Civetta Bolide LS7 2005 V3.5 Custom Sound

A GM LS7-powered Bolide with 3 different levels of power, 4 different configurations!

  1. Angry_Bird
    Civetta Bolide LS7

    NOW with custom sound!
    Audio clip source:


    Photo: LS7 GT engine bay shown


    LS7: A Bolide with a stock LS7 engine, capable of topping 200 mph with 505 hp.

    Price: $65000


    LS7 Classic: Same power as above. A LS7 Bolide with classic muscle car rims and grippier tires to fit its retro appearance, has a 5 spd manual.

    Price: $70000


    LS7 GT: Now with upgraded modern sports wheels as well as an intake plus an exhaust mod, putting it to 700 hp at a screaming 8500 rpm with a top speed of 220 mph.

    Price: $95000


    LS7 Police: A polizia version (and customizable with different police skins upon request) with 600 horsepower, capable of 208 mph of top speed.

    Price: $125000


    LS7 SC: Now equipping a supercharger, it has more than 900 hp and 900 lb-ft of torque, pushing its top speed to a hypercar-level 243 mph.

    Price: $125000


    LS7 R: Equipped with an insanely powerful race block with race tires and aero, capable of 930 hp at an unbelievable 9000 rpm and a crazy top speed of 240 mph!

    Price: $175000


    LS7 SC R: A street-legal hypercar with drag race capabilities, with 1400 horsepower from a supercharged LS7 and an insane top speed of 270 mph!

    BONUS Bolide Track Toy-based (credits to @ItsYourBoi) configurations (Note you must download for the three configs to work):


    Track Toy LS7 GT: Equipped with a stock 505 hp LS7, capable a top speed of 225 mph while being street friendly.

    Price: $175000


    Track Toy LS7 Offroad: Now boosting a supercharger, it has 1000 horsepower and a top speed of 260 mph. And it is also a very offroad-friendly too, capable on all terrains!

    Price: $330000


    Track Toy LS7 Extreme: Producing only 10 samples in the world, it has 1400 horsepower while being only barely a tonne of weight. It tops out at 290 mph to maintain downforce and handling.

    Price: $750000

    Note: Engine Mode is based on the Fullsize's common V8. Forward gear ratios on the LS7, LS7 GT and LS7 R are based on the C6 ZR1's Tremec Transmission.

    Enjoy!!! @Martin.S

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  1. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 2005
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      Ayy there is a new update, check it up, you can rev your LS up to 9000 rpm (make sure you use your race block tho)
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