Hirochi SBR10 MY2016

A V10-powered supercar variant of the Hirochi SBR!

  1. Angry_Bird
    Hirochi SBR10 (V10 variant of the SBR4)


    The Hirochi SBR10's chassis is based on the Hirochi SBR4 and the engine is obviously a V10 engine, producing more than 600 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. Due to the smart AWD powertrain along with the 7-speed dual clutch transmission, it can accelerate from standstill to highway speeds in 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 330 km/h. The price is at a whopping $185500 dollars per sample!

    - Engine Model is based on @Blijo 's https://www.beamng.com/resources/ffe-motorsports-v10-35sp.10656/ V10 mod. Without his V10 model there is no possiblity of creating such a perfect combination.

    - Engine Torque Curve is based on the Audi R8 5.2L V10 Plus

    - There is no muffler because the engine is so big that the muffler would clip out so I decided to cut it out from production.



    If you have any issues, please just PM me instead of trashing on the rating. I will do it promptly or at least give an explanation.
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