WIP Beta released [ReShade] EPIC 1.0 Ray Tracing ReShade Preset

Discussion in 'Utilities and programming' started by BrennanECC, Apr 25, 2021.

  1. BrennanECC

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    Mar 8, 2021
    This preset uses a beta version of Ray-tracing Global Illumination only available through Pascal Glitcher's patreon!

    Hey everyone! First of all this is my first post! :cool:

    Today I am releasing my personal ReShade preset I use with BeamNG. The preset uses Ray Tracing Global Illumination by Pascal Glitcher (Marty Mcfly). I want to stress that this effect is only available through a subscription to his patreon. However, even without this effect the preset should still provide some nice improvements.

    ReShade shaders used:

    • MXAO (Ambient Occlusion)
    • RTGlobalIllumination (Ray Tracing Global Illumination)
    • FXAA (Anti-Aliasing)
    • Blooming_HDR (Bloom and HDR tone mapping)
    • Vibrance (Self-explanatory)
    • Vignette (darkening of screen corners)
    • Clarity (Self-explanatory)
    • DELC_Sharpen (Sharpen filter)
    This preset is designed to be used with Brother_Dave's AL13. It's very important you install that first otherwise it won't look the same.

    Brother_Dave's AL13 Thread: https://beamng.com/threads/al13-released-14-4-2021-graphics-mod-al-part-2.71585/

    How to install:

    • First of all I highly recommend installing Brother_Dave's AL13. You don't have to, but the preset is designed to work with it. He has a very good install guide video you can find in his thread linked above.
    • Download my .ZIP file and unpack it. I've included ReShade 4.9.1 in the folder incase any future ReShade releases cause issues.
    • Run Reshade 4.9.1. If you want you can use the most recent version from reshade.me (it should be fine, I've just included the 4.9.1 to make sure)
    • select BeamNG.drive.x64.exe
    • select Direct3D 10/11/12
    • Install every effect, including the legacy effects. This is important because some of the effects used are considered legacy.
    • Once ReShade is installed, drag both my EPIC 1.0 GD and EPIC 1.0 BD presets into your BeamNG.drive Bin64 folder.
    • If you are going to use the Ray Tracing Global Illumination follow Pascal Glitcher's installation steps on his patreon. (it's just drag and drop, easy)
    • Boot up BeamNG.drive and hit the home key, this should bring up the ReShade overlay.
    • Once that's open click "edit global preprocessor definitions" at the bottom
    • Select the EPIC 1.0 GD preset (click 3 dots next the preset at top)
    • Click performance mode at the bottom right.
    • Close the overlay, go into your video options and turn off Bloom and Ambient Occlusion.
    • Done!
    Important Information:

    Why turn off Bloom and Ambient Occlusion?

    Both are being done by the preset. Having them on would just have both the game and ReShade doing the same thing and eat up more performance.

    What the heck is with the "GD" and "BD" presets? Why are there two?
    GD Stands for "Good Depth" and BD stands for "Bad Depth". The reason there is two presets is because one cranks up the depth buffer detection for mod maps. Often most downloaded mod maps like American off road, Los Injurus or Tenesse have weak depth buffer detection. All BD does is turn up the detection so the AO and ray tracing GI look proper on those maps. You should be using BD on maps that have weak depth buffer detection. The easiest way to tell if BD is not needed is if the ground near your car is all messed up. (when you see it you'll know what I mean).

    Does it work on every map?
    Yep. Even downloaded mod maps.

    Does it work at night?
    Yes! The Blooming HDR looks quite good at night.

    Why is the UI messed up sometimes?
    Because ReShade cannot detect your UI being open. I've included a easy toggle preset key in the presets to turn off the effects when you open up your UI. The key to toggle effects on and off is \ on your keyboard.

    How is performance?
    There is a noticeable FPS hit. You likely need at least a RTX 2060.

    Thanks for checking out my preset! I've included both the .ZIP file with the presets and a bunch of screenshots below. I highly recommend checking out the screenshots on the ReShade database because they have a nice on/off comparison. If you have any questions I'll try to answer them when I have some free time ;)

    ReShade Database: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/11381/


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  2. cobz

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    Feb 26, 2021
    Hey shaders look great but at night the overlay becomes way overly bright. Any way to fix this without turning off the UI completely? pic: upload_2021-5-14_20-0-44.png
  3. Andryusha

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    Jan 28, 2020
    False info bro
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