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Beta ETK S-Series 0.82

Brand new ETK luxury sedan

  1. NinetyNine!
    This Car only works on Game Version 0.8+

    ETK S Series Sedan

    Excellence Redefined

    The S Series Sedan is a result of months of work in which i learned a lot. It's not perfect , but i'm more than satisfied - and i hope you are guys too ;)

    The car offers completely new engine setups and great drivability. but also many , many new parts , like wheels which can be seen below

    New Wheels you get when you download the S-Series , available for all modern ETK's
    screenshot_02904.png screenshot_02907.png screenshot_02908.png

    Credits :
    @synsol for helping me with fixing the powertrain
    @Bernd For letting me use his ETK800 Sedan jbeam as base for a fast start
    The BeamNG Team for the ETK 800 which was used as a base
    And the rest of my discord group who motivated me , tested and gave inspirations!

    There isnt much more to say except , have fun!

    Only use this Mod on BeamNG's latest version.

    Also if you want to support me and my other projects, I'm always open for PayPal donations :)

    Click here to donate

    Known Issues : Performance Data is still the same as on the ETK800 but will be fixed as soon as Performance Testing is available for 0.8.1

    No reuploading allowed. Zero tolerance , worldofmods and mods-download.

Recent Updates

  1. 0.82 Hotfix

Recent Reviews

  1. TbirdMan
    Version: 0.82
    Great mod, better then some base game cars.
  2. aleksf95
    Version: 0.82
    This is a good effort but there are some problems. The axles aren't strong enough and the wheels fall off with only light impacts. The biggest thing that I don't like is that there is no high mounted center brake light.
  3. IanSho
    Version: 0.82
    This is a 5 star mod... but if you have time to do this, do varietymod and make BeamNG great again. Great mod.
  4. suyu93
    Version: 0.82
  5. PonyMasterBryn
    Version: 0.82
    Sure it's made well enough - easily one of the better mods out there, and clearly quite popular.

    Though the front, especially the ttsport front bumper, looks out of place paired up with the ludicrously large, round rear end - which I though, being so big and weighty, would be great for sending the car sideways when in fact it just under steers no matter the ESC setting.
  6. VocalCloth
    Version: 0.82
    This is awesome!!! Would highly recommend downloading this!!!

    Here's a more indepth video review of the car and a map I was also reviewing
  7. qq910117ss
    Version: 0.82
    Holy s*it this is so nice
  8. mj2329
    Version: 0.82
    I can't drive i might just new to update the game. Still look's pretty good and everyone saying it's good so i give it a good review.
  9. ddu693
    Version: 0.82
    Awesome car with real driving pleasure.
    The feeling of the weight is there but she chain all turn without any difficulty.
    Worthy of vanilla car, without a doubt even better
  10. piliyouxia
    Version: 0.82
    best sedan ever existed on BEAM-NG, what suprises me is that this goes round tracks even faster than the RG-Apex, solid good suspension and four wheel drive. This car seems to be fill with potiential and I hope to see more varients like limo versions and SUV versions! XD