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Dec 29, 2015

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Dec 9, 2000 (Age: 17)
doing you're mom bro :DD


17, from straya

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    Dec 9, 2000 (Age: 17)
    doing you're mom bro :DD
    Dank quotes:
    "cool and good" - direct_UA
    "I'm not underage I'm 13" - klasser lmaop
    "Derby nutt" - klasser lmaop
    "They are joking bad with me" - klasser lmaop
    "shut up interior, i'm gonna insult you" - klasser lmaop
    "If even Beter is criticizing your blender skills, then you know your skills are bad." - BowlerHatJack
    "thailand style" - The Shotty (originated from beter peamo)
    "i like the fact that you can block people on discord" - nintynin after i annoyed him xdd
    "merserders bens" - ivane lochcuck
    "3good5me" - Nadeox1 after he deleted my thread (lmao)
    "When will years Dodge Viper" - Gensta
    "Nobody asked for your opinion. Start treating other members with respect for once." - Rainvest
    "banhammer soon" - furrypig
    "stop spreading your germs on me daddy" - interior
    "I could be the fire advisor, as I'm a firefighter in real life" - Fera (lmao)
    "Inertia should have never joined here" - Flippi284
    "FurryPig from what I know of him is a vastly experienced administrator" - Robert Gracie
    "Brend good Mod ETK 800" - ivane lochcuck
    "not rubbish mod meet, no nintynin's allowed" - Tommy1995
    "She. Inertia is Female." - Nathan 03
    "You need help." B727TheAirliner
    "ferraliayni , fordayni , mercedayni , Rangayni , Nissayni , Bentlayni , Hondayni" - ivane lochcuck
    "coll" - ivane lochcuck (as he posted a pic of himself pirating BeamNG)
    "I don't appreciate that. :|" - Mister Kenneth
    "Does nitrous work with CVTs?" - Justy4WDTurbo
    "i wan to be yor freind" - Rainvest
    "no" - The Shotty
    "Also your map is trash" - AllThingsEverything
    "that simple u need t otap ctrl click on a orange point after find a green point and click in the middle of ur pc mouse" - klasser lmaop
    ":| Something went wrong, reattached file." - direct_UA
    "No way to tow anything with FWD." - Tsutarja495
    "The new ETK S-Series front bumper looks absolutely horrible." Ytrewq
    "Sorry to disappoint you but we will not follow you on this joke." - synsol
    "you could just smartuv it and then ao bake, thats what i do" - nintynin
    "what :|" - nintynin
    "could you fix UI plz" - thomatoes50
    "Guys i'm not a piece of meat" - HadACoolName
    "I think it's very ok" JoshTheAutism
    "go me mod" - ivane lochcuck
    "ok" - literally everyone on discord​

    Main Rig: Intel Core i5 3570K | ASUS HD7950 | GSkill Sniper 8GB 1600MHz | Asrock Z75 Pro3 | Hyper 212 EVO | 850 EVO SSD | WD Black 1TB | NZXT S340 | Windows 10 Pro |
    Laptop: 17-inch ASUS ROG G750JH | Intel Core i7 4700HQ | NVIDIA GTX 780M | 16GB RAM | 128GB M.2 SSD x2 (RAID 0) | 1TB HDD | Windows 10 Home |


    Released Mods:
    V8 Pessima | T-Series Rollback Flatbed | Offroad Park
    Other links:
    Youtube | Steam
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