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WIP Beta released So-Cal Interstate Highway ver 8 discussion thread

Discussion in 'Terrains, Levels, Maps' started by bob.blunderton, Apr 25, 2016.


What's your favorite part about BeamNG.Drive freeway driving (select up to 3)?

Poll closed May 17, 2016.
  1. The flat, open straight-aways for maximum speed.

  2. The winding corners to challenge driving skill.

  3. The interchanges, intersections, and other junctions.

  4. The cliffs to fall off of at high speed to bash the car's fluffy-stuff out.

  5. The ability to use this for police pursuits, vehicle takedowns, and other AI-related things.

  6. Missions that make use of the highway and highway driving.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    ***Now Featuring *SMOOTH* Side-roads (YES!)***
    No more flying with Accidental Airways!
    A map featuring 42.4 miles of highways and 67+ miles of two & four-lane roadways.
    Trails have been started, there are 15 miles of them on RC8.

    To get a map of this map, see page 3, though it IS outdated.
    This is a sequel to the well received Nevada Interstate map.
    There's also a (HUGE) Tennessee USA map beta available by me.

    Works on 0.8.xxxx
    So-Cal Interstate v8 DOWNLOAD LINK HERE:

    1/4/2017 - updated the link to v8 so it can be FOUND, heh. Mods version is up to date, this post is not.


    The guiderail near the starting point contains two test-pieces. Don't hit it, bad things happen (it's the only metal guard-rail in the map, no worries). It's there for a test that it shows up properly.

    Thanks to the folks who use this on Youtube, it's nice seeing people get enjoyment out of this map(s).
    Set in a desert similar in style to Nevada Interstate/Black Hills etc, this time with some more water.
    63 miles of road, and 42.4 miles of divided expressway have already been completed creating the exterior loop of highway. There is now 11~12 miles of TRAIL. Just getting started on those.
    Custom bridges, more hills, more jumps, less flat boring terrain. Still good FPS!
    Featuring full cloverleafs, 3y/flyover intersections, cliff-side roadways, and an ocean surrounding the map.
    Two tunnels are also present, but it is not to the length of the one in the previous Nevada Interstate.
    There's a few (dozen!) bridges including one about a mile long that stretches out over a bay. Some of the bridges have arched decks to break up the monotony of driving on a flat boring road.
    Also, special care has been done to work the terrain in a manner that adds to the map's natural beauty.
    This is a real terrain from USGS of the middle/southern area of California not too terribly far from Bishop.
    This is a mostly deserted/rural area, so don't expect a big city, etc. I don't have the ability to design something like that as it would be too complicated for one person without having the models done for me before-hand.
    That said, it's got plenty of highways, side roads, and four-lane roadways coming.
    Included are some previews (only a few, but more in the coming days).
    Also, I will be open to folks wanting to beta-test for feedback and such, in the coming days/weeks. I'd give a rough estimate of a few weeks until most of the roadways are completed. Feel free to comment on what you'd like to see & send a picture of your favorite highway interchange, I could possibly add it in since this is still in the layout/design phase for the highways. Yes, I said highwayS, there's not just ONE! :)
    Consider this map as a big thank-you to a wonderful BeamNG.Drive community that is quite a pleasure to be part of & contribute to!

    AI is fully working, if it doesn't work, or gets stuck (unless it's turning around), post pics (try to zoom out some).

    Previews linked on steam because for some reason I cannot embed them (woohoo, figured out embedding)!
    [note, some of these pics are older versions of the map, but road network was mostly in @ that time]
    Also, there's better pics up around page 4~5 of this thread. They show the new textures and banked turns.

    Terrain Detail representative of the finished product (with new terrain, rest are older)
    Cloverleaf and 3-way intersection (with new terrain, rest are older)
    Another 3-way (3y) intersection/flyover (this and below are older RC1 or 2 previews)
    Another 3-way (3y) shot
    Underpass close-up on the 3y above
    More 'purdy' terrain and the highway, and a bay (notice quality-looking water with no fps-hit!)
    Yet another highway-with-finished-terrain shot
    Trusty primer-mobile tester - the venerable Honda Accordion (soon to be, anyways, heh)
    Bridge proof-of-concept of custom bridges for this map - pylon texture/shape not final - terrain undetailed
    The one and only tunnel - so far. Ouerbacker's tunnel model is used here.

    More pics available in my later posts on this page! They get more current as you go down!

    The desert terrain is quite easy to work with, and easy on the FPS.
    So, if you liked/loved Nevada Interstate, you're going to absolutely love this one.
    A test version of this IS NOW UPLOADED. Take time to test it out and give feedback.
    There will be as much highway as practical, and if anyone's got good lamp-posts to donate, I'd be grateful!
    The ones on Nevada Interstate eat cars, so do not want to re-use them.

    Remember, send in those ideas! Google maps links to your fav interchange are also good!

    P.S. My previous completed map, Nevada Interstate is updated with AI support now, "version 3.1 for AI workgroups" so try it if you have not!


    ALSO Please let me know what Video Card or integrated video chip you're running so I know what kind of machines I am designing this for! I have a rubbish Radeon 7850 2gb/R7-265 card from years ago, so hopefully you all have better than this and hence should be fine. 30~55fps is avg what I get on this map, usually towards the higher-end of this range (40+). Everything is designed with FPS in mind.
    Loading points may be experienced the first time you drive the loop around the map. That's Beam's streaming in of data, bushes, etc, not the map's fault (other than it's sheer size).

    (This next bit is for folks stuck at loading, this should be fixed on the now-current RC4 as of 5/24/2016)
    If anyone's stuck loading at 99% datablocks, do post it and your console error screen (use the ~ key and hit F12 on steam). On RC2 release (5/11/16 or so), there was a art/buildings/gm-light folder that caused an error, that had to be removed for the map to load for SOME folks to load the map. RC4 fixes the last 6 dependencies I missed, 'doh!
    Orange textures (small) noted near one bridge by one user, these are decals (fixed in RC3).

    This map is not yet completed, but most all roads are in, and 85% of the ones that are in are smoothed nicely for speed. Some are side roads not meant for high speed, whilst some of the four-lane throughways need to get evened out a bit in spots. The road layout is pretty much where it's going to be with <10 miles yet to be added. Too many more and it will lose it's fun.

    (Obligatory Fine print)
    As per BeamNG.Drive forum policy rules, please keep all content civil and on-topic at all times, PM me if you have offtopic subjects or questions.
    These maps are provided for fun and without express written or implied warranty of any kind - as is generally the case with all user-made content. End-Users (and anyone else) downloading this, and any other mods are to hold without consequence mod authors (me, and any contributing user) free of any obligation, duty, liability, or reimbursement of any kind. Maps are provided for free, AS-IS, so please be happy with what's here.

    Big thanks to everyone for helping to test out the map, report bugs, and hopefully having a good time being the first to test this. A big shout-out to Ouerbacker, who's original Black Hills map inspired me to make the previous map, Nevada Interstate, and then this one. Permission for use of objects has been obtained and is on file. No one else's assets were used in the creation of this map as of current. This could change. I am not responsible if this map makes your computer take off like a rocket, bores a hole in the roof, breaks the moon and the sun, comes back & eats your dog and gives birth to martians, or anything else remotely resembling undesirable behavior.
    Questions, comments, or bugs and other misc. errata should be posted in this forum, or private messaged to me. This is REAL terrain from near Bishop, California, USA, the road layout, however, is all-original and does nothing to mimic the layout of said area. Thankyou to USGS and Terrainparty.com for helping to make this possible, and to Paint.net and GNU Image Manipulation tool, and to Notepad++ for saving time and making possible text and graphics manipulation in a timely manner. If you think your asset(s) have been used in this map without permission, create a dispute in PM with me and I will have a look, if you provide an example map that was uploaded before this one. I try to be mature, thoughtful, and have productive conversation - please do the same! To the Devs, thanks for a wonderful game and an included map editor. No matter the bugs, which comes with pre-release territory, we're all here on these forums because we love PC's, the PC-Master-Race and a great Master-Racing game BEAMNG.DRIVE. We love only it's mods even more so! If you (the Devs) would like to use any of my maps, in your final game product, permission is inherently granted. Please PM me for a more detailed list of credits and (if any) permissions on file. None of my maps contain any content created by any one person who would NOT wish to have their content used in the official finished game-product of BeamNG.Drive. None of my maps contain any content known by me to have come from another developer's competing commercial or non-commercial product.
    This last bit is such, that I would not commit copyright infringement; which is a very serious crime (atleast in North America/USA). Again, if you think something from another game has somehow made it's way into this map, please by all means PM me, do not ask in the forum. I find plagiarism quite disdainful.

    A bit about me: I live in the United (police) states of America. I am Physically Disabled, in my mid-30s, drug free, and have been working on modding games since the mid-90s days of Doom for MS-Dos on a am486 dx/2-66, 8mb ram, 512kb VLB trident video card with a SB16. I know a lot about what makes a map fun, but if you think you know more, please share your ideas. I also worked with computer hardware both as a hobby (for 20+ years) and one time as a job, if you have some questions, do PM me, and I will get back to you at a priority that is within reason for the time. Some days I can't even barely make it out of the room to get myself a drink, so in other words, I get to spend a lot of time making maps because I can't move beyond the bed or PC! I suffer like all heck, but you guys get to have all the fun - go figure - but rest assured, I do hope you enjoy playing my map(s) as much as I do once the editing is done with. Thanks again.
    I also make synthesized music reminiscent of a Sega Genesis, 8bit NES or MS-Dos computer. It turns your midi system into a Sega Genesis ym2612 sound chip, and works wonders with dosbox games. If you'd be interested in this off-topic item, PM me.
    (END obligatory fine print) (END dealing with fixing red-squiggle-lines @#$^!)
    #1 bob.blunderton, Apr 25, 2016
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  2. Aboroath

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    Aug 25, 2013
    Lookin' good man...keep at it! What are you using to construct the statics if I may ask?
  3. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    I am using the beam editor to design everything. If I get close to the mesh/unit limit of the map (4096 objects), I will consolidate meshes into one-another. It's a bit tedious, but once you get a bridge or wall the way you want it, you can use it in multiple places with little or no customization. That having been said, I am not just having a 'copy-paste-a' party where everything looks identical.
    No sense re-doing all kinds of work and wasting time, however; when it could be used for making more miles of highway.
    To this end, I've neglected (purposely) to place any more pylons until I get a decent pylon model sketched up.

    I stink at Blender3d so I try to stay out of there :)
    I DO use paint-dot-net and GNU Image Manipulation Tool to do my textures, of which I've made just about all of them myself.
  4. Aboroath

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    Aug 25, 2013
    I'm currently Blenderphobic as well. Sketchup gets the job done and the point across quite well, especially using
    a good program to texture. A .dae is a .dae after all:p.
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  5. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Just a complex diamond interchange built to handle high-traffic areas:
    This is going to have traffic lights, and a few signs added, and a town in the left-top-corner there.

    Some banked corners on a side-mountain road:

    Simple Diamond Interchange in a rural area and a banked freeway turn (this map has quite a few)

    An example of a 4-lane that snakes through the [yet un-detailed!] terrain, winding about:

    A very far out view (as far as I could get out without significant errors in the view)
    That, by the way, shows ONLY about 20-25% of the terrain available!
    This map is HUGE, it's 20-25% bigger total sq/mi than Nevada Interstate, which was pretty big.

    That's all for this update, there's another 10-18 miles of road added in since the 1st post.
    Somewhere around 40-46 miles done with at-least 30-40 more miles of roadway to go.
    Dozens of bridges are done already and smooth with the road surface ('cept one or two).
    ETA for closed beta is 10-15 days or so, possibly three weeks at most (could be a day or two less or more).
    All the roadway will go in, the traffic lights and signs will then be added, then beta testers will get the first alpha.
    If that goes smoothly (graphics work etc and the map works and all), then it will be pre-released publicly.
    ETA for the open-beta (link on this forum being posted when it's time) would be a few days after the 1st closed alpha/beta.
    This is going to be about a 480-500mb zip file when it does go up. It's all the custom textures...making a highway takes a LOT of textures.
    Trying to get a concrete (laned for traffic) highway texture in also. It's in but it's gotta be fixed up yet so it matches the pavement better.

    FPS is running atleast 80-90% as good as Nevada Interstate, I really can't go much lower with my rubbish Radeon 7850 2gb :x
    Really considering buying a new one someday soon, but I live on a fixed income.

    Will keep you folks updated.
    #5 bob.blunderton, Apr 29, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2016
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  6. Aboroath

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    Aug 25, 2013
    The high elevation view looks nice. Terrain views like that always get my nads quivering.
    In my previous post I asked what you were making the 'statics' with and by that I meant
    the bridges and other items...Sketchup?..Blender?
  7. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    I build them piece by piece in the f11 editor mesh-road mode and object editor mode (1st mode), using mesh road chunks, which make the retaining walls, pre-stressed concrete beams, and median barriers.
    Mesh Roads work good and since they can take the place of sometimes (in the case of a median barrier or side-barrier) 100's of static meshes. This also means they can be segmented as needed to work with the heights or curvature of the terrain, instead of again needing dozen(s) or hundred(s) of static meshes. With a hard-limit of 4096 total map objects per-map, this is a really really good thing. More miles of road for LESS.
    The bridges are about 8-10 pieces per bridge span (4-7 beams + the road surface + barriers for two sides along the run of the span).
    This is roughly close to what the last map, nevada interstate used (avg 5-10 units per bridge, if not a few more).
    I used sketchup to make the pylons (uprights, columns, beam supports) and a few other oddball details.
    I didn't feel like using sketchup for more of it because I haven't figured out how to set the repeat rate (scale) of textures in sketched objects.
    Texture scale seems to be loosely based on piece size overall.
    When I am this far along in the map, with many of the roads done, installing a new bridge is as easy as finding a good candidate to copy. Paste it in, customize it as needed to fit the gap properly, and enjoy!
    What would have taken an hour or two on a bridge takes 5-10 mins using this method, depending on how much similar the crossing is to the source. You can use mesh roads for a lot more than just a road surface (go figure, why don't they just call them pliable objects?).
    I hope this answered any question as to how this is done. I did create & import all the road/concrete wall textures you see except the terrain textures (stone/sand/cliff rocks etc which are from Black Hills), though the terrain itself is entirely NEW.

    Now, if only the landscaping tools were a bit more helpful in making mountainous roads (I have found a few good ways!).
  8. Aboroath

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    Aug 25, 2013
    Very interesting concept and I never thought of that approach with the mesh road tool, creative! Doing guardrail is as far as I have gone with it.
    Your post has answered my question and then some...thank you!
    Will be following this interesting angle:cool:.
  9. ChryslusCorvega

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    Nov 12, 2015
    A really cool idea would be to add like Interstate route numbers and US route numbers and highway directional signs and some towns maybe. then you can follow the routes and signs to get to the town you want
  10. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Got a lot of the terrain on one corner of the map done tonight... that brings the total to around 50-60% of the terrain being detailed properly with mountain brush.

    Shot 1 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=675570430
    Shot 2 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=675570650
    Shot 3 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=675571316
    Shot 4 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=675571902
    Shot 5 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=675572233
    Shot 6 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=675572624

    So far so good. Keeping on schedule for a early-to-mid-may first public release if possible.
    Will keep the poll on this forum thread in mind as I built the map. This should be fairly AI compatible on the first release, too.
    This will most likely be the first map that I do MISSIONS for. Yes, car-chasing, 'crim'-smashing police chases and some covet/pessima races.
    I have learned a lot with implementing AI in Nevada Interstate and figured a hackey solution for getting the AI across bridges like they're not even there :) So good times ahead. What good is a 26 mile highway circut (just the main highway loop not counting the offshoots of other highways), if you can't run the AI the full way around? If anyone has tutorials on waypoints, that could help speed things up!

    YES there will be signs and route #'s in this, even if I've gotta paint the @#$^ing route #'s on the highway itself. Being that there is more than one expressway (only one loops into itself, the others branch off, though you will be able to loop on one of those, too), it does need distinction.
    Since the devs were so nice as to make a high-quality highway sign for Utah, I can nick that and re-design it and re-letter it accordingly (the model is all I need). Yay!
    All town names will be custom, buildings will be sparse (and most won't be in on the first upload) and this isn't going to be super-packed urban stuff - mostly rural with a few smallish settlements here or there and one main tourist/fishing mecca near the complex diamond interchange.
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  11. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Work continues. Another 40-60 hours have gone into this map since my last update.
    There's well over 60 miles of roads in this now - 40 miles of it is highway (I did not count sides of highway separately), 20 miles are sideroads.
    There's about 15-20 miles of more sideroads to put in yet, then will come 10+ miles of 'jeeping' trails for all the off-roaders here.

    There will be something for everyone here. SCREENSHOT below

    I definitely did take into account what the voters voted on. There will be plenty of straight-aways, plenty of different junctions/intersections, and quite a few winding corners too especially on some of the back-roads.
    Nothing like having to drive 10-15 miles from the starting point in the middle of the map terrain, just to get to the spot you need to work on... heh.
  12. FS16

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    Feb 18, 2015
    Can't wait for the release, looks really promising.
  13. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Current tally of roadway (just checked, took over an hour!) is: 42.4 miles of expressway/divided highway and 40.5 miles of surface roads (non-highway). That's right, almost 83 miles of roadway is in here (actually, it's about another mile to half-mile that's a dead end because it's not finished yet)...plus miles of on/off-ramps. That's a LOT of roadway. I unleashed 4 AI cars and might have seen one ONCE in all my checking of mileage and whilst checking for bushes-in-the-road.
    So, to get everything in perspective, I have placed 'road closed' signs where roads are unfinished, etc, and work is being done. Basically, you can go through/around them if you want, but don't blame me if you end up somewhere with the car on the roof, a dead end, or fall off a very high cliff.
    The only thing in this map is the terrain, textures, highways/roads (83 miles of them!), lakes & water (and the ocean surrounding the map)... oh and a few jumps in select spots to make it over deep water (it's avoidable).
    THERE ARE NO BUILDINGS YET. Not going to even bother with that until I get all 100mi of roads built.
    That having been said and out of the way, I will be uploading a private alpha/beta of this (to ensure that everything is working okay), so if you've enlisted for private beta/alpha testing, expect that link sometime tomorrow (or later 'today'). Once I get word back that it's working, we should be good for a public release.
    AI support is fully in, and it crosses over and under every bridge with ease (and ignorance!). The AI will even stay in-lane on a majority of the multilane roads.
    I will repeat this again.... EIGHTY THREE MILES OF ROADWAY
    The Terrain is done, too, 95% of it anyways. Just something pretty enough so you don't go 'oh boring mud/sand hills again'
    So yeah, I think we're going for a record here. It's a pretty big map. Nevada Interstate had 15 miles of highway. This has 42.4 miles exactly, give or take a half-mile or so.
    All but a few miles of those roads are very smooth, ALL the highways are pretty good, 99.9% of them are nice and smooth for speed. There's a few miles of road that could be leveled better just take it easy if it looks a bit uneven, that's all. It won't destroy the car if you follow a 'reasonable' speed... but this is Beam, the car accident game, lest not forget.

    I've done all the work here with a bit of an exception: A few terrain textures (but not the terrain model) come inherited from Nevada Interstate (Ouerbacker) and also a steel texture (two of them). So if you enjoyed Nevada Interstate, you'll enjoy this one that much more.
    I need to place some more columns tonight so bridges aren't floating ugly-ness, and do a little more checking for notorious bushes in the road problems, and that should be it. Then uploading shall commence.

    Map Pics:
    Pigeon with some scenery: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682765412
    AI follows in lane in most multi-lane roads: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682764817
    AI takes the jump over the flooded road: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682765075
    AI using the cloverleaf: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682764656
    Purdy bridge! It's simple but custom: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682729422
    Scenic views abound: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682767287

    I am sure there's a few other pics in my steam profile if you wish to look. --Cheers & expect something by the weekend.
    --- Post updated ---
    Just a foot note - got all my bridge pillars, supports and such in (where there weren't any, a few temporary pillar with temporary lackluster collision are in, in a spot where they're not in play much). Tried to shift-select in the object editor object box (right side), DONT DO THIS. I thought the thing locked up an hour of my work on me. Luckily the resident i7 cpu processed my two-thousand object selection booboo in a minute or two (of being locked up). Really glad I ditched my fx cpu last year now!!! So after deselecting the stuff (another minute or two), I'd like to say I've got all the bushes-in-the-road definitely nicked, no more floatey-looking bridges, and the AI is happily bumbling around in the map as I type.
    Those of you editing, if you think you've ever locked it up... Give it five-ten minutes before you close it.

    Oh, and always buy the fastest per-thread processor you can buy (judge by single-threaded processing ability AND total score), for this game (editing or just playing it).
    Trying to cull all the random roads stuck in random spots for no reason (I put to the side, for copying ability to lay road faster)... this way there won't be random 'parking spaces' on mountain tops and such. Everything is ready for the go and will upload. Alpha/Beta testers will get links, and once I know it's all working, we're good for a public release the following day.
    Only thing to do for those who get the links pre-public release is ensure that there's no missing textures, or other serious booboos that'd prevent enjoyment.

    All that said I am only HALF WAY to the object limit. This is really, really, really, REALLY good. I was a bit worried. It's 2057 objects out of 4096 :)
    Yay for buildings, hand-placed trees (not in yet), sidewalks, and other goodness that otherwise I wouldn't have been able to throw into a later release. Woohoo!
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  14. Blijo

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    Apr 27, 2016
    Looks great! I am really looking forward for this map. How is the performance btw?

    Keep up the good work!
  15. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Performance should be as good if not better (by a small margin) than Nevada Interstate. While your mileage may vary (no pun intended) with different system configs, if it runs on my rubbish Radeon 7850 2gb, that's like 3 years old almost, it'll most likely run on anything you have. I build as efficiently and simplisticly as possible, while maintaining the player's interest along the way. 20 years of map making later, I've kind-of got that down I'd like to think. However, the new version is uploaded and I am sending it out to test, so pretty soon everyone will be able to see for themselves. FPS @ full HD (1920x1080) with 1~8 vehicles on a recent quad core intel chip with hyper-threading (i7), a radeon 7850 2gb @ stock (not oc'ed at the moment) and plenty of fast system memory, will garner about 38~50+ fps in BeamNG.Drive. If the new Utah map runs for you, this will run also. Sure I could use a better video card, but those cost lots of money and this is the only game that doesn't always go 60fps.

    Video cards such as an Nvidia 750ti, Radeon R9 280/280x, Nvidia 9xx series, Radeon R7 260 or better should all give you playable or smooth fps.
    Also, Nvidia 650ti, 660ti, 670 ~ up, etc, even a 580 will do pretty well. Your mileage may vary.

    I would really NOT recommend cards that score below 3500 points in passmark video card benchmarks, honestly. You can try, though.
    Any 100$-and-up (US$) video card should pretty-much do. Consider a new Geforce 950/960 or Radeon 280or 280x /380 or 380x, whatever is well matched to your system and within the power requirements of your power supply to run this game well. Don't be like me and act like a penny-pinching carmudgeon and deal with 36.2~52.4fps or so :)

    ***Performance when completed should be within 10~15% of what Nevada Interstate is, because, as far as the game's concerned, it's pretty much identical in 'weight' on the system, and uses many shared things (textures, decorations). Not going to re-invent the wheel here, just fine-tune it.
    Beta testing has started, if you didn't get a private link, hit me up. Gotta make sure this works before it's linked onto the forum.
    --- Post updated ---
    I think I've figured out what's happening, after 2048 objects, the editor selects more than one when selecting from the object drop-down box on the right, if you delete something, it's deleting two things. It's REALLLLLY glitchy. Can I get a developer in on this?
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  16. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    83 miles of glorious highway, after fixing a few of the editor-induced bugs, working around them, and calling the Beam-Cops on the editor bug (thankyou for your time Tdev), Here's a working version not obviously missing any chunks.

    I tried my best to make this fun.

    Brand new terrain from USGS survey from California USA.
    Fully AI compatible, including the jumps!
    Rocky tunnel model and rock facade courtesy of Ouerbacker's Black Hills. Custom tunnel by me.
    83 miles of road, not counting the single-lane on/off ramps (which there are 3-7 miles of).
    42.4 miles of divided highway/roadway, 40.5 miles of surface roads.
    AI even goes over the jumps (and as a consequence, a somewhat less common bug below).
    Contains a few textures from OUERBACKER's Black-Hills (and Nevada Interstate).
    It's not even done yet :) There will be 100mi of road, highway, and path combined when done.
    Features my hackey method for getting AI to cross bridges without bothering with waypoints!

    Bugs, glitches, and other errata:
    NO lights, this is FPS friendly this way! This could change in the future.
    AI (sometimes) goes the wrong way, I can't help this!
    AI may attempt to take a jump the wrong way, and fail and wedge itself underneath it. This is how it is for now.
    'Jumps' look two-dimensional and don't have things holding them up, it's okay for now, will fix in the future.
    Grass under the water in some places (not good, but will address this when it's near completion)
    There's no buildings, houses, or other map furniture - this may come later.
    Frame-rate may drop in certain spots on some system configurations with AMD cpu's. This is livable. (not occurring on intel systems).
    Flooded roadways: THIS IS NOT A BUG. Go around it, or go fast through it (not high rpms, it floods faster), or jump it.
    There's barely any trails/offroading yet, that's fine, I am working on this, it'll be in, and there'll be miles of it when it's done.
    The 'dock' area isn't done yet, it's just a tourist fishing pier, so it's not high priority, enjoy the roads provided for now as this is a driving game.
    My shoddy internet connection is very sporadic, and these forums don't like me, so I had to use MEGA.nz for now. Bear with me on that.
    Some side-roads are pretty uneven in a FEW spots. I will fix some of this, but it's only the back-roads, though there is a select 2-3 sections of four-lane roadway I am aware of that do have bumps. The bumpy four-lanes will get fixed. Most all the straight-open highway is perfect.

    Generally, the detail is low, but the roads are smooth for the most part and have 'enough' variation as to not be boring.

    Enjoy. Next update is atleast two weeks away. Serious bugs PM me please (or post here).
    Comments, compliments, and what you liked best, let me know on this forums.
    I am always glad to hear from anyone.
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  17. Narwhal

    Expand Collapse

    Aug 4, 2013
    This looks fun. Waiting for it load first. its been on 99% datablocks for a few minutes. massive map file size :p
    the preview looked quite nice, as do your screenshots.
  18. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Yup, it's 437mb zipped, if you have a HDD, you're gonna suffer, especially on amd-based systems with low system ram. On systems with SSD's and 6~8gb or more of system ram (and especially intel cpu's) you'll be just fine, only limited by the video card.
    I have a radeon 7850 and hence, video-card limited on fps, but I still manage medium-or-better details with 32-54fps or something around that, 98% of the time it's within that range. I tried not to furnish the map heavily at this point, as I need the 'object units' to go to infrastructure first. Low detail completion comes first, and if space and size allows, more 'map furniture' such as buildings, signs, and so-forth (other non-essentials) will come later.
    Buy a good mlc-based SSD and you will NOT be disappointed! Skip TLC-based (samsung evo) drives as they're not near as reliable.
    On a 1gbs/sec read speed SSD setup, the map loads in 20~30 seconds or so, maybe a little less. It's not too terribly long.
    Most SSD's will load this in under 30~40 seconds, even faster on NVME m.2 or PCI-Express-based SSD's.

    If you unzip this into the beamng.drive/levels folder so that the structure looks like beamng.drive/levels/TSH/ (info and preview pics are here), it might speed it up a bit. This will also stick around through updates.
    ~on other notes:
    This map will stay current through major updates, if it does not, I will post an update.
    The next update to this map will be in 2 weeks or a bit longer.
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  19. 1185323118

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    Oct 11, 2015
    Looking good:rolleyes:, gonna download it tomorrow after school.

    And i think you probably need to ask @Ouerbacker for the permission to use his stuff
  20. bob.blunderton

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Already talked to him about my previous map, Nevada Interstate, which was built on his terrain & town of Black Hills, to which I added a highway and many more roads. His response was '...feel free to use anything you wish from my maps...". So as-is, he is credited. No other user's assets are used. NO assets will be used and released in a map without permission of the author, as a general rule.

    Ouerbacker's 'simple tunnel' and 'rock facade' were used here (2 instances of tunnel to create one tunnel, and rock covering for both my custom tunnel and his tunnel). I also used the terrain graphics from Black Hills (and Nevada Interstate) here, along with 2 metal graphics.

    Road textures I created from a simple 2-lane game road graphic, hours upon hours of texturing. Luckily I was pretty good at it and could make what I needed. Copy-paste-a to the texture rescue! :)
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