[Tutorial] Using a PS4 Controller with BeamNG.drive

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    May 15, 2015
    Using a PS4 (PlayStation 4) Controller with BeamNG.drive
    Recently I wanted to connect up my PlayStation 4 Controller to my computer for playing BeamNG.drive, however, I was unable to find a guide which was clear, and not outdated. Many guides I had read suggested using MotioninJoy, but after viewing several warnings about malware in the program I searched online to seek an alternative. I have now found an alternative, and I have written full, clear instructions on how to use the program and connect your PlayStation 4 controller to BeamNG.drive. In this tutorial, I used my controller in a 'wired' state, because my computer doesn't have build in Bluetooth and I don't have a dongle. Although this guide is for the PlayStation 4 Controller, you can use a PlayStation 3 Controller in a very similar way, just follow the guide and you should be able to pick up what to do.

    Step 1: Preparing your computer and controller.
    Firstly, you need to ensure that your PlayStation 4 is switched off, fully, from the plug. I found that even when my PlayStation 4 was in sleep/hibernation mode the controller was still trying to connect to it, causing issues. Next, you need to plug in your PlayStation 4 controller to your PC, you should now see that the backlight begins to fade through different shades of orange, if you don't see this, you may need to press the PlayStation button or check your controller isn't broken or dead flat. You now need to ensure that your computer has the following installed:

    • Microsoft.NET 4.0.
    • Visual C 2013 Runtime.
    • Latest DirectX Runtime.
    • Latest Xbox 360 Drivers (available from here: https://goo.gl/URAQTB)
    • Administrator Rights on your Computer

    Step 2: Installing the program.
    You now need to install the program we will be using, visit this link: http://goo.gl/rmj7Ma

    The download page is fairly self explanatory, and you should be able to easily download the program.

    Step 3: Setting up the program.
    Now, the program you have downloaded should be somewhere like your downloads folder, you need to move it to another place now. Copy and paste the whole archive to C:\Temp, right click on the archive and click 'Properties', then click the unblock button on the general tab (if it is displayed). You now need to unpack the archive to C:\Temp. Now, you need to navigate out of the folder you are currently in, and create a folder in a non-temporary place, such as in Documents. Make sure you make a new folder, call it something appropriate, like 'PS4 Controller', and make sure it's empty. Next, navigate back to the temporary folder, and open the folder there called 'bin'. Copy the contents (not the folder) and paste them in your folder you just made. Now, if you wish you can go and find the original downloaded file, and delete it, if you are worried about your computer's storage. The files in the temporary folder will be deleted automatically, so you don't need to worry about them.

    Step 4: Running the program.
    Now you have prepared the program, you can run it. You need to make sure at this point that your controller is plugged into your computer and you have the orange light, you also need to ensure that BeamNG.drive is not open. Run ScpDriver.exe, you will find it in the folder you created. Select 'Yes' if the User Account Control' box appears. Now, you'll see a box with some text in, and three check boxes below it, by default the right two boxes should already be checked, you'll need to tick the far left one too, so all three boxes are ticked. Now, click the 'Install' button. You can now test your controller on BeamNG.drive, just open it up and load up a map (with your keyboard and mouse), you should find that once everything is loaded up you can control your car using your controller. You'll find the controls below.

    Step 5: Learning the controls.
    Now, I realised that the controls for the car using the PlayStation 4 Controller are very similar to those of Grand Theft Auto 5, on the PlayStation 4 itself, so I was already used to them, but, I've included the controls below.

    L1 - Clutch
    L2 - Brake
    R1 - Handbrake (it's not push to activate as such, pressing once will turn it on, pressing again will turn it off)
    R2 - Accelerator
    Left Knob - Steering
    Right Knob - Camera
    Up Arrow - Headlight Mode Selector
    Down Arrow - Hazards Activator
    Left Arrow - Left Indicator Activator
    Right Arrow - Right Indicator Activator

    Thanks for reading!
    Thanks for reading my guide, I hope it all makes sense and is a help for all of your out there, if your unsure about anything else, let me know, I might be able to help you on it! If this guide did help you, please let me know in the comments below. :)

    - TheHattonator

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