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Burnside Wagon Body 1.0211

A wagon body for the Burnside Special.

  1. [1.0211] Add a loading screen image, minor changes

    • Add a loading screen image
    • Configurations names updated
      • Taxi (M) to Wagon Taxi (M)
      • Police (A) to Wagon Police (A)
    • Thumbnails updated
  2. [1.021] New thumbnails, config info update.

    • Updated config Info
      • Wagon (A) now spawns with the Wagon 2-tone paint design.
      • Taxi config is now marked (M)
    • New thumbnails
    • Police Livery Wagon, this paint design now works the same way as the official Police Livery
  3. [1.02] Matching 0.16 Node Beam Settings

  4. [1.0132] Minor N/B Adjustment

    • Minor nodes/beams adjustment.
  5. [1.0131] Skin jbeam and material.cs cleanup, UV adjustments

    I just found the taillight fills from the Super Special Coupe mod can't align with the wagon body very well. The skin has also been quite confusing.
    • Minor body UV adjustments, updated UV references
    • Cleanup the the skin jbeam, leaving only the essentials
    • Cleanup and re-arrange material.cs
    • Adds a skin "Wagon 2-Tone Body"
    • Adds a part "Taillight Fills Wagon" for...
  6. [1.012] N/B Adjustment

    • Adjust Nodes/Beams
    • A larger roof colorMap for the skin Wagon 2-Tone
  7. [1.011] Minor UV/Mesh Adjustment

    • New UV references, 2ndUV_body.png and 2ndUV_roof.png.
    • Minor adjustments to UV and meshes
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