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Unsupported ETK S-Series 2.51

Brand new ETK luxury sedan

  1. NinetyNine!
    Version 2.5+ is only compatible with game version 0.10

    ETK S Series Sedan

    Excellence Redefined
    screenshot_04264.png screenshot_04265.png

    The S Series Sedan is a result of months of work in which i learned a lot. It's not perfect , but i'm more than satisfied - and i hope you guys are too ;)

    The car offers completely new engine setups and great drivability. but also many , many new parts , like wheels which can be seen below

    New Wheels you get when you download the S-Series , available for all modern ETK's

    screenshot_03606.png screenshot_03607.png screenshot_03608.png screenshot_03609.png

    Credits :
    @synsol for helping me with fixing the powertrain and overall being the best help i could imagine
    @Bernd For letting me use his ETK800 Sedan jbeam as base for a fast start
    The BeamNG Team for the ETK 800 which was used as a base
    And the rest of my discord group who motivated me , tested and gave inspirations!

    There isnt much more to say except , have fun!

    Only use this Mod on BeamNG's latest version.

    No reuploading allowed. Zero tolerance , worldofmods and mods-download.

    The S-Series Security Mod is incompatible with this and causing various issues. Please uninstall it if you want to use the latest S-Series Version.

    also, if you have any issues (for example invisible wheels) clear cache first and check if you have installed it right.

Recent Reviews

  1. BaldurIsCool
    Version: 2.51
    i can't get enough of this car, really well made and i love how easily it crashes and how many pieces fly off
  2. Gabriel Pereira Saideles
    Gabriel Pereira Saideles
    Version: 2.51
    I miss this mod...
  3. themodmaker9
    Version: 2.51
    Nice luxury sedan to compete with other models, the only problem is the interior textures but it is a nice modern luxury sedan
  4. VolvoS60Polestar
    Version: 2.51
    The only reason I give this masterpiece 4 stars is because of the fact that it hasn't been updated in a long time. An update would be extremely nice.
  5. carlover6x6
    Version: 2.51
    Mercedes maybach? The maybach on the mercedes site has the same rims of the v12 mod. Besides etk is mercedes and BMW. love this mod
  6. JMK
    Version: 2.51
    We need it back officially!
  7. italy0047
    Version: 2.51
    It works very fine for me, why is unsupported?
  8. Prius
    Version: 2.51
    A real beauty
  9. Murad2
    Version: 2.51
    The mod now works! I am using 0.19 something and for some reason it runs fine now?Weird, but cool!
  10. ayxangaming3
    Version: 2.51
    AMAZING! But it was. You are killing it.
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