Unsupported Dawn of the Wreckoning - "Failrace's TestTrack" v2.0 R4+2

Major update to JonasTMT's original map - New look, roads, features and a challenging scenario!

  1. EvilMcSheep
    Playable, has gotten a few visual issues with updates to the game;
    Fixes are not trivial enough to overcome laziness, and gradual loss of interest in Beam.

    More details
    Scratches and dirtiness when? AAAA! :D

    "Hello and welcome to the Wreckoning!"

    Disclaimer: Does NOT actually take place at dawn!
    (unless you change the time of day, which is obviously cheating)

    As the little description thingy says, this is an updated version of JonasTMT's "Failrace's TestTrack"

    (Think of it as a remix, but to a non-audio track)


    New scenery
    20170607230115_1.jpg 20170607230438_1.jpg 20170607230700_1.jpg 20170607230803_1.jpg 20170607231019_1.jpg 20170607231321_1.jpg 20170607232058_1.jpg 20170607232449_1.jpg 20170607233202_1.jpg

    AI Support


    Alternate paths & better support for taking it in reverse

    20170608000529_1.jpg 20170608000642_1.jpg 20170608000939_1.jpg

    Lights for midnight destruction
    20170608002555_1.jpg 20170608003005_1.jpg

    Eleven Quickplay routes

    Speedy Inspection
    A highly rewarding 4 minute challenge, taking you through the outskirts of the map in everyone's favorite official AWS car.
    Built to test your skill in falling off cliffs, pillar dodging, precision driving, car preservation, route planning and most of all - patience!

    (Seriously, if you finish it on first try, you're more of a Driving God than Hamster)
    20170608010635_1.jpg 20170608011139_1.jpg 20170608012051_1.jpg 20170608013052_1.jpg 20170608013612_1.jpg
    Post your time in the Discussion page if you manage to beat it :)

    The main roads have (so far) been left basically unaltered to avoid screwing with the leaderboard of The Wreckoning
    (Seriously (again), I spent almost 100 hours building and testing this thing, if it doesn't get any decent use, I'm (not-so-seriously) buying a fainting couch and eating ice cream until I d- um... GET DEFEATED by ice cream poisoning or run out of money)
    The map is completely split off from the original and will not conflict!

    Big thanks to Ulrichou86 for giving some much needed competition during development!

    Have fun! :D

Recent Reviews

  1. EnjoyMyHItsYT
    Version: R4+2
    the textures of the road i mean the cracks on the road wont appear when i drive over them
  2. Ewanc
    Version: R4+2
    This track is insane! A paved race track, that's been dilapidated and hijacked by a dirt track builder. I like that the track loop makes sense overall, the jumps are very well designed and has an insane level of detail. There's seems to be too much going on and suggest cleaning it up a little, with fewer extras beyond 100-200 meters from the main loop. Ive poked around in the editor to see what was up, and found a fully detailed BeamNG.drive car - shrunken down and stuck to the side of a rock as well as many doodles and high detail props in the middle of nowhere.
    1. EvilMcSheep
      Author's Response
      Thanks for being one of the rare people who actually put interesting feedback into reviews, appreciated!
      10/10 on that second sentence :D
      The purpose behind all the details is to make the surroundings at least semi-interesting to explore. Makes it feel like the racing area is a part of a bigger world!
      If you were to play Speedy Inspection or some of the Quick Play races, you'd see that a fair amount of them actually contribute to the 'main play area'.
      I understand that they aren't the best for performance, but the map is completely playable on minimum spec PCs, so it's not a major concern.
      The Pigeon is missing all the layers of texturing and so on, so it doesn't do much to affect performance.
      Again, thanks for the review :)
  3. EnjoyMyHItsYT
    Version: R4+1
    Great Map pls more Update's
    1. EvilMcSheep
      Author's Response
      Go to Discussion and suggest something.
      If it's a good idea, I'll implement it.
      I'd like to improve it, but I don't have anything interesting planned currently, so I need ideas or issue reports, thank you :)
  4. PinheadLarry
    Version: R4+1
    18/10 IGN will download again
  5. Rafael Lizarda
    Rafael Lizarda
    Version: R4+1
  6. TimJensen
    Version: R4+1
    Love it!
  7. SWiiFTxxV3N0M
    Version: R4
    you should make a 3.0 map this one is so great!!
    1. EvilMcSheep
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :)
      Not happening unless someone pays me to do it :p
  8. Sunset Drive
    Sunset Drive
    Version: R3
    You need to add this to quickplay.
    1. EvilMcSheep
      Author's Response
      I'll look into it :)
  9. BannedByAndroid
    Version: R2
    Not working. But it's great.
    1. EvilMcSheep
      Author's Response
      Erm... give some details maybe?
      This should have been posted in Discussion :/
  10. knoblauch_zehe
    Version: R2
    One word.....Awesome!
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