WIP Beta released ReaShade 1.1 [BeamNG.drive Reshade Preset]

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  1. Beanager11

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    Jul 20, 2020
    Hello there! Welcome to ReaShade, YOUR graphics enhancer for BeamNG.drive :)

    What you need to install this mod follows

    • Reshade 4.9.1 - https://reshade.me/
    • The preset, which is embedded down below, titled ReaShade.zip.
    • And BeamNG!
    Install directions:

    1 - Installing Reshade
    • In order to Install Reshade, you're going to want to click the purple download button on https://reshade.me/
    • From here, you want to run the .exe that it downloads for you
    • Go to "Browse" at the bottom right, and find your BeamNG folder
    • Head to Bin64, and double click on the BeamNG exe file. Note: you don't need to close this file explorer tab just yet
    • Click "Direct3D 9"
    • Once you're in the menu asking what effect packages to install, click on "Uncheck all" in the bottom left, and then click "Check all"
    • Lastly, simply press "OK" and once loaded, you're good to go!
    2 - Installing ReaShade
    • Download ReaShade.zip at the bottom of this post
    • Extract the .ini to your desktop, or folder listed below
    • Simply drag the .ini into Bin64, previously found in your BeamNG user folder
    3 - Confirming Installation
    • Open your game, and you should see a confirmation that Reshade is installed at the top of your screen
    • Press your "Home" key on your keyboard and you will see a menu pop up on the left of your screen
    • You may skip, or continue the tutorial. Up to you
    • Once you are done with that, click the dropdown box at the top of the menu, and you should see RealisticShade.ini
    • Your game should look different
    • Nothing happened. What do I do???
    Please try re-reading the installation process and confirming you did everything. If it's still not working, please leave a comment.
    • Will this cause FPS drop?
    Yes, unfortunately
    • Where can I support you?
    You can follow me on my Instagram, @qwikshift.media :)

    5 / 5 / 21 - Minor update - Uploaded new and improved version, may fix issues with it not working in general. Added DOF option and more! (1.1)
    Honorable mention to this wonderful individual who helped me in making this :)
    Have fun!

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  2. Pamix__

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    Apr 26, 2021
    It looks nice on photos but in game everything is blury and bright
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