Unsupported ETK S-Series 2.51

Brand new ETK luxury sedan

  1. NinetyNine!
    Version 2.5+ is only compatible with game version 0.10

    ETK S Series Sedan

    Excellence Redefined
    screenshot_04264.png screenshot_04265.png

    The S Series Sedan is a result of months of work in which i learned a lot. It's not perfect , but i'm more than satisfied - and i hope you guys are too ;)

    The car offers completely new engine setups and great drivability. but also many , many new parts , like wheels which can be seen below

    New Wheels you get when you download the S-Series , available for all modern ETK's

    screenshot_03606.png screenshot_03607.png screenshot_03608.png screenshot_03609.png

    Credits :
    @synsol for helping me with fixing the powertrain and overall being the best help i could imagine
    @Bernd For letting me use his ETK800 Sedan jbeam as base for a fast start
    The BeamNG Team for the ETK 800 which was used as a base
    And the rest of my discord group who motivated me , tested and gave inspirations!

    There isnt much more to say except , have fun!

    Only use this Mod on BeamNG's latest version.

    No reuploading allowed. Zero tolerance , worldofmods and mods-download.

    The S-Series Security Mod is incompatible with this and causing various issues. Please uninstall it if you want to use the latest S-Series Version.

    also, if you have any issues (for example invisible wheels) clear cache first and check if you have installed it right.

Recent Reviews

  1. lukelarso12
    Version: 2.51
    The reason why I rated this one star is that I think that you should first make this mod compatible with the latest beamng update , and then i suggest updating it to make it a 2020 model year by changing the dashboard situation around a little bit and adding a digital speedometer, and maybe adding a panoramic sunroof. I also suggest maybe making some new variants like a police version and some electric variants.
  2. 16PiXel-Dude
    Version: 2.51
    To bad this is DEAD, it was one of the best mods ever.
  3. Nico1234
    Version: 2.51
    es ist ein schöner mod
  4. YMCooper
    Version: 2.51
    great mod
  5. NagronCZ
    Version: 2.51
    Best mod, but outdated :/
  6. SHΛW
    Version: 2.51
    will you update this mod?
  7. OGDraeon
    Version: 2.51
    Great mod but it needs an update :/
  8. Mr. Ree
    Mr. Ree
    Version: 2.51
    it looks so good
  9. Pocionk
    Version: 2.51
    This one is amazing, but i have got one problem with clock (??? i dont know how to translate it) there is the bugged texture
    1. NinetyNine!
      Author's Response
      This mod is outdated at the moment, thats why it has some issues
  10. Billiamiscool
    Version: 2.51
    This mod is simply incredible, and I do hope it gets updated at some point
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