-23_19-36-47.png screenshot_2019-11-23_19-36-59.png screenshot_2019-11-23_19-37-11.png screenshot_2019-11-23_19-37-31.png screenshot_2019-11-23_19-38-01.png screenshot_2019-11-23_19-38-31.png screenshot_2019-11-23_19-38-39.png

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    Feb 18, 2016
    July 27th, 2019 - Somewhere in Italy.
    Near a small town in Italy, a car accident involving 3 cars occurred at about 2:08pm. 1 person had minor injuries during the car accident.
    It began when a gray Laura Ricci ran out of gas in their Ibishu Covet, and had to stop in the middle of the road. A Gavril H-Series being driven by Camillo Greco. Camillo wanted to help Laura, so he did. Everything was going okay a black Gavril T-Series carrying wood appeared. The driver, which we will keep anonymous was on their phone while driving the truck. The moment he looked up was when he saw Laura's covet in the middle of the road. The T-Series smashed into the Covet, making the driver panic and swerve to the left, hitting Marco Lombardi in his Ibishu Pessima. Marco is extremely lucky to not be dead.

    Injuries: Marco had minor injuries, and was the only one injured.

    Map Used:

    Cars: Gavril T-Series, Ibishu Pessima, Gavril H-Series, Ibishu Covet

    Aftermath: The T-Series driver was fined for 1700 euros, had his licence taken away from a month, and got fired from his job. The Pessima nearly got totaled, but the Covet was totaled off. Total repair cost was 8,300 euros.

    bandicam2019-12-0619-38-53-512.jpg Laura's Covet

    bandicam2019-12-0619-38-44-867.jpg Marco's Pessima
    bandicam2019-12-0619-39-04-630.jpg The trailer of the T-Series

    Video footage showing the car accident. First clip is from Marco's pessima, second is from Camillo's H-Series.
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    Jul 24, 2019
    July 16th 1994-Firwood,Maine
    2:16 AM
    Near the gas station off-roader driver Alex Sbsian was driving his lifted roamer,but he was driving careless crashing into a d-series driver and then he crashed into Henry Roamer I6 4WD he tried to stop but he removed the ABS,so he crashed at 40MPH,the Ambulance came nearby but it was too late,Henry sadly died one hour later.

    Injuries:Henry died because of the G-Forces and he had no seatbets,Alex had major injuries beausce he had no airbag

    Map Used:ECA

    Cars:2 Gavril Roamer,D-Series,H-Series

    Aftermath:Gavril was lawsuited $60,000,000 for not having a ABS Lockout,Alex was send to 10 Year Prison,Henry in last days told he would never a drive a SUV.

    Aftermath of the crash
  7. Crazy Killer

    Crazy Killer
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    Sep 13, 2018
    December, 7th 2019

    The Story:
    Williard and Dakota was doing a convoy with their own truck, loaded with single 20 Tonne Steel coil. They doing an convoy because their destination are the same. When they cross a bridge in Sadler George, Willard was already crossed the bridge, until he realized that the coil was detached and almost crush the cab including him, so he stopped his truck. Dakota was trying to stop, but his brake was loose because of the heavy load. Dakota hit the Williard's truck, Dakota was trying to get out from the truck quickly before the coil crush him (the coil detached right after he hit Williard's truck). But sadly, the coil roll too fast that he expected, so the coil crushed the cab, including Dakota.

    Parts of Car Critically Damaged:
    Dakota's truck Cab
    Both trucks frame (the coil makes it bended)

    Estimated Repair Cost and/or Totaled:
    Dakota's truck Totalled
    Williard's truck was fixed, costing about 900.000.00 $ (due to rare parts)

    Dakota was deceased
    Williard was fine

    Map Used:
    Sadler George

    Both vehicles are; T75 Extended frame, with a 20 metric tonne steel coil (Willard's truck is colored yellow, and Dakota's truck is colored black)

    Williard was life happily with his family, but Dakota's family was still crying about the death of Dakota

    screenshot_2019-11-30_19-04-52.png screenshot_2019-11-30_19-03-54.png screenshot_2019-11-30_19-05-34.png
    #1027 Crazy Killer, Dec 7, 2019
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  8. King Honda

    King Honda
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    Dec 31, 2015
    Location: East Coast, USA
    Date: September 24, 1993, 2:28 am
    Vehicle: 1990 Ibishu 200BX, tuned
    Occupants: David Whalin, 23 (DOB Apr-08-70)
    Damage: Total damage to front end/driver's seating area. No survival space left for driver
    Injuries: 1 MAIS-4 (severe).
    Defining event: Driving while intoxicated, BAC 0.23
    Environmental conditions: Mostly sunny, dry roads, 44 degrees F / 7 degrees C

    Newspaper article, September 28, 1993

    David Whalin knows he shouldn't be alive.

    In the wee hours of Friday morning, he was driving on a country road. His blood-alcohol level and speed were both more than twice the legal limit when he lost control and slammed into two trees at over 100 mph. His 1990 Ibishu 200BX ended up so badly damaged that one of the trees ended up in the driver's seat and the steering column was touching the seat.

    "The trunk of the tree went through right where his head would have been." said Officer Miguel Portillo, who investigated the scene Friday morning. "There wasn't even room left for a house cat in the driver's seat."

    Whalin was ejected from the car. He was found 70 feet away up a grassy hill, inches from a large oak tree. His flying body had shot through a gap in the woods, missing at least 5 trees. He was found bleeding and in severe pain minutes after the crash, which was very fortuitous given the very limited traffic on the road at that time of day. "At that time of day, only one car passes every 20 minutes, maybe less." says Portillo. Whalin had severe injuries including a skull fracture, two broken femurs and a large number of open wounds, some of which had dirt in them and were in danger of getting infected.

    By luck, a 1988 ETK happened to be following about two minutes behind. Two Kappa Delta sorority sisters, Joanna Watkins, 21 (DOB Dec-07-71), and Christine Forbes, 19 (DOB Jan-06-74), were going to pick up allergy medication for a sister who was having difficulty sleeping because of her allergies. Watkins noticed the demolished red Ibishu against a tree and pulled the ETK over. They looked for a driver, but couldn't find one. Then Forbes heard moaning.

    With no pay phones nearby and the nearest town over a mile away, the Kappa Delta sisters decided to drive Whalin to the nearest hospital. Forbes drove while Watkins, a nursing student, stayed in the back seat with Whalin, using leftover excess fast food napkins to clean blood and dirt from the wounds. She also talked to Whalin to help take his mind off of the pain, but he had limited response.

    Portillo says the young women may have saved Whalin's life. "Had they not been out on the road, David might have bled to death." Whalin is currently recovering from his wounds and was listed in satisfactory condition Monday night. Doctors say that he is likely to make a full recovery.

    His license has been suspended for a year, but right now Whalin doesn't care. "I'm just lucky to be alive." he says. Asked if he's seen his car, he said "No, but I heard that it's totaled."

    Attached Files:

    • screenshot_2019-12-24_02-21-25.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-24_02-21-34.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-24_02-21-54.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-24_02-22-36.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-24_02-22-56.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-24_02-23-10.png
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  9. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    - Gavril H-Series, owned and operated by AK Travel Services, and a private Semi Truck, Fatal accident occurred 13 February, 2018, in Desert Road Region, USA.

    (Debris Field and Final Resting Positions)
    • Location: Desert Road, USA
    • Date & Time: 02/13/2018, 2216 EST
    • Vehicle: Gavril H-Series / Semi Truck
    • Owner/Operator: AK Travel Services / Private
    • Aircraft Damage: Destroyed / Substantial
    • Defining Event: Collision
    • Injuries: 3 (Fatal), 1 (Serious)
    • Trip Type: Charter / Personal

    On February 13th, 2018, at 2216 eastern stranded daytime, an eleven seat Gavril H-Series charter van, owned and operated by AK Travel Services, collided head-on with a private semi truck in the Desert Roads Region, USA. The driver, the secondary driver, and the tour guide sustained fatal injures and the van was destroyed by the impact forces and collision explosion. The semi truck sustained substantial damage and the sole driver onboard sustained serious injures. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident, and the weather was described as "sunny and clear".

    There were no eyewitnesses to the accident, a driver who arrived about one minute after the collision reported that both vehicles were off the road, the van was on fire, and the truck driver was out of his vehicle attempting to call 911. Two other drivers arrived on the scene later on, but nothing could be done to stop the ensuing fire in the van. Emergency services arrived approx 15 minutes after the collision, and the scene was secured by the arriving traffic accident investigators.

    A brief on scene examination of both vehicles revealed that there were no anomalies consistent with a preimpact failure or malfunction. Both vehicles were retained for further examination.

    - Factual Information:

    Injuries and Seat Belt Use:
    The occupants onboard the van died of thermal injures. The truck driver sustained serious injures. A post crash examination of the seats determined that all the parties involved in the accident were wearing seat belts. The truck driver said that he couldn't recall the events leading up to the crash, a medical personal found out that his injures were more than enough to cause him to lose memory of the accident.

    The accident occurred on a two-lane rural highway road.

    Crash History
    The traffic department investigators looked into the history of the accident road. From 2010 to 2018, there had been a total of more than 100 accidents, 90% of them caused substantial damages or injures, and less than 25% resulted in fatal injures.

    Gavril H-Series

    (The Van Involved)
    The van involved in the accident was purchased by the company in early 2016, this model was equipped with three passenger benches than can seat up to nine passengers (not counting the driver's and front passenger seats). The van was used for passenger charter operations around several states over the years. There were no reported accidents during the entire time with the operator.

    The van was almost completely destroyed during the accident sequence. The front section including engine sustained heavy crushing damage which was most likely caused by a head on collision from the left side (driver's side), all the doors separated from the vehicle when the explosion happened. Only the third and last passenger bench remained intact without any apparent damage. The vehicle had extensive fire damage, with the most severe damage in the middle front of the passenger compartment. Both front seats exhibited heavy crushing damage as a result from the impact.

    Semi Truck

    (The truck involved)
    The truck involved was privately owned by the driver, the intentions of the trip on the day of the accident remains unknown, and investigators were unable to locate any recorded information about the truck.

    The vehicle sustained substantial impact damage from the collision. The entire hood including the headlights and radiator grill separated. The bumper showed evidence of a high speed head on collision that resulted in a downward bending. The windshield was destroyed, the fuel tanks were not damaged, the right exhaust stack sustained very minor damage, the right front wheel ruptured, and one of the van's door was stuck between the front wheel and bumper.

    The medical examiner reported that non of the drivers had impairing medications/drugs in their systems, but he reported that the driver of the truck was most likely highly fatigued and tired around the time of the accident.

    - Conclusion:
    Based on the available evidence, the accident was most likely caused by:
    • The truck driver's failure to maintain control and stay on his lane, which resulted in a collision with an incoming van. Contributing factors (1) the truck driver's fatigue (2) the lack of visual reference / lights and (3) the accident location which was located before a curve, which may have effected the truck driver's directional control.

    (recreated accident sequence)

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  10. King Honda

    King Honda
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    Dec 31, 2015
    Location: Endless Highway, near a uranium mining town
    Date: September 17, 1979, 8:23 am
    Vehicle: 1971 Autobello Piccolina, 1975 Cargo Van, 1979 Gavril Dump Truck
    Occupants: Piccolina: Billy Jefferson, 28 (DOB June-26-51). Cargo Van: Louie Pouchain, 44 (DOB Dec-15-34), Dump Truck: Ernie Entwistle, 57 (DOB Apr-28-22) and Mike Novak, 19 (DOB: July-18-60)
    Damage: Piccolina destroyed, Cargo Van sustained severe damage to cargo box, Dump Truck sustained front end and roll damage
    Injuries: Piccolina driver minor, Cargo Van driver minor, Dump Truck driver severe, passenger minor
    Defining event: Dump Truck failed to stop, drowsy driver
    Environmental conditions: Cloudy, slick roads, 39 F / 4 C

    On September 17, 1979, a stopped Piccolina was waiting for a cargo van to turn when a Gavril Dump Truck on its way back from delivering yellowcake to the L. Dorado uranium mine failed to stop and slammed into the right half of the rear end of the Piccolina. It then crushed through the entirety of the passenger side half of the Piccolina and hit the Cargo Van with sufficient force to dislodge the entirety of the cargo box. The van was loaded with cargo that was going to Hus Gawker's General Store in Uraniumville, Beamsketchewan. The Dump Truck then skidded across the highway and hit the center ramp, flipping over twice.

    During the roll, Entwistle, who was not wearing his seat belt, was thrown out of the dump truck, sustaining severe injury. He made a full recovery at Uraniumville Hospital. Novak, who was belted, sustained minor injuries from flying glass. The cargo van's driver, Pouchain, sustained whiplash from the rear impact. The driver of the Piccolina, Jefferson, sustained bruising to the abdomen from the steering column, bruising from the seat belt, and a few cuts from flying glass.

    There was evidence that the dump truck's front end directly hit the Piccolina's glove box (after twisting/crushing the rear seat and front passenger seat out of the way). The passenger seat was directly against the dashboard and the rear right seat was in contact with the windshield. Needless to say, had anyone been sitting in either seat on the passenger side, they would have been pulverized.

    Attached Files:

    • screenshot_2019-12-28_02-09-11.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-28_02-09-18.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-28_02-09-41.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-28_02-10-07.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-28_02-10-15.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-28_02-08-40.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-28_02-13-04.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-28_02-13-16.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-28_02-13-28.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-28_02-13-31.png
    • screenshot_2019-12-28_02-15-57.png
  11. shade-S

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    Jun 25, 2018
    Crash Description: October 17, 2019. Thomas Annerson was speeding in his ETK 800, while two drivers, Angelina Yamera and Jona Coraro were driving ahead of Thomas. Thomas did not see Angelina, who was slowing down, over a hill causing him to not be able to swerve around her car, striking her car and going airborne, rolling several times before resting in the far right lane. Angelina's car rolled into Jona's car, both stopping in the far left lane as well. Two other motorists stopped to help.

    Parts of Car Critically Damaged: Thomas' car: Sides, roof, rear, front. Angelina's car: Sides, rear, front. Jona's car: Rear

    Estimated Repair Cost and/or Totaled: Thomas' car: Totaled. Angelina's car: Totaled. Jona's car: $8,000

    Injuries (If Any): Thomas has serious injuries and has to do multiple surgeries. Angelina has moderate injuries and makes a full recovery. Jona had a few bruises.

    Map Used: Los Injurus City

    Car(s) Used (you don't have to include authors): Soliad Fieri, ETK 800 (x2), Gavril Grand Marshall, Ibishu Pessima

    Aftermath (lawsuit etc): Jona's car has since then been repaired and he is still enjoying his ETK.

    screenshot_2020-01-17_23-33-34.png screenshot_2020-01-17_23-33-44.png screenshot_2020-01-17_23-33-50.png screenshot_2020-01-17_23-33-59.png screenshot_2020-01-17_23-34-16.png screenshot_2020-01-17_23-34-26.png screenshot_2020-01-17_23-34-33.png screenshot_2020-01-17_23-34-41.png screenshot_2020-01-17_23-34-47.png screenshot_2020-01-17_23-35-01.png screenshot_2020-01-17_23-35-06.png

    Jona's car: Etk 800 (green)
    Thomas' car: Etk 800 (grey-ish blue)
    Angelina's car: Soliad Fieri (red)

    --- Post updated ---
    Crash Description: June 10, 2017. George Anderson was driving his custom pick up truck to work. He pulled out blindly to get on the highway, causing Eric Smith to hit him, flipping his truck. Multiple motorists stopped to help.

    Parts of Car Critically Damaged: Eric's car: Driver's side hood and fender-area George's truck: Rear, roof, and sides

    Estimated Repair Cost and/or Totaled: Both cars totaled.

    Injuries (If Any): George was a bit sore, Eric had whiplash and a couple of scratches/bruises.

    Map Used: Los Injurus City

    Car(s) Used (you don't have to include authors): Ibishu Dove, Gavril Grand Marshall.

    Aftermath (lawsuit etc): Geroge was fined for failure to yield.

    screenshot_2020-01-18_00-23-07.png screenshot_2020-01-18_00-23-19.png screenshot_2020-01-18_00-23-26.png screenshot_2020-01-18_00-23-32.png
    Eric's car: Gavril Grand Marshall (Yellow)
    George's pick up: Ibishu Dove (White and blue)
  12. Captain. Adam

    Captain. Adam
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    Jan 31, 2017
    - Semi Euro Truck, owned and operated by the driver: Fatal accident occurred 4 January 2020, at the Utah's Western Highway, Utah, USA.

    (View of truck damage)

    • Location: Western Highway, Utah, USA
    • Date & Time: 01/04/2020, 2400 EST
    • Vehicle: Semi Euro Truck
    • Owner/Operator: Private
    • Aircraft Damage: Destroyed
    • Defining Event: Loss of control
    • Injuries: 2 (Fatal)
    • Trip Type: Personal

    On January 4th, 2020, at around 2400 eastern standard daytime, a private Semi Euro Truck with a Cargo Box Upfit, was destroyed when it crashed into rocks in the main center line separating the main lanes of the West Highway in Utah, USA. The certified driver and one passenger sustained fatal injures. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident, and the weather was sunny and clear.
    During an interview with a possible witness, the driver reported that he first came across the truck at the entry of the tunnel that was located a few hundred meters away from the accident location, the driver reported that it was obvious that something was wrong with the truck driver as he couldn't maintain directional control inside the entire tunnel. The driver also reported that he nearly collided with multiple cars just before the accident.
    A dashcam recording of the accident from another vehicle showed the accident truck departing his lane at least 15 times, it also shows the truck entering the grass roadside at least two times.
    An on scene examination of the vehicle revealed that there were no anomalies consistent with a preimpact failure or malfunction. The vehicle was transported to a secure facility for further examination.

    - Factual Information:
    The examination of the wreckage did not reveal evidence of any preimpact anomalies that would have precluded normal operation of the truck. Toxicology testing detected diphenhydramine, a sedating antihistamine, and elevated levels of ethanol in the driver's blood and tissues. The driver was most likely impaired by the combination of ingested alcohol and the use of diphenhydramine, both of which are central nervous system depressants. The impairing effects of the combination of these substances most likely contributed to his decision to drive after drinking alcohol as well as his inability to maintain control of the truck during the entire trip.
    The truck came to the rest in the main centerline after colliding with rocks and bushes, the truck showed signs of a high speed left first impact which crushed the interior of the truck. A destroyed bottle of alcohol was located behind the driver's seat. An examination of the seat belts revealed they were not worn by the occupants prior to the accident.

    (Final Resting)

    - Conclusion:
    Based on the available evidence, the accident was most likely caused by:
    • The driver's failure to maintain control, which resulted in a collision with an object(s). Contributing to the accident was the driver's impairment due to his combined use of alcohol and diphenhydramine, which led to his improper decision to drive after drinking alcohol and degraded his ability to maintain control of the truck.
    - Vehicle :
    Performance/control parameters - Not attained/maintained (Cause)
    - Personnel issues :
    Directional control - Driver (Cause)
    Alcohol - Driver (Factor)
    OTC medication - Driver (Factor)
    Decision making/judgment - Driver (Factor)

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