Beta ETK800 Hybrid 8.0.1

Full hybrid versions of the ETK800 hatchback car

  1. Big update - 0.23 fixes and lots of improvements!

    • Updated to Arcanox Core 5.0 (see the changelog for Arcanox Core for more details on everything this includes).
    • Car now spawns powered off; press V to turn it on (there is a slider on the "Tuning" window to change this so the car starts powered on; you can save over the default configurations if you don't like this change).
    • Jazzed up the car's dashboard; now it's even fancier than before. All the gauges now participate in the fancy "sweep" animation, and the text/indicator layout on the "screen" was greatly improved, in addition to the "eco bar" under the tach.
    • Added a fun little sound effect when turning the car on (when inside the vehicle) inspired by a certain real-life auto manufacturer known for their popular hybrid vehicles.
    • Re-tuned hybrid system parameters for all ETK800 hybrid configurations to balance the power and improve drive quality.
    • Fixed a visual bug caused by a recent game update that caused the custom Hybrid-related badges on the tailgate to be hidden inside the tailgate mesh.
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