Beta Civetta Bolide LS7 V6.0

A GM LS7-powered Bolide, inspired by the C6 Corvette!

  1. Angry_Bird
    New Christmas update for the new Remastered Bolide!

    DELETE THE angry_bird_ls7super files for this new update to work!

    Civetta Bolide LS7

    Equipped with ABS and ESC!

    Credits to @dytastic for featuring this mod!

    Next plans... maybe add round lights bumper for the Bolide (like the C6 Corvette), will open a discussion tab for this mod once the update has been approved and moved.


    Photo: Z06 engine bay (NA configs) shown above


    Photo: ZR1 engine bay (supercharged configs) shown above

    Configuration list:

    Z06: A Bolide with a stock LS7 engine, capable of topping 200 mph with 505 hp.

    Price: $65000

    ZR1: Equipping a supercharger, it has 740 hp and 750 lb-ft of torque, has a top speed of 224 mph.

    Price: $125000

    Z06 R: Now with upgraded modern sports wheels as well as an intake plus an exhaust mod, putting it to 720 hp at a screaming 8500 rpm with a top speed of 225 mph.

    Overall design is inspired by this:

    Price: $135000


    Z06 Polizia: A Polizia version (and customizable with different police skins upon request) with 505 horsepower, capable of 200 mph of top speed.

    Price: $125000

    Z06 X: Equipped with an insanely powerful race block with race tires and aero, capable of 950 hp at an unbelievable 9000 rpm and a crazy top speed north of 250 mph!

    Price: $500000

    Overall design is inspired by this:


    Reaper 2000: A street-legal hypercar with drag race capabilities, with 2000 horsepower from a twin-supercharged LS7 and an unbelievable top speed of 300 mph!

    Price: $1M

    Land Shark TTX: Based upon the Mosler MT900 GTR XX Twin Turbo Land Shark, it now equips a heavily modified LS7 engine with twin turbos pushing north of 2100 hp! The real top speed is so fast that it becomes classified, only you can find it out!

    Price: $1.2M

    - Engine Model is based on the Fullsize's common V8.
    - Retained the Bolide's Intake and header models as they are more appropiate for an exotic car.
    - The supercharger model is based on the Fullize V8 supercharger textures.
    - The gear ratios of the 6-speed Manual Transmission are based on the C6 ZR1's Tremec TR6060 Transmission.
    - Sequential Transmission is also offered.
    - Ceramic Brakes is offered as well as uprated radiator plus enlarged fuel tank.



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Recent Reviews

  1. mhegai
    Version: V5.5
    "Seven liduhr vee-eih mowduh"
    -Jeremy Clarkson-
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      Updates coming up!
  2. YFM7777
    Version: V5.0
    It has good potential but the sounds are really bad.
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      I will keep trying on improving the mod by using different sounds, will release an update for the updated sound.
  3. __Boss__
    Version: V5.0
    idk why you are puting prices we only spawn the car lmao
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      Well since other BeamNG vanilla configs have their own pricetags it is natural that it has a similar reference price as well as their performance class.
  4. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 2005 V4.1
    haha bolide goes america
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      Thanks bro. It took me quite a bit to improve the sounds btw :)
  5. IRebic
    Version: 2005 V3.5.1 Custom Sound
    I love everything but the sound, it turned out pretty bad :/
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      Yeah I have only 2 wav files, if you have good custom sound files DM me I will update them.
  6. death cheetah
    death cheetah
    Version: 2005 V3.5.1 Custom Sound
    good effort and has a lot of potential! the sounds are just really bad though, maybe more .wav files instead of just 2 so that it blends better and actually sounds like a car? either way, cool concept and i wanna see more progress on sounds !
    1. Angry_Bird
  7. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 2005
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      Ayy there is a new update, check it up, you can rev your LS up to 9000 rpm (make sure you use your race block tho)
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