Classic NSW Police Caprice MINIPACK!! (skins only) 1.0

A classic New South Wales Police skin mini pack for the 'American 80's Fullsize Series' mod!

  1. Royann23
    Hello everyone, this is my take of the classic New South Wales Police livery on the Chevorlet Caprice/Impala from the American 80's Fullsize Series Mod created by the legendary SargentFido!

    Within this skin pack you will get:
    New South Wales Police - General Duties

    New South Wales Police - Yellow Interceptor (80's era of highway patrol)
    New South Wales Police - Highway Patrol (early 90's style era)

    Just to clarify to the users reading, these are SKINS for a mod created by SargentFido and NOT a redistribution of the mod or any part of the mod created by SargentFido.

    I highly encourage you checkout his profile and to support [SargentFido] by downloading his [Codename: oldfullsize] and [American 80's Fullsize Series] mod if you want to use this skin on his mod!

    Otherwise these skins do NOT contain anything originally from the mod, only the custom skin itself, that's it!

    [INSTRUCTIONS] - Simply drop the zip file in your BeamNG's mod folder and you are ready to see it ingame.

    Check out the screenshots below to see what you are getting!!


    1. 20220108135126_1.jpg
    2. 20220108135141_1.jpg
    3. 20220108135242_1.jpg
    4. 20220108135422_1.jpg
    5. 20220108140117_1.jpg
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