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Steering wheel swaps

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by Supercharged, Apr 25, 2016.


Steering Wheel Swaps?

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  1. Supercharged

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    Jan 15, 2016
    So i know we already can swap the Roamer wheel onto a D-Series and vice versa, but it would be cool to be able to swap any stock steering wheel from one car to another. I'm talking a Burnside wheel in an SBR4, a Bolide wheel in a 200BX, or even a Pigeon wheel in a T-Series.

    Sorry if someone already asked, I could not find that thread if so.
  2. (GNG) [S.PLH] wearyNATE15

    (GNG) [S.PLH] wearyNATE15
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    Oct 15, 2015
    I want a T-75 wheel in my Pigeon.
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