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[TUTORIAL] Importing cars for new content creators

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by MaxGamer1995, Jun 19, 2017 at 11:29 PM.

  1. MaxGamer1995

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    Jan 11, 2016
    First of all! This is not a 3d modeling tutorial, is only for importing your 3d thing into game (its not perfect, but is for starters (the ones that want to know how to add theirs models in-game)

    I will use my stagea mod as a example: (I will not add part by part because with one or two you will understand how to continue)

    First Step:
    You need to make a choice: wich car you will base yours. The Official cars currently in-game are:
    The Covet
    The barstow
    The D-series
    ETK I-series
    ETK K-Series
    ETK 800
    Grand Marshal
    Pessima (midsize in the files)
    Pessima (80's)
    And the Roamer
    Dont forget the caravan, too

    Im using the NinetyNine's Wagon sunburst jbeam (i got permission, if you want to use someones jbeam ask for permission)
    I also need to export my car as a obj file to use as reference.

    Now i need to open the BNeditor

    Open your jbeam (the one that you choose (can be body, doors taillight)
    You problably understand now.
    Open the jbeam and the reference obj file:

    With they open and ready we start editing:

    The roof nodes rent exactely in the correct place, so we move them:

    Ok, you moved everything that you need?
    If yes, follow the next step:


    Check flexbodies section:

    You need to put the name in the flexbody to your part (see pic for what i need to copy)
    now you rename it in your part

    Dont forget to change this:

    Now save your jbeam in your vehicle folder here:

    I highly recomend organize your files by Type
    Right click, Classifie By (my pc is in portuguese so it must be something like that)
    And type (is type or kind?)
    right click, show by , block is a good idea too
    Your folder must look like this : (i use this setting of the organizing)

    Lets go to texturing! YAY!

    Step 4:

    Grab some materials.cs from somewhere or use the one that is in the end of the post
    I will use a blank one:
    Before That, We need to add textures to the 3d mesh:

    export it and add teh entry to your materials.cs:

    Here are two codes for you use:

    This is for solid colors/textures

    singleton Material(renamethis)
    mapTo = "renamethis";
    materialTag0 = "ER34"; materialTag1 = "vehicle";
    colorMap[0] = "yourtexture.dds";
    pixelSpecular[0] = "1";
    diffuseColor[0] = "0.988235 0.996078 0.988235 0.396";
    instanceDiffuse[0] = 1;
    dynamicCubemap = true;

    Lets explain:

    Singleton material (rename)
    you need no rename this for not have texture conflict.

    mapTo = "renamethis"; is your texture that you created in the blender (yes that name Ex: er34body)

    instanceDiffuse[0] = 1 or 0; Its easy 1 for paintable 0 for not paintable

    dynamic cubemap = true; True for have reflections False to not have reflections

    Ok but if i want to use glass texture?

    great question!

    This code:

    singleton Material(rename)
    mapTo = "rename";
    reflectivityMap[0] = "vehicles/yourmodfolder/yourtexture.dds";
    diffuseMap[0] = "vehicles/yourmodfolder/yourtexture.dds";
    opacityMap[0] = "vehicles/yourmodfolder/yourtexture.dds";
    diffuseMap[1] = "vehicles/yourmodfolder/yourtexture.dds";
    specularMap[0] = "vehicles/common/null.dds";
    normalMap[0] = "vehicles/common/null_n.dds";
    diffuseColor[1] = "0.5 0.5 0.5 0.75";
    specularPower[0] = "128";
    pixelSpecular[0] = "1";
    diffuseColor[0] = "1 1 1 1";
    useAnisotropic[0] = "1";
    castShadows = "0";
    translucent = "1";
    alphaTest = "0";
    alphaRef = "0";
    dynamicCubemap = true;
    materialTag0 = "beamng"; materialTag1 = "vehicle";

    This i dont know how to explain but the basics are the same rename the "rename"s "yourmodfolder" and "yourtexture" with the respective ones.

    for the textures, use the white.dds that @✖BETONOMESHALKA✖ has given to me, and it is in the final of the post with the materials.cs

    Dont forget to export your car in a dae file with the texture ''slot'' that we added in blender
    At this point your car/part/thing is already in game if you dont messed up with something.
    Very likely this way:

    Lets revise what is in this Tutorial:
    • Jbeam
    • exporting into game
    • texturing
    • making your own textures
    Ok we dont saw yet making your own textures, but is simple, download gimp or paint.net and export your texture as a .dds file and must be 1024x1024

    Any questions ask here and I will try to answer or maybe add in the tutorial.

    There is one more thing and it is:

    Pick the mesh of your ''base'' car and align the front wheels wells, because sometimes they dont match in size and lenght, and if that's the case do the following:
    If your car doesnt have hubs in the jbeam

    If your car have hubs:

    This was Beamng vehicle creation for starters!
    Thankyou very much for reading this and any questions post in this thread and i (or someone else) will try answer and maybe it can get to the main post. :D

    Also im sorry for my english ,im very tired, i write in this for an hour!
    And im also brasilian, here we dont speak english as our main lenguage, so it will have some erros here and there.

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