Beta BTP GT 1.5.1

The Hirochi SBR4 re-defined

  1. BabyTeethLFA
    Introducing the BTP GT

    After the huge success of their first car, the C-Series, BabyTeethPerformance decided to move to "unknown grounds". The GT is their first Grand Tourer and offers you luxury and performance. It also offers you alternative fuel options like Hydrogen or electric drivetrains.

    The difference to the C-Series is that the GT comes as configs.

    For top speed runs I suggest you to download the Beta - Road Grip Editor | BeamNG and leave the ESC at least in Race Mode, but don't turn it off at high speeds. The Road Grip should be at x4 to run safely.

    The Engine:
    BTP re-worked the vanilla 2l F4 Engine and tuned its exhaust sound to sound like the Vivace i5 Engine.

    BTP used the GT to participate at the Group GT3 series. Featuring a much aero and a Custom naturally aspirated 1.9l 180° V4 Engine capable of 600hp.
    With the car they won the whole championship and even the 24 hours of Hirochi Raceway. They destroyed the Scuderia Bolide. For the first time since 10 years, a different team than Scuderia Bolide won this.

    This is a drivers machine. A car in @MuYe 's favorite color, Baby Blue. It has a reasonably 400 horsepower and is supposed to be driven on a twisty and narrow mountain road.

    - Sound tuned F4 engine
    - custom V4 engine
    - Diesel F4
    - Electric Variants
    - Emulated Fuel Cell (exists just in JBEAMs, there is no fuel cell model)

    - Unit mistake in tuning menu (just with the Fuel Cell)

    - Modelling a fuel cell
    - More race configs

    Watch my Brand thread to get updates about my work: WIP - BabyTeethPerformance - The Thread | BeamNG


    Credits and shoutouts:
    models and (almost all) JBEAMs - @BeamNG

    Configs, (some) JBEAMs and all JSONS - me
    @Car_Killer for testing my first uploading attempt. You helped me very much!


    1. screenshot_2021-03-25_12-19-00.png
    2. screenshot_2021-03-25_12-20-51.png
    3. Unbenannt1.png
    4. Unbenannt2.png
    5. Unbenannt3.png
    6. 763459-c279d469c175578a0806286ababad269.png
    7. 763458-9da83eb891ed3e10d9cbe3ac36fc838b.png
    8. 763457-dfaafa71bdbf3532052958335d9714fc.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. jeandre4877
    i find this a great mod, but i don't think it's "re-defining"
    1. BabyTeethLFA
      Author's Response
      I did that "slogan" because I wanted it to become a tradition for all of my BTP mods but thx for that nice review!
  2. Cruzin
    It would be super cool if you added a Flat 12 to this mod, like for the ultimate race car.
    1. BabyTeethLFA
  3. PowerstrokeHD
    Interesting. Maybe you can use the fuel cell model from the wendover/legran. Is the badging still hirochi? sry i did not see it in-game yet
    1. BabyTeethLFA
      Author's Response
      maybe. i am still running on the old version because my thinkpad is just crap. we'll se :D
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