1. Intel iGPU (6xx series) crashes
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Beta GPACK 0.11.4b

New parts, new configurations

  1. V0.11.3

    GPACK V0.11.3
    I finally fixed something days before 1st anniversary.
    download map here

    -Twoima no longer oil starves!

    What's new:
    -Sequential gearbox for Grand Marshal and H-Series.
    -Bellco performance 2.0L engine for Hirochi Sunburst, revs up to 12,000 RPM!
    -Bellco performance 3.0L engine for ETK K-Series, 800-Series and 1300-Series, can also rev up to 12,000 RPM!
    -Better fitment of Sunburst aftermarket lights.

    -Removed unwanted engine bay stress caused by the Twoima's fenders, this seemed to be the significant source of the oil starving.
    -Added trim support to custom ETK K-Series front bumper.
    -Fixed Twoima's rear panel material.

    If oil starvation still occurs under normal driving, DM me.
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