CHP Bolide amd SBR4 Skins v 1.0

It's time to play serious

  1. Honest Nick
    Hello everyone. WCUSA finally released, and it's a that thing, who i waiting for a long time. In honor of the release of this map, I made a set of skins for the Hirochi SBR4 and Civetta Bolide.

    Use @silvermanblu deafult emergency pack or @jschadle Global Police Skin Pack for use lightbars on this cars.

    screenshot_00346.png screenshot_00347.png screenshot_00345.png screenshot_00376.png screenshot_00408.png screenshot_00344.png

    This pack includes:

    Civetta Bolide CHP:

    Civetta Bolide CHP White:

    Hirochi SBR4 CHP:

    Hirochi SBR4 CHP White:

    Hirochi SBR4 CHP Brown "Grisly bear" (FICTIONAL):
    I hope you enjoy this mod.
    And also check out OuDacai's pack for Grand Marshal/Roamer/Moonhawk skins:加州高速公路巡逻警车.2445/

    P.S. Жулик - не воруй! ;)
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Recent Reviews

  1. J creeper
    J creeper
    Version: v 1.0
    good sbr4
  2. Evandman12345
    Version: v 1.0
    Awesome man Love the new police cars great for the station
  3. rocksim
    Version: v 1.0
    Great job! One thing that isn't so great is how the star is split on the SBR4, but it's really not that big of a deal. I LOVE the snowball skins, they look so good!
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