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Burnside Taxi 1.052

Hey hey! Come on over have some fun with more Burnside Taxi!

  1. [1.052] Toppers Position Adjustment

    • Adjust toppers' positions to fit the updated body as beacon slot no longer has position offset values (z-axis 0.23)
  2. [1.051] There's an Official Taxi

    • There's an official taxi coming! so here's some changes to the file/jbeam names preventing possible naming conflicts in the future:
      • The configurations and their related files(thumbnails, info), from "taxi/taxi_crazy" to "burnside_taxi_nokau/burnside_taxi_crazy_nokau"
      • The metal topper, from "burnside_beaconlight_taxi" to "burnside_taxi_metaltopper"
  3. [1.05] The 2 toppers are now available for the Fullsize

    • Made the 2 toppers available for the Fullsize(Garvil Grand Marshal)
    • New thumbnails for the configurations
    • Minor skin adjustments
  4. [1.041] Add "Plastic Topper" and jbeam for" Miramar Taxi and Patrol" mod

    • Change "Taxi Topper" to "Taxi Topper - Metal Frame"
    • Add a beacon light "Taxi Topper - Plastic"
    • Add jbeam for the Miramar Taxi and Patrol mod
  5. [1.03] Add a skin with colorable Rapid Taxi text

    • Add a skin with colorable Rapid Taxi text color map
  6. [1.02] Color Map

    • The skins now have color maps
  7. [1.01] Fix floppy topper and add secondary color

    • Fix the topper's beams since I found it couldn't support itself if I hit a bump hard enough.
    • Adds working secondary color to the body colored livery.
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