Beta Bitron B2 0.2.4

A 2010's french hatchback

  1. second hotfix for 0.20

    • redone config thumbnails (wanted to wait for 0.3 ....)
    • fixed suspension sound (upgrade the sounds too)
    • fixed dorifto config (vehicle not working and sound not playing)
    • fixed soundspace (horn and other cabine sounds)
  2. hotfix for 0.20

    • removed beamStatePart script
    • fixed cooling system warning in 0.20
    • fixed alert message on screen still being displayed after reset
  3. hotfix for 0.15

    • Fix lua exception when loading the vehicle
    • added European license plate format
    I was working on 0.3, I will continue to do so. no idea when it will come out
  4. hotfix 1 for 0.2

    • fixed rear race sway bar creating instability (explode fuel tank, vibrate)
    • tweaked a bit the diesel Engine
    • added JATO infinite controller and JATO Drifto config
    Please note that I won't upgrade the real marker logo mod because it's not possible any more. ( I do not use the common folder for the whole car any more because of performance issues )
  5. 0.2.0 - The big update that should have been finished next weekend since 6 months

    Big changes:
    - Skin support (check
    - new PowerTrain engines by @IceyChow
    - Rally version (bodykit, special gauge and dashboard, skin, roofscope)
    - One new Rim and a hubcap
    - Implement 0.12 engine feature (ECU, Long Block swap, N2O)
    - Jato

    - tweak the jbeam body to be less hatch-y
    - Use Jbeam new feature "deformLimit" from 0.10
    - fixed jbeam
    - Headlamps
    - Rally and race struts (sterring...
  6. 0.1.3 : hotfix for 0.11

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  7. 0.1.2 : fix for the 0.9

    • by @wrinkle345 : fix the materials
    • fix for shaking parts :
      • rear bumper
      • front fenders / doors
    • remade the jbeam of the doors
    Next update will add more content, engines by @IceyChow (still have to do the mesh for those), better textures and normals ...
  8. 0.1.1 Fix and fog lights

    you will have to redownload the Real Brand mod!
    • Added FogLights
    • fixed Licence plated style slot missing
    • fixed dashboard stalk wrong rotation
    • fixed overheating indicator
    • Added GPS (I will add another variant later)
    • Added Front and Rear Bumper styles
    • fixed braking disk (wrong position -> weird deformation, and face normal inverted on one side)
    • fixed wrong position of gearbox jbeam


    1. screenshot_00014.png
    2. screenshot_00013.png
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