Beta Electric citybus 2.5

The best public transport is noiseless and vibration free public transport

  1. Stub & Furious

    Added compatibility with the Stubby Bus.
    Added an experimental P1000D motor to the DT40 and the Stubby only. Good luck with this one.
    Added 2 configurations (Stubby 200HP, P1000D). screenshot_2019-05-15_21-56-47.png P1000D.png
  2. 35, 40, 45

    Fixed a typo
    Added preset configs
    Added support for the Wentward Pack
    screenshot_2019-05-10_19-07-18.png screenshot_2019-05-10_22-39-07.png screenshot_2019-05-10_23-02-58.png
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