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TOD Speed (Game Time to Real Time Ratios)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by B3_Burner, Mar 16, 2022.

  1. B3_Burner

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    Mar 13, 2019
    I was sifting through old threads after hitting "Time of Day" in the search bar, the other night, when I came across a thread that was more than a year old-- asking questions about day length and the time ratios of the game. I didn't want to bump it to the top by replying, so I figure I'll create a new thread that will maybe help answer the question asked, plus a few others.

    The person wanted to know what day length setting would allow for a 1:1 time ratio-- 1min elapsed real time equals 1min elapsed game time. The mathematically correct answer is a day length of 86,400 (assuming day scale and night scale are both set to "1"). [60s x 60m x 24h = 86,400 sec's/day].
    Since day length is programed to be the number of real seconds in a game day; the above calculation is necessary to arrive at that answer. And for the most part it is close enough for those who just want the quick down & dirty answer.

    However! Programs being imperfect, I've taken a stopwatch to it to test against the UI App that shows the time-of-day clock in it (download it if you're interested in knowing the clock time in the game at any given moment); and have noted that at a day length of 86,400-- that it actually takes 1m:02s real time for a minute of game time to elapse. It's a tad slow and though over a minute's time, might not seem like much; over several hours (if you're to play the game that long in one sitting); the difference grows appreciable if you're trying to keep elapsed game time equal to elapsed real time.

    The solution is to find a happy medium that will hopefully come as close to 1min = 1min as possible.
    So I rounded down to 85,000; and it's still a little over each minute by 1:01 to 1:02.
    So I said to myself, let's round down to 80,000. This set it so that 1 min of game time elapsed a little too quickly at 56 sec of real time.

    So ultimately the real 1:1 point is probably going to be somewhere around 83,000 give or take... and I have no idea exactly what it is, but you gotta' figure that's pretty darn near close enough for most of us here.

    I would NOT use day and night scale to alter day length off the default value of 1800, as it gets more confusing that way. Rather I suggest setting your desired day length first (with the day/night scales set to 1), and only alter them afterward if you decide you want either day or night to move either faster or slower, to your liking.

    So well, the next thing that got me to thinking about is other ratio points and day length settings to offer other elapsed milestones of say 1min/sec, 2min/sec, etc.

    So, I present a quick table below that might help in doing this:

    1min G = 1sec R (where G= game time, & R= real time) = 1,440. Though the default value of 1,800 is close enough that the difference is imperceivable second by second, it's probably more noticeable after say about 10 or 15 minutes. This is a 60:1 ratio. A day in the game will go by in 24 real minutes.

    1min G = 2sec R = 2,880. This represents a 30:1 ratio. This is the elapsed speed of time in GTA V, at least as far as I've noticed in that game, and there an entire day in the game takes 48 mins of real time.

    1min G = 5sec R = 7,200. 12:1 ratio. It'll take 2 hours for a game day to go by.
    1min G = 10sec R = 14,400. 6:1 ratio. It'll take 4 hours for a game day to go by.
    1min G = 15sec R = 21,600 4:1 ratio. It'll take 6 hours for a game day to go by.
    1min G = 30sec R = 43,200 2:1 ratio. It'll take 12 hours for a game day to go by.
    1min G = 45sec R = 64,800 1.33:1 ratio. 18 hours for a game day to go by.
    1min G = 60sec R = ~86,400 1:1 ratio... as already discussed above.

    The default value of 1,800 is a 48:1 ratio. It'll take 30 mins for a game day to go by.

    All above are the correct numbers by the math, but there's variance, so try a little above or below if you want to get it more accurate.

    I know this is somewhat random information, presented somewhat haphazardly, and I'm sorry about that. I'm just hoping that somewhere along the line, I can help out the guy who asked the question a year or so ago, and then some.
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