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Unsolved Steering doesn't work if wheels are on

Discussion in 'Mod Support' started by nippontoy289, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. nippontoy289

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    Nov 19, 2018
    Hello community,
    I am just wondering if there is a way to fix an issue where the hydros don't work or completely break when the wheels are attached. I am following the Content Creation guide but it's fairly confusing for a beginner like me, and some of the content in the guide is outdated.

    Here is the section I believe is causing the issue:

    "slotType" : "main",

    "flexbodies": [
    ["mesh", "[group]:", "nonFlexMaterials"],
    ["test_body", ["test_body_g"]],

    "hydros": [

    "pressureWheels": [
    {"radius": 1.4},

    ["FT", "wheel_RR_1", "tire_RR_1", "nl0", "nl2", 9999, "nl0", 1, {"speedo":true, "torqueCoupling:":"f6", "torqueArm:":"f6"}],

    ["RLR", "wheel_RL_1", "tire_RL_1", "bl0", "bl2", 9999, "bl0", 1, {"torqueCoupling:":"ra2", "torqueArm:":"ra1"}],

    ["RLR", "wheel_RL_1", "tire_RL_1", "br5", "br4", 9999, "br5", 1, {"torqueCoupling:":"ra2", "torqueArm:":"ra1"}],

    ["RLR", "wheel_RL_1", "tire_RL_1", "br5", "br4", 9999, "br5", 1, {"torqueCoupling:":"ra2", "torqueArm:":"ra1"}],


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