Released The Final Not Impossible Track (for now...)

Discussion in 'Track Builder' started by nippontoy289, Dec 1, 2018.


More tracks?

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  3. More "Not Impossible" pleaasssee.

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  1. nippontoy289

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    Nov 19, 2018
    Get ready to push you, your machine, and your comprehension of reality to its limits and experience the true meaning of "Not Impossible," now on a new setting: Jungle Rock Island. Yes, we finally got them to sign our contract to let us use their territory for public use of the track (I don't think they read the fine print saying that they will have to clean up the crashed cars :(. Oh well..). More excitement, more twists and turns, and all new obstacles have been added to further challenge you in completing this course. This will finally test your mind's patience and concentration and see if you can truly last to see that name, Not Impossible, shine to glory.

    Recommended Car: Lifted Hirochi Sunburst Rally Sequential
    Recommended Viewing angle: Front Hood Cam

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