Experimental Deo Volente Insane Edition 1.0

A crazy car, even crazier!

  1. CarFanatic86
    The craziest automation car there is, but even crazier! Using @Agent_Y 's car values mod, I was able to give this car not just another supercharger, but a turbo too! The both have insanely high pressure in them before the waste gate opens, and pressurize insanely quick!
    Please note that this mod is experimental, so It may sometimes have problems.
    Also, you have to select "Deo Volente 6.0", Not the old one. Press ctrl+w and select "Save And Load" and select "INSANITY!!!!!"
    I did not make the Deo Volente. It was created by @Inn0centJok3r .
    This mod would not be possible without @Agent_Y 's car values scale mod.

    Feel free to leave a rating!



    1. screenshot_2021-06-15_08-35-05.png
    2. screenshot_2021-06-15_08-36-41.png
    3. screenshot_2021-06-15_08-37-08.png
    4. screenshot_2021-06-15_08-37-16.png
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