Beta HighDef's Chase Scenario Pack 0.8.8

8 New chases! Various chase scenarios similar to the ones provided with the game.

  1. Added 8 scenarios

    Added 6 scenarios on vanilla levels with only 'front wheel drive' cars
    Added 2 more scenarios to Tennessee

    Burnside Tennessee
    LeGran Tour Tennessee

    Four Wheel Steer chase
    LeGran Sport chase
    Poosima chase
    Sun'Budget' chase
    Super Hatch chase
    Hatch A chase
  2. Added 4 new chases

    Added Bus Chase on Jungle Rock Island
    Added Banger Chase on Jungle Rock Island
    Added Truck Chase on Small Island
    Added Hatch Chase on Small Island
  3. Experimental AI police chase and hopper chase + 3 chases for bob.blunderton's LIDAR Tennessee map.

    Added Hopper Flee scenario to Small Island USA (same as chase just swaped with AI)
    Added Police Getaway to East Coast USA (has 3 cops on the island hunting you down)
    Added Race Chase Tennessee
    Added JDM Chase Tennessee
    Added Police Chase Tennessee

    You will need to subscribe/download this map to use these scenarios.

    The AI chasing you scenarios are not that great at the moment...
  4. 8 new scenarios over Utah and WCUSA

    Added 4 chases to Utah and 4 to WCUSA
  5. Headlight activation (crude).

    Added a command to toggle the player and AI car headlights at the start of the scenario in the darker levels, I say crude because they toggle every time that retry so some retrys the lights will be off, press retry again to get them to turn on again.
  6. Fix for errors and some changes.

    Sorry for the last update breaking some of the levels. I have sorted this out now, thanks to CountMarcelor letting me know in the discussion tab.

    Fixed errors
    Moved starting point of Rally Chase again
    Fixed time of day and fog for some levels
    Corrected loose spelling mistakes, thanks Davidinark (doi)
  7. Waypoint message corrections.

    Removed the 'turn on your headlights' part of the messages
  8. Pessima penilizer

    Detuned Pessima for JDM Chase
  9. Second pass. Fixes and changes.

    Removed all damage limiters so you can take as much damage as you like
    Moved suspects in Search and Detain scenarios closer to your start point
    Adjusted time of day
    Added fog to some levels
    Worked on start text to be more suitable to the theme (mainly SnDs)
    Moved start position of Rally Chase so that your not just doused with dirt

    If you have any ideas for SnD story text like why you are chasing the suspect, please leave a comment in the discussions tab. Thanks.
  10. Added ECUSA and Jungle Rock scenarios

    Added 8 more for 2 more locations
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