Burnside Wagon Body 1.0249

A wagon body for the Burnside Special.

  1. [1.249] Odometers, added Shifter slot

    • Fixed odometers
    • Added Shifter slot to the body
  2. [1.0247] Fixed Rear Wheel Skirts offset

    • Fixed the Rear Wheel Skirts being misaligned with the body from using nodeOffset
    Thanks @TechMechanic for noticing the issue!
  3. [1.0246] v0.24 fixed missing gauges

    • Fixed missing gauges
  4. [1.0245] Minor changes, part for Burnside 'Lowside' Special mod

    • Minor mesh adjustments to the tailgate
    • Removed Taxi Sign Wagon
    • Updated the included configuration to use Liftgate/Tailgate Type II
    • Added 'Lowside' Trunk Pinstripe Wagon (Colorable) paint job design
    • Added Hydraulics Control Module Wagon part for Burnside 'Lowside' Special mod
  5. [1.0244] UV adjust, taillight fills

  6. [1.0243] Carpet updated

    • Matched with current version(v0.23)
      • Re-mapped the UV of the body's carpeted parts and applied the new carpet material
  7. [1.0242] Game version v0.23, PBR, UV

    • Updated the included textures and materials for PBR
    • Adjusted UV fitting current version textures
    • Added Rear EU License Plate Wagon
    • Updated config info
    • Updated config thumbnails
  8. [1.023] Game version v0.22

    • Matched some node weights found in the current version
    • Added Taxi Sign Wagon, the vanilla taxi sign would sink into the roof of the wagon body, this is the fix for it now
    • Added Roof Bars Wagon
    • Updated config info
  9. moderation: fix (1.0222)

  10. [1.0221] Rear glass re-worked, major changes

    • Updated the mod's textures from .png to .dds
    • Updated the mod's materials.cs to materials.json
    • Fixed the Wagon Body's rear window areas' UV position(2nd UV), left side was mapped to the right and vice versa
    • Skins
      • Updated Police Livery Wagon, had a miss drawn on the right side of the car, moved the trunk text upward slightly
      • Added Sedan 2-Tone paint job design
    • Wagon body
      • Model adjustments
      • Re-worked...
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